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New features in next version
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The LearnABC consists of three different difficulty were the "VOA Special English","VOA Standard English" and "PBS news".

LearnABCUsing RSS FEED data obtained from the VOA and PBS, and access to data may result in failure of its RSS FEED format changes, In this case you might need to update the new version in order to make the software works properly.

*When using this software in mainland China, because censorship blocking particular websites may result in some of the audios can not download.
*The translation services provided by Microsoft Bing translation, beware it's make some funny things in the translations to make you Laugh Out Loud.

(1) Manual for article reading and audio playback interface
* To Audio Play Back Manual

A. Back
B. More Function (Favorite)
C. Article's channel
D. Article's title
E. Article's publish date
F. Article's picture
G. English transcript
H. Translated transcript

* Audio Play Back Manual
I. Current time
J. Audio seek controller
K. Audio length
L. Favorite
M. Mark loop begin
N. Mark loop end
O. Play or Pause
P. Rewind 20 secs
Q. Rewind 10 secs
R. Rewind 5 secs

(2) New features in next version

LearnABC 1.1 Version will add the following new features

A. Vocabularies (CET 3,4,6、IELTS、TOEFL...)
B. Vocabulary for each Article,and you can add it to your Vocabulary
C. Network synchronization function for your vocabulary
D. Memorizing words tools for you vocabulary
E. Built-in Chinese dictionary

(三) Contact Us

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Email: ios@learn-abc.com

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