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NC Community Comes Together for Hurricane Traumatized Animals

Trish Witek pauses in the middle of the cavernous North Carolina Fairgrounds pavilion, echoing with barks from rows of caged dogs.

Around her, a steady stream of volunteers rush through the overheated space, hauling heavy bags of dog food, blankets and jugs of water for the forty-two dogs and forty cats rescued when Hurricane Florence hit their shelter.

In a matter of days, the dogs here went from a normal life in a shelter waiting for adoption to an experience similar to many human hurricane survivors.

“They thought they would be okay with the storm,” Witek says, “They were going to be and then the roof caved in and the water came in.”

Before Hurricane Katrina hit the southern United States in 2005, there were few procedures in place for pet rescues during hurricanes.

But when many evacuees would not leave their rapidly flooding homes for shelters, knowing their beloved pets would not be allowed inside, attitudes changed.

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