NASA Looks at Earth
2013-05-09 00:30:08

Hello. I’m Jim Tedder in Washington. On our program today, fuel prices are about to take a big increase in Indonesia. We’ll hear about a mixture of politics and economics.(1)
你好。我是吉姆 · 特德在华盛顿。对我们的节目今天,燃料价格将要参加在印度尼西亚的大幅增加。我们会听到一个政治与经济的混合物。

Then diplomacy of a musical kind in Moscow. But first, new scientific details about how the Earth is changing.(2)

Under normal conditions, NASA, the United States Space Agency, looks out there for new information about our universe.(3)

But lately researchers have been aiming complex devices at Earth. They hope to find out how healthy, or unhealthy, our planet is.(4)

These scientific tools were designed to learn about water on the moon, and rocks on Mars.(5)

Now they can help us understand how volcanoes, wildfires, and even the severe lack of rain affect our home.(6)
现在他们可以帮助我们了解火山、 野火、 和甚至严重缺少雨水是如何影响我们的家。

The instruments gather information called a “spectral fingerprint” about how light interacts with the land. Robert Green is the NASA scientist in charge of the project.(7)
文书收集信息称为"光谱指纹"有关如何光与土地相交互。罗伯特 · 格林是负责该项目的美国国家航空航天局科学家。

“We can see the interaction of the molecules that are present in the earth’s atmosphere, such as water vapor and carbon dioxide, and on the earth’s surface in plants such as cellulous and leaf water and the other constituents of plants.”(8)
"我们可以看到的如是在地球的大气层、 水蒸气和二氧化碳,和地球的表面在植物中存在的分子相互作用硝化棉叶水和其他成分的植物."

The scientific instruments were tested in high flying airplanes over the state of California.(9)

NASA plans to put them in a permanent Earth orbit, about 700 kilometers high, after the testing is complete.(10)
美国航空航天局计划在完成测试后把它们放在常任理事国的地球轨道,大约 700 公里高。

Mr. Green says the devices help scientists discover a great amount of information that the human eye cannot see.(11)
格林先生说: 这些设备帮助科学家们发现了大量的肉眼不能看到的信息。

“We can map the species type. We can look at the biogeochemistry of the plants.(12)

What is the state of the chemicals in the leaves of the plant to tell us about their health and productivity? We can look at the different mineral signatures, which tell us the molecules in the rocks to know exactly what those minerals are.”(13)

Mr. Green’s program is called the “Hyperspectral Infrared Imager Airborne Campaign.” The testing will continue through next year.(14)

After the instruments are put into orbit around Earth, scientists will compare information from the last year to learn how the Earth is changing.(15)

This could allow policy makers to make better decisions, so we humans can learn how to adjust to new environmental conditions.(16)

Indonesian officials are expected to cut fuel subsidies soon by 44 percent. If that happens, fuel prices will increase.(17)
印尼官员预计将削减燃料补贴很快的 44%。如果发生这种情况,将会增加燃料的价格。

Economists say the payments are a costly expense that adds to Indonesia’s dependence on foreign oil imports.(18)

But these assistance payments by the government remain politically popular, and politicians are worried about the public’s reaction. June Simms tells us more.(19)
但这些援助款项由政府保持政治上受欢迎,和政客们担心公众的反应。6 月 Simms 告诉我们更多。

Rising gasoline costs are disliked around the world and especially in Indonesia, a nation that has been heavily dependent on subsidized fuel.(20)

Last year, the government planned to cut the fuel subsidy. But public anger caused it not to act.(21)

This year, the proposed cuts no longer depend on a Parliament vote.(22)

On his official Twitter account, President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono admits that it will be the toughest decision of his presidency.(23)
他正式的 Twitter 帐户,总统苏西洛 · 班邦 · 尤多约诺承认它将是他总统任期的最艰难的抉择。

Political commentator Aleksius Jemadu says the president’s decision is both political and economic.(24)
政治评论员 Aleksius Jemadu 说: 总统的决定是政治和经济。

“They want to achieve two goals at the same time. They want to achieve their economic goals to decrease the deficit of the state budget.(25)

“But at the same time they also (want to) take care of their popularity,”(26)
"但同时他们也时间 (想要) 照顾他们的大众化"

In a nation where more than one million people live on less than two dollars a day, cheap fuel is good politics. But critics say the fuel subsidy is poorly targeted.(27)
在一个国家,超过 100 万人居住在不到 2 美元一天,便宜的燃料是好的政治。但批评者说的燃油补贴的对象是很差。

They say it unfairly aids the middle class. And some economists say the subsidies place too much demand on the state budget and create dependence on foreign oil imports.(28)

Officials have provided about 20 billion dollars for fuel subsidies this year. That is 15 percent of the total budget. But that is not expected to be enough to cover the cost. Fuel subsidies are a strong issue.(29)
官员已提供燃料补贴今年约 200 亿美金。这就是预算总额的 15%。但那不预计不足以支付的费用。燃料补贴是一个强烈的问题。

But a top economist at Standard Chartered says Indonesia is still doing well compared to financial deficits in the United States, Europe and Japan.(30)
但一顶尖经济学家标准渣打银行表示,印度尼西亚仍然是很好相比在美国、 欧洲和日本的财政赤字。

Fauzi Ichsan says that economically, it is good to raise fuel prices. He says Indonesian fuel prices are lower than international prices by about 30 to 40 percent.(31)
Fauzi Ichsan 说在经济上,它是好提高燃料价格。他说印尼燃料价格低于国际价格的大约 30%到 40%。

But he says that has created a lot of unwanted activities like smuggling and hoarding. Yet Mr. Fauzi also says there is no financial crisis.(32)
但他说,创造了很多不必要的活动,如走私和囤积。然而先生 Fauzi 还说有没有金融危机。

The change in fuel subsidies is expected to save Indonesia more than an estimated 2 billion dollars yearly. I’m June Simms.(33)
燃料补贴的变化预计每年节省印度尼西亚超过估计的 20 亿美金。我 6 月西姆斯。

In recent months, United States and Russian relations have reached what some people think is their lowest level since the end of the Soviet Union.(34)

But now, some Americans and Russians are attempting to build better relations through music. Christopher Cruise tells us more.(35)
但现在,一些美国人和俄国人正在试图生成更好的关系,通过音乐。克里斯托弗 · 克鲁斯告诉我们更多。

In the early 1960s, during the Cold War, a singing group from Yale University traveled to Moscow to improve relations between the United States and the Soviet Union.(36)
1960 年代初期,在冷战时期,来自耶鲁大学的歌唱组前往莫斯科,改善美国和苏联之间的关系。

Fifty years later, Americans and Russians are, once again, using music to improve conditions between the two countries. Here is ILLStyle and Peace Productions.(37)
五十年后,美国人和俄国人是,再一次用音乐来改善两国之间的条件。这里是 ILLStyle 和和平的生产。

The American hip hop group tests their instruments as they prepare to make music in Moscow.(38)
美国 hip hop 组测试他们的仪器,他们准备让音乐在莫斯科。

Mikhail Prokhorov brought the group to play in Moscow and Siberia in April.(39)
米哈伊尔 · 普罗霍罗夫带来了要在 4 月在莫斯科和西伯利亚发挥的组。

The Russian businessman and opposition politician also owns an American basketball team, the Brooklyn Nets. He wants to build bridges between the two countries.(40)

He says culture, art, and sports can help build mutual trust and good relations between the two peoples.(41)
他说: 文化、 艺术、 和运动可以帮助建立相互信任和两国人民之间的良好关系。

He has organized and is supporting a cultural exchange between Russia and the United States called Transcultural Express.(42)

Karen Hopkins is president of the Brooklyn Academy of Music. She helped to organize the musicians’ visit to Russia.(43)
凯伦 · 霍普金斯是布鲁克林音乐学院的主席。她帮助组织音乐家对俄罗斯的访问。

“I think the IllStyle troupe is going to be a huge success in Russia. They’re so talented. They’re so young. They’re so athletic. They’re so urban. They’re so American.”(44)
"我认为 IllStyle 艺术团将一个巨大的成功,在俄罗斯。他们很有才华。他们那么年轻。他们所以竞技。他们所以城市。他们所以美国"。

A few days earlier, Irvin Mayfield and his New Orleans Jazz Orchestra played to a crowd in the house of the United States ambassador to Russia.(45)

The band played in the same room at the American embassy where the Yale Russian Chorus sang to Soviet guests half a century ago. I’m Christopher Cruise.(46)
乐队演奏了在同一房间在哪里俄罗斯合唱团唱到苏联的耶鲁客人半个世纪前的美国大使馆。我是克里斯托弗 · 巡航。

And I’m Jim Tedder in Washington, reminding you that world news follows at the beginning of each hour on VOA.(47)
而我是吉姆 · 特德在华盛顿,提醒您在美国之音在每个小时开始跟随世界新闻。

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