Pre-Teens Enter Universities in Canada, US
2016-09-09 21:03:39

Jeremy Shuler and Cendikiawan Suryaatmadja, also known as Diki, are starting a new year in school.(1)
杰里米.舒勒和 Cendikiawan Suryaatmadja,也被称为 Diki,在学校中开始新的一年。

Both boys are 12 years old.(2)
两个男孩都是 12 岁。

But unlike other children, Diki is studying physics at the University of Waterloo in Canada.(3)
但不同于其他孩子,Diki 学习在加拿大滑铁卢大学物理。

He also is taking classes in mathematics, chemistry and economics.(4)
他也参加数学、 化学和经济学的课程。

Jeremy is now taking classes at Cornell University in the American state of New York. He is the youngest student to ever enroll at Cornell.(5)
杰里米 · 现在在美国纽约州康奈尔大学上课。他是最年轻的学生,曾经参加康奈尔大学。

He is already skilled at calculus – high-level math that often deals with rates of change.(6)
他已经是擅长微积分 — — 高级数学,经常处理的变动率。

The two boys are among a growing number of children enrolling in universities.(7)

Diki is from West Java, Indonesia. He moved to the Canadian province of Ontario for his schooling.(8)
Diki 是从印度尼西亚西爪哇省。他搬到加拿大的安大略省,为他的学业。

He will live with his father near the university while he completes his studies.(9)

The boy taught himself English in about six months by living in Singapore.(10)

While there, he read English language reports and watched English motion pictures with subtitles.(11)

Jeremy Shuler is the son of two aerospace engineers from Texas.(12)
杰里米 · 舒尔乐是来自德克萨斯州的两个航空航天工程师的儿子。

"The classes are kind of easy, so far. I know they'll be harder pretty soon," he told the the Associated Press.(13)

American Michael Kearney, born in 1984, remains the youngest ever person to have completed a study program at a college or university.(14)
美国的迈克尔 · 卡尼,生于 1984 年,仍然是最年轻过的人已完成在学院或大学的研究计划。

He was eight years old when he graduated from college. He went on to teach college students while still a teenager.(15)

I’m Dorothy Gundy.(16)
我是多萝西 · 范甘迪。

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