Americans Shocked by Simple Mistake on TV Game Show
2017-03-22 22:00:51

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An American television program called “Wheel of Fortune” made news on Wednesday.(2)

Wheel of Fortune is a game show. Each show usually has three players.(3)

They attempt to solve word puzzles by guessing letters, one at a time.(4)

The players use the letters to complete words, names or expressions.(5)
球员用字母来完成单词、 名称或表达式。

They win money if they call out the correct letters and solve the puzzle.(6)

Wheel of Fortune was first broadcast on American television in the 1970s. Many countries now have their own version of the TV show.(7)
命运之轮在 1970 年代首先在美国电视上播出。现在许多国家拥有他们自己版本的电视节目。

In the program broadcast Tuesday night, a contestant named Kevin had a chance to solve the puzzle.(8)

He and the other players were given a clue: to think of the name of a famous play.(9)
He and the other players were given a clue:要想一个著名的戏剧的名字。

All Kevin had to do was identify the last remaining letter correctly and he would win.(10)

Before his final spin of the wheel, the puzzle read: “A Streetcar N-A-_-E-D Desire.”(11)
Before his final spin of the wheel, the puzzle read:"N-A-_-E-D 欲望"。

This week, Wheel of Fortune is recognizing the southern United States.(12)

Most of the puzzles are related to something from the south. Many people thought Tuesday night’s puzzle was easy to solve.(13)

It was the name of a famous play set in the southern state of Louisiana: “A Streetcar Named Desire.”(14)

Tennessee Williams wrote the play in 1947. “A Streetcar Named Desire” won the Pulitzer Prize, an award given to American writers and publications.(15)
田纳西 · 威廉斯写了 1947 年剧本。"欲望"获得普利策奖,颁给美国作家和出版物。

The play, and the film version, starred Marlon Brando. In 1951, the film won three Academy Awards.(16)
这出戏和电影版,主演马龙 · 白兰度。1951 年,这部电影荣获三个奥斯卡奖。

“A Streetcar Named Desire” is one of the most well-known American plays of the 20th century.(17)
"欲望"是 20 世纪最知名的美国戏剧之一。

But what letter did Kevin call out to solve the puzzle? He asked for the letter “k.”(18)

No one watching the show could believe his mistake. People in the TV production studio groaned.(19)

Pat Sajak is the show’s host. All he could do, was say “nooo,” sadly.(20)
Pat Sajak 是该节目的主持人。他能做的只是说"不,"可悲的是。

The next contestant, Lisa, easily solved the puzzle, and won $1,000.(21)
下一个选手,丽莎,方便地解决这一难题,并赢得了 $1,000。

People on social media have been talking about the mistake since the show was broadcast.(22)

One person said the mistake made him want to go lie down. Another said “I feel so alive.”(23)

Sajak told Lisa: “although you got the right answer, I’d rather see Kevin’s play.”(24)
Sajak told Lisa:"虽然你有了正确的答案,我宁愿看到凯文玩。"

And that’s What’s Trending Today. I’m Dan Friedell.(25)
而这正是今天的趋势是什么。我是丹 Friedell。

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