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If you ask a child playing outside at the Parkview Gardens apartment complex in Riverdale, Maryland where he or she is from, you will get many different answers.(1)
你在马里兰州里弗代尔浸会学校的园景花园宿舍楼外问一个正在玩耍的小孩子他/她来自哪里 你会得到很多不同的答案。

The children will name Nepal, Nigeria and Afghanistan, among others, as their homelands.(2)

But they are all settling in and adding to the diversity of the community, only about 30 minutes from Washington, D.C.(3)

For many, the apartment complex is their first permanent home after many years of living in refugee camps and temporary housing.(4)

Sharif Ali Shafi is an American. He lives in the Parkview Gardens complex, too.(5)
谢里夫是美国人。 他也住在园景花园宿舍楼。

He enjoys hearing the different languages, seeing colorful clothing and smelling unique foods.(6)

I see the little kids playing. I think it's great, he said.(7)

How did so many refugees settle in one place? Credit goes to David Mendick. He is the manager of the complex.(8)
这么多的难民为什么会住在同一个地方呢? 这一切都要归功于大卫。大卫掌管着这片公寓楼。

When the organization Catholic Charities asked if he would be willing to accept refugees as residents, he agreed to help.(9)

Mendick was sympathetic. He had resettled multiple times himself. He lived in England and Israel before coming to the United States.(10)
大卫很有同情心。 就连他自己也曾多次搬家。在来到美国之前,他曾住在英格兰和以色列。

Since then, he has worked with other agencies looking for refugee housing.(11)

Mendick said finding a place to live is not easy for refugees.(12)

The charities that help find housing often get turned away at other apartment complexes.(13)

Nobody has been willing to do it, Mendick said. So we continue to do it. And, Mendick said, the decision to accept refugees has been a good one.(14)
大卫表示,没人愿意做这件事。所以我们会继续做下去。 他还说,接收难民的决定做得很对。

He said the new residents are glad to keep their homes in good condition after many years without a place to call their own.(15)

They also pay their rent on time.(16)

Since the refugees are such good tenants, Parkview makes an effort to help them settle into life in the United States.(17)

One apartment has been turned into a classroom for residents trying to learn English. Other residents get jobs working for the complex.(18)

They bring so much to our company, so much diversity and so much talent.(19)

And in fact, now the upper management in this company is primarily refugee.(20)

One of the property managers is Zemi Shabiu. She was a refugee 18 years ago when she moved to the U.S. to escape the war in Kosovo.(21)
其中一个房地产经理名为Zemi。 18年前,她以难民的身份来到美国,躲避科索沃的战争。

When they first come they all seem lost.(22)

For me it's very easy to say, you know what? Please do feel comfortable because I was in your shoes, you know? So I understand what you're going through.(23)

Two residents say they are working to be comfortable in the U.S. after a long time living in refugee camps overseas.(24)

Maan Alachawinnu and his family left Iraq and spent 10 years in a camp in Jordan.(25)

He said ISIS and militias made having a good life there hard.(26)

Mukti Raj Gurung is from Bhutan. He spent almost 20 years living in a camp in Nepal.(27)
慕迪来自不丹。 他在尼泊尔的难民盈利住了近20年。

He said his is glad to be in the U.S., where he is trying his level best to get into the mainstream of this country.(28)

I'm Dan Friedell.(29)
Dan Friedell为您播报。

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