A Look Back at Economic News of 2012
2012-12-29 00:02:59

From VOA Learning English, this is the Economics Report in Special English.(1)

The American economy is improving, but the rate of growth remains low. America’s jobless rate fell in 2012 to its lowest level in four years.(2)
美国经济正在改善,但增长速度仍然较低。美国失业率下跌 2012 年到了最低水平四年。

Average home prices are no longer falling. And money has been flowing into financial markets.(3)

But as the year ends, most observers say the economic recovery has not been as strong as they had hoped. One reason for the recovery is federal spending.(4)

Like many other countries, the United States is spending more money than it is receiving in taxes.(5)

Some countries are spending money they do not have in an effort to get their economies growing again. Richard Rahn is an economist with the Cato Institute.(6)
一些国家正在花钱他们没有为了得到他们的经济再次增长。理查德 · Rahn 是与卡托研究所的经济学家。

“If countries had only been spending within their means in keeping spending growing no faster than the rate of economic growth, we wouldn’t have the global economic mess.”(7)

But other economists say the mathematics is not that simple. Desmond Lachman is with the American Enterprise Institute. He notes that deep budget cuts in Greece have produced a deep recession.(8)

“Because what we’re doing is, we’re really applying very stringent austerity measures.(9)

The IMF concedes that the austerity hasn't been working, yet the Europeans are persisting in the same kind of austerity that got them into trouble in 2012, so something’s got to give.”(10)
国际货币基金组织承认一直还没到紧缩,但相同种类的让他们陷入麻烦在 2012 年,所以是到了放弃的紧缩,坚持欧洲人"。

Financial reform activist Robert Bixby says the biggest problem for the American economy is the country’s political system.(11)
金融改革活动家罗伯特 · 比克斯比说: 美国经济的最大问题是该国的政治制度。

“Political dysfunction in this country is a bigger threat than economic dysfunction.”(12)

Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke says the country does not have to be this way. He has been urging lawmakers to provide leadership.(13)
美国联邦储备委员会主席本 · 伯南克表示,该国不一定要通过这种方式。他一直在敦促国会议员提供领导。

“Such uncertainties will only be increased by discord and delay.(14)

In contrast, cooperation and creativity to deliver fiscal clarity, in particular, a plan for resolving the nation’s longer-term budgetary issues without harming the recovery could help make the New Year a very good one for the American economy.”(15)

Bruce Stokes is an economist at the Pew Research Center. He says if the economy does not improve, many nations will be affected.(16)
布鲁斯 · 斯托克斯是一位经济学家 Pew 研究中心。他说: 是否经济得不到改善,许多国家将受到影响。

“There’s an old saying that if we get the sniffles, the rest of the world gets a cold and so if we end up going to a recession as well, I think everybody is going to suffer.”(17)
"有一句古话,如果我们得到抽泣、 世界的其余部分获取了感冒,所以如果我们最终经济衰退以及要去,我觉得大家都要忍受。

As one year ends and a new one begins, the world is watching President Obama and congressional leaders.(18)

Many people want to know how America’s political leaders will move to cut the budget deficit while protecting the economy.(19)

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