An artist hopes the stories of our treasured objects can help us understand each other
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JUDY WOODRUFF: What objects give meaning toour lives?(1)
JUDY WOODRUFF:哪些物体赋予我们生活意义?

KPBS reporter Maya Trabulsi talked to an artistwho gathered things special to San Diego residents(2)
KPBS记者玛雅·特拉布西(Maya Trabulsi)与一位艺术家进行了交谈,该艺术家收集了圣地亚哥居民特别的东西

and preserved them as 3-D laser art.(3)

It is part of our arts and culture series,Canvas.(4)

MAYA TRABULSI: When you walk into the NewAmericans Museum, you may wonder where the(5)
MAYA TRABULSI:当您走进新美国人博物馆时,您可能会想知道

art exhibit is.(6)

But if you look closer, you will see a penknife, a bell, a figurine.(7)

And if you look even closer, you will learnabout the stories embedded in these objects.(8)

KERIANNE QUICK, Artist, New Americans Museum:Each one of these individual stories come(9)
新美国人博物馆艺术家KERIANNE QUICK:这些故事每个都有

together as a chorus, in my view.(10)

MAYA TRABULSI: Kerianne Quick is the artistin residence here.(11)
MAYA TRABULSI:Kerianne Quick是这里的居住艺术家。

KERIANNE QUICK: When you start with somethingspecific, something completely surprising(12)
KERIANNE QUICK:当您从一些特定的东西开始时,一些完全令人惊讶的事情

can unfold, something you never would haveaccess to otherwise.(13)

MAYA TRABULSI: Something specific like a typewriter?(14)
MAYA TRABULSI:有些东西像打字机一样?

KERIANNE QUICK: Like a typewriter, yes, yes.(15)
KERIANNE QUICK:是的,是的,是打字机。

MAYA TRABULSI: For her exhibit called A Portraitof People in Motion, she spent over a year(16)
MAYA TRABULSI:对于她的名为“运动中的人物肖像”的展览,她花了一年多的时间

gathering treasured objects from San Diegoresidents.(17)

But, more importantly, she gathered the storiesthat accompany them.(18)

KERIANNE QUICK: If we can feel some of thatemotion about what it's like to try to figure(19)
KERIANNE QUICK:如果我们能感觉到尝试去想些什么的那种情感

out how to live in a new place, then maybewe can empathize with those who are experiencing(20)

the most extreme version of that discomfort.(21)

MAYA TRABULSI: The item is scanned, and then3-D printed or laser engraved to leave behind(22)
MAYA TRABULSI:先扫描项目,然后进行3D打印或激光雕刻以留下

what Kerianne calls a ghost, transparent,with faint detail, yet still teeming with(23)

the story of how it came to San Diego.(24)

KERIANNE QUICK: The story is the art piece.(25)

The objects that are represented here, they'rejust a way in to those stories.(26)

And, yes, the objects are transparent.(27)

And that's on purpose.(28)

MAYA TRABULSI: Some objects are made of clearresin.(29)
MAYA TRABULSI:有些物体由透明树脂制成。

Others are acrylic.(30)

KERIANNE QUICK: The light as it projects throughthe laser-engraved surface, it creates a shadow(31)
KERIANNE QUICK:通过激光雕刻表面投射的光线会产生阴影

where the writing almost becomes legible.(32)

MAYA TRABULSI: At first glance, they are hardto see against the stark white wooden furniture(33)
MAYA TRABULSI:乍一看,在纯白的木制家具上很难看见他们

designed to look like furniture in a home.(34)

But looking closer is exactly what Keriannewants you to do.(35)

KERIANNE QUICK: And when they look closer,and they wonder what that -- what the thing(36)
KERIANNE QUICK:当他们靠近时,他们想知道那是什么?

is that they're looking at, they are givenaccess to the story that is behind it.(37)

MAYA TRABULSI: Kerianne also recorded theoral histories of each piece.(38)
MAYA TRABULSI:Kerianne还记录了每件作品的口述历史。

They can be played by dialing a number onyour phone and then the corresponding number(39)

of the item.(40)

MAN: My object is a jacket that, when I wasin Korea during the Korean War, this was a(41)

jacket that I, in effect, stole from the Army.(42)

WOMAN: From 1971 to now, we have lived manyplaces, and the recipes have gone with me.(43)

WOMAN: My object is a little tiny Inuit figurethat was given to me in 1945 by my first boyfriend,(44)

who was stationed in the Aleutians.(45)

WOMAN: And I think just seeing it makes mefeel at home, because I grew up seeing it.(46)

KERIANNE QUICK: The crux of what I'm tryingto do here is to help people, people in general,(47)
KERIANNE QUICK:我在这里要做的关键是帮助人们,一般人,

feel something that might make them treattheir neighbor a little bit better.(48)

MAYA TRABULSI: And as the sound of plane enginesroar above this little museum under the San(49)
MAYA TRABULSI:随着飞机引擎的声音在San之下的这个小博物馆上空咆哮

Diego flight path, it offers a subtle reminderthat we are all people in motion.(50)

For the "PBS NewsHour," I'm Maya Trabulsiin San Diego.(51)
对于“ PBS NewsHour”,我是圣地亚哥的Maya Trabulsi。

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