Anti-Corruption Group Says Abuse of Power Still ‘Very High’ in Many Countries
2012-12-08 00:12:02

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A group that brings attention to the issue of corruption says levels of bribery, abuse of power and secret dealings are still “very high” in many countries.(2)
一组带来的腐败问题的重视,表示级别的行贿受贿、 滥用职权和秘密交易仍然是"非常高"在许多国家。

Transparency International this week released its yearly Corruption Perceptions Index.(3)

The Berlin-based group rates 176 countries and territories with a number from zero to 100. Bigger numbers are better.(4)
设在柏林的集团率从 0 到 100 的数字与 176 个国家和地区。更好更大的数字。

The index measures the perceived, or apparent, level of corruption in a country. The group uses information from a number of economic sources.(5)

They include the African Development Bank, the World Bank and the World Economic Forum.(6)
它们包括非洲发展银行、 世界银行和世界经济论坛。

Corruption takes many forms.(7)

Transparency International calls it “the abuse of entrusted power for private gain.” One common form of corruption is bribery: the use of money or gifts to persuade another person to do something wrong or illegal.(8)
透明国际称它为"委托权力谋取私人利益的滥用"。一个常见的腐败形式是贿赂: 钱或礼品,说服另一人做错了事或非法使用。

Corruption is not easy to measure because it is secretive. But the World Bank estimates that about $1 trillion in bribes are paid every year worldwide.(9)
腐败不容易衡量,因为它是遮遮掩掩。但据世界银行估计约 1 兆美元的贿赂支付每年世界各地。

Stealing public money is another form of corruption.(10)

Huguette Labelle is chair of Transparency International. She says the problem of corruption affects millions of people and limits their ability to get necessary services.(11)
署长霍盖特 · 拉贝勒是透明国际的主席。她说: 腐败问题影响到数百万人和限制了他们的能力,以获得必要的服务。

“And in some countries it can be that 50 percent of the population had to pay a bribe to gain access to essential services like water, education, health, licenses.”(12)
"和在一些国家,它可以是 50%的人口不得不支付贿赂来获得基本服务,如水、 教育、 卫生、 许可证"。

A group of small, developed nations scored highest on the new list. Denmark, Finland and New Zealand received a rating of 90. Among large nations, the United States rated 73 while China rated 39.(13)
一组小,发达国家得分最高的新的列表。丹麦、 芬兰和新西兰收到 90 的评分。最大的国家,美国评定 73,而中国评为 39。

The countries with the greatest perceived level of corruption on the list are Somalia, North Korea and Afghanistan with scores of 8.(14)
腐败对列表中的最大程度的国家是索马里、 朝鲜和阿富汗 8 得分。

Robin Hodess directs research at Transparency International. She says the index can show people involved in policy decisions how others see the issue of corruption in their countries.(15)
罗宾 Hodess 指示在透明国际的研究。她说该索引可以显示人民参与政策决定别人如何看待自己国家的腐败问题。

"We need evidence about how corruption works. We need to know where to target the reforms needed to promote transparency, accountability and integrity."(16)
"我们需要有关腐败是如何工作的证据。我们需要知道在哪里目标促进透明度、 问责制和完整性所需的改革。

The index measures perceptions held by experts, businesses and organizations. And their opinions are important.(17)
索引的措施举行了由专家、 企业和组织的看法。他们的意见十分重要。

The World Bank notes that countries showing improvements in perception indexes had greater foreign investment and economic growth.(18)

However, foreign aid and international trade is less likely for countries perceived as highly corrupt.(19)

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