News Wrap: Sunni extremists declare new Islamic state in Iraq and Syria
2014-06-30 22:02:47

JUDY WOODRUFF: President Obama formally announced his choice today to run the troubled Department of Veterans Affairs.(1)
JUDY WOODRUFF:主席奧巴馬正式宣布他的选择要运行陷入困境的老兵事务部。

Robert McDonald is a former executive at Procter and Gamble and West Point graduate who served as a captain in the Army.(2)
罗伯特 · 麦克唐纳是宝洁和赌博和西点军校的毕业生,担任陆军上尉的一位前主管。

The VA faces a scandal over health care delays, but the president said McDonald would help create a new culture of accountability.(3)
VA 面临丑闻卫生保健的延迟,但是总统说麦当劳将有助于创造新的问责文化。

PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA: Bob is an expert in making organizations better. In his career, he’s taken over struggling business units.(4)
PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA:鲍勃是使组织更好的专家。在他的职业生涯,他是接管陷入困境的企业单位。

He knows how to roll up his sleeves and gets to work, putting an end to what doesn’t work, adopting best practices that do, restructuring, introducing innovations, making operations more efficient and effective.(5)
他知道如何去卷起他的袖子,获取工作,结束什么是行不通的采用做的最佳做法,重组、 引入的创新,使操作更高效、 更有效。

JUDY WOODRUFF: McDonald resigned from Procter and Gamble a year ago, as investors pressed for better returns.(6)
JUDY WOODRUFF:麦当劳从宝洁公司辞职,赌博一年以前,按下为投资者更好的回报。

If he’s confirmed by the Senate, he will succeed retired Gen. Eric Shinseki, who left the VA under fire last month.(7)
如果他由参议院确认,他将接替退休的将军 Eric 辛塞奇,上个月离开火灾下的 VA。

The bodies of three missing Israeli teenagers were found late today in the West Bank. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu blamed Hamas and warned of retaliation.(8)
今天的三名失踪以色列少年尸体被发现晚了,在西岸。本雅明 · 内塔尼亚胡总理指责哈马斯和报复的警告。

The remains were buried in a field north of Hebron. The teens had been hitchhiking there when they disappeared two weeks ago.(9)

Their abduction sparked a major manhunt by Israel. Militants in Gaza struck back by firing rockets.(10)

There was celebration and condemnation today after Sunni extremists declared a new Muslim state, or caliphate, in Iraq and Syria.(11)

The Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant, or ISIL, also known as ISIS, made the announcement on Sunday.(12)

Jonathan Rugman of Independent Television News has our report.(13)
Jonathan Rugman 的独立电视新闻公司有我们的报告。

MAN: This is not the first border we will break. I.S. will break other borders also.(14)

JONATHAN RUGMAN: This was how one jihadist from ISIS announced the group’s re-branding as I.S., or Islamic State.(15)
JONATHAN RUGMAN:这是怎样一个圣战从 ISIS 宣布,该集团的重新品牌作为本质安全型或伊斯兰国家。

MAN: This Iraq is a sham, but now is all one country.(16)

JONATHAN RUGMAN: The group’s latest videos show the symbolic bulldozing of the line between Syria and Iraq on the map,(17)
JONATHAN RUGMAN:该集团的最新视频显示叙利亚和伊拉克之间的界线在地图上,象征性的推倒

while a government building near the border is blown up for the camera, a medieval caliphate reborn for the social media age.(18)

Your guide, a militant known as Abu Safiyya, claimed to be from Chile in South America, though he says nationality doesn’t matter.(19)
你的导游,Abu Safiyya,被称为一个激进分子声称自己是从智利在南美洲,虽然他说国籍并不重要。

MAN: There’s no nationality. We are Muslims. We are all one country.(20)

JONATHAN RUGMAN: This is believed to be Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the new ruler now known as Caliph Ibrahim.(21)
JONATHAN RUGMAN:据说这是现在被称为哈里发易卜拉欣的新统治者阿布巴克尔 · 巴格达迪。

His spokesman, blurred in the middle here, has declared that all other jihadist groups are under his control.(22)

And though there were celebrations on the Syrian side of the border last night, several senior Sunni clerics have denounced the move as illegitimate.(23)

ISIS is apparently succeeding where al-Qaida failed.(24)
ISIS 显然接替基地组织失败的地方。

But its ambition and extreme violence might turn out to be its undoing.(25)

There’s already fighting between rival Sunni militant factions along the Syrian-Iraqi border, focused here in the town of Boukamal, and this fighting begin to intensify.(26)
还有已经在叙利亚伊拉克边境,在这里集中在 Boukamal 小镇,逊尼派武装派系之间的战斗,这种战斗开始加紧。

JUDY WOODRUFF: There was also more fighting in the Iraqi city of Tikrit, as government forces struggled to regain control from the militants.(27)
JUDY WOODRUFF:有人还更多的战斗在伊拉克的提克里特市,政府部队努力试图重新控制和激进分子。

And the Pentagon dispatched another 200 troops to protect American citizens and the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad.(28)
五角大楼派遣另一个 200 的军队来保护美国公民和美国驻巴格达的大使馆。

That brings the overall force there to nearly 800.(29)
这给近 800 带来了那里的整体力量。

Fighting in Southern Afghanistan stretched into a second week today.(30)

Afghan forces have been battling to hold Helmand Province; 1,000 Taliban fighters attacked there 10 days ago. U.S. forces pulled out of the province in May.(31)
一直在阿富汗部队举行赫尔曼德省 ;1,000 塔利班袭击那里 10 天前。美国部队 5 月撤出了该省。

Just across the border, in Pakistan, government forces launched a ground offensive against a key Taliban stronghold.(32)

It’s the second phase of an operation in North Waziristan that began with airstrikes in mid-June.(33)
它是第二阶段的操作在 6 月中旬开始的北瓦济里斯坦的空袭。

The army said 15 militants were killed today in the initial advance. The offensive began after half-a-million civilians evacuated the area.(34)
军队说 15 武装分子丧生今天在初始前进。进攻开始后半一万平民撤离该地区。

The U.S. Justice Department slapped France’s biggest bank with a record fine today $8.8 billion.(35)
美国司法部门打了法国最大银行与记录好今天 $ 88 亿。

BNP Paribas pleaded guilty to conspiracy and falsifying business records in a bid to circumvent U.S. economic sanctions against Cuba, Iran and Sudan.(36)
法国巴黎银行 (BNP Paribas 认罪的阴谋和伪造商业记录在出价来规避美国对古巴、 伊朗和苏丹的经济制裁。

Federal prosecutors said the bank engaged in a long-term conspiracy.(37)

On Wall Street today, the Dow Jones industrial average lost 25 points to close at 16,826.(38)
在华尔街道琼斯工业平均指数今天,失去了 25 点,收于 16,826。

The Nasdaq rose 10 points to close at 4,408. And the S&P 500 dropped a fraction to end at 1,960.(39)
纳斯达克综合指数上涨 10 点,收于 4,408。S & P 500 掉一小部分,在 1,960 结束。

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