California to Approve Testing of Truly Driverless Cars
2017-03-15 22:00:07

California is set to open its roads up for the first time to self-driving vehicles with no human drivers.(1)

The Department of Motor Vehicles announced plans to allow testing on state roads later this year of truly driverless cars.(2)

Until now, California has only allowed testing of autonomous vehicles with a driver ready to take over if something goes wrong.(3)

The proposed change would allow testing of vehicles with no steering wheel or pedal controls.(4)

However, any driverless vehicle being tested must be remotely controllable and able to stop itself in an emergency.(5)

A hearing will be held next month to get public comments on the issue before the change can take effect.(6)

Officials say they hope the new rules can receive final approval by December.(7)
官员说,他们希望新的规则可以接收由 12 月的最后批准。

The proposed rules open the path for self-driving cars to be widely sold and used throughout the state, officials said.(8)

Truly driverless vehicles could be available for sale in California as early as 2018..(9)
真正无人驾驶车辆可尽早在加州销售作为 2018年。

The cars must also meet all federal safety requirements to be allowed on California roads.(10)

The U.S. government released its own set of guidelines for driverless vehicles last September.(11)
美国政府公布其自己的准则为无人驾驶车辆集去年 9 月。

Officials said the guidelines were intended to bring about a “responsible introduction” of autonomous technology in a “safe, clean, efficient” way.(12)
官员称,准则 》 旨在带来"负责引进"自主技术,以"安全、 清洁、 高效"的方式。

California is the largest automobile market in the United States. Currently, 27 companies have permission to test autonomous vehicles on the state’s public roads.(13)
加州是美国最大的汽车市场。目前,27 家公司具有权限测试自主国家的公共道路上的车辆。

These include major U.S. and foreign carmakers, as well as technology companies like Google and Uber.(14)

Ride-sharing company Uber was forced to pull its test cars out of California last December after a dispute with officials over required permits.(15)
尤伯杯被迫靠边加利福尼亚其测试车去年 12 月与官员发生纠纷后骑分享的公司所需要的许可证。

Uber had argued it did not need state permits for testing because its vehicles were not “fully autonomous.”(16)

But last week, Uber finally gave in to state officials and got the required permit to test its self-driving cars in California.(17)
但上周,Uber 最后给州政府官员和得到所需的许可来测试其自动驾驶的汽车在加利福尼亚州。

I’m Bryan Lynn.(18)
我是布赖恩 · 林恩。

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