Boy's Body Found After Alligator Attack at Disney
2016-06-15 21:00:05

Police have recovered the body of a small boy who was attacked by an alligator at Walt Disney World, say officials in Florida.(1)

The attack took place Tuesday night as the boy played at the edge of a lake on the grounds of the Seven Seas Lagoon.(2)

The victim was identified as two-year-old Lane Graves of Elkhorn, Nebraska by Orange County Sherriff Jerry Demings, reported the Associated Press.(3)
受害者被认定为两岁车道坟墓的埃尔克霍恩,内布拉斯加州的奥兰治县的警长杰瑞 Demings,据美联社报道。

The boy and his family had gone to Walt Disney World for a vacation.(4)
那个男孩和他的家人去了华特 ・ 迪斯尼世界度假。

They were wading in the water along a beach area when the alligator grabbed the boy.(5)

The boy was less than one meter from the shore when he was taken.(6)

Demings said the boy’s father tried – but was unable – to pull the two-year-old from the jaws of the alligator.(7)
Demings 说男孩的父亲试过 — — 但却无力 — — 拉从鳄鱼嘴两岁。

The animal was reported to be longer than one meter.(8)

More than 50 people, including an alligator tracker, searched the area overnight. More searchers joined the hunt on Wednesday.(9)
50 多人,包括鳄鱼追踪者,一夜之间搜查了这个地区。更多的搜寻加入狩猎在星期三。

The Reuter news service says wildlife officials caught and killed five alligators to examine them for signs of the boy.(10)

Officials say there have not been other alligator attacks at the lake, but signs in the area warned people not to swim.(11)

Beaches and docks along the man-made lake have been closed.(12)

The lake is connected to other bodies of water near Walt Disney World by canals, and it feeds into another, larger lake.(13)
湖通过运河,连接到其他水体附近华特 ・ 迪斯尼世界和它汇入另一个,更大的湖。

Alligators are plentiful in Florida and many states in the southeastern part of the U.S. But experts say these kinds of attacks are not common.(14)

Ten years ago, an alligator drowned a small boy at a lake outside of Orlando.(15)

The Associated Press reported that the alligator was found 20 hours later, still holding the boy in its jaws.(16)
美联社报道,鳄鱼 20 小时后,发现它的下颚中仍然持有的男孩。

I’m John Russell.(17)

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