Nearly 1,000 at State Department Oppose Trump's Travel Ban
2017-02-01 21:00:16

A large number of U.S. State Department workers have expressed concern about President Donald Trump’s executive order on immigration.(1)
一大批美国国务院工人有关注主席唐纳德 · 特朗普的行政命令在移民问题上。

The Foreign Service officers and civil service employees added their names to a memo critical of the immigration order.(2)

State Department officials confirmed that the document was presented to the department’s leadership through what they call the Dissent Channel.(3)

The channel is a way for U.S. diplomatic workers to offer their personal opinions about foreign policy issues.(4)

Last week, President Trump signed an order banning entry to refugees and people from seven Muslim-majority countries.(5)

VOA reporters have read an early version of the State Department memo.(6)

It says the signers are worried that the order will not achieve its goal “to protect the American people from terrorist attacks by foreign nationals admitted to the United States.”(7)

The memo warns that the action will immediately hurt relations with allies in the fight against terrorism.(8)

It suggests other possible steps, including improving visa and immigration screening.(9)

State Department officials would not tell VOA how many people signed the dissent or what their duties are.(10)

However, sources tell VOA almost 1,000 people signed the dissent.(11)
然而,消息来源告诉美国之音几乎 1000 人签署持不同政见者。

Robert Ford served as the U.S. Ambassador to Syria during the presidency of Barack Obama.(12)
罗伯特 · 福特奧巴馬总统任内担任美国驻叙利亚大使。

He says if about 1,000 people signed the document, it would be much larger than the number who signed a dissent criticizing the Obama administration’s policy on Syria.(13)
他说是否约有 1000 人签名文档,它可能会远远大于签署批评奧巴馬管理政策在叙利亚问题上的持不同政见者的人数。

Diplomats say that Dissent Channel memo had 51 signatures.(14)
外交官说,持不同政见者通道备注 51 签名。

Laura Kennedy is a former ambassador to Turkmenistan.(15)
劳拉 · 肯尼迪是一位前的驻土库曼斯坦大使。

She said the large number of signatures and its release to reporters “are clear indicators of the widespread concern within the department over this specific policy step and unease over the broad direction of foreign policy. ".(16)
她说︰ 大量的签名和它对记者的发行"已经明确的指标的部内引起广泛关注的在这个具体的政策措施和不安结束了外交政策的大方向。。

On Monday, presidential spokesman Sean Spicer rejected the dissent.(17)
周一,总统发言人肖恩 · 斯派塞拒绝持不同政见者。

Spicer told reporters that anyone at the State Department who opposes the order should, in his words, "either get with the program or they can go.”(18)

He said the order is “about the safety of Americans” and the limits the president ordered are “common sense.”(19)
他说︰ 秩序是"关于美国人的安全"和总统下令限制是"常识"。

The State Department says it usually receives four to five Dissent Channel messages each year.(20)

Workers who use the Dissent Channel are guaranteed protection from punishment.(21)

Former diplomats strongly criticized Spicer’s reaction. Some consider it a threat against members of the Foreign Service.(22)
前外交官强烈批评 Spicer 的反应。有些人认为它对外国服务成员的威胁。

Harold Hongju Koh is a former assistant secretary of state and State Department legal adviser.(23)

He is a now a professor at Yale University School of Law in Connecticut.(24)

He told VOA “the time-honored tradition of respectful dissent at (the) State (Department) is supported by the very American and constitutional values that this cable honors and that the executive order tramples.”(25)
他对美国之音说,"尊重持不同政见者在 () 的国家 (部) 的悠久传统支持通过非常美国和宪法的值,此电缆荣誉和行政命令践踏。

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