In the Garden: Growing Onions
2012-08-22 02:50:20

This is the VOA Special English Agriculture Report.(1)

Onions come in different sizes, shapes, colors and flavors, from mild and sweet to hot and strong. A full-grown onion plant has roots, bulbs and leaves. The leaves are long, thin and hollow.(2)
洋葱进来不同大小、 形状、 颜色和味道,从轻和甜热和强烈。长成洋葱植物有根源,灯泡和树叶。叶子是长而细的空心。

They stand straight up and thicken at the bottom to form a bulb.(3)

Onions are biennials; their life cycle is two years long. But they are usually picked during their first year before flowers form and the bulbs stop growing.(4)
洋葱是 biennials ;他们的生命周期是两年之久。但是他们通常挑选他们之前花窗体的第一年期间,灯泡停止增长。

Onions grow best in loose, fertile soil. They can grow in many different climates. In cooler climates, onions may need fourteen to fifteen hours of daylight to start forming bulbs.(5)
洋葱生长最佳松散、 肥沃的土壤中。他们可以在许多不同气候条件下生长。在寒冷的气候,洋葱可能需要十四至十五小时的夏时制开始形成的灯泡。

In warmer climates, onions can begin developing bulbs with fewer hours of daily sun.(6)

Barbara Fick, an extension agent at Oregon State University, says a faster way to grow onions is to plant what are called sets.(7)
芭芭拉 · 菲克,俄勒冈州州立大学扩展代理说,更快地成长洋葱是植物被称为集。

BARBARA FICK: "Well, onion sets are actually small plants, versus starting with a seed. So when you have a set, onion set, it actually is, you know, the small bulb. So it does not take as long to grow."(8)
BARBARA FICK:"嗯,洋葱集是实际上小植物,而不是开始用一粒种子。因此,当你有一套,洋葱设置,这确实是,你知道,小灯泡。所以它不会只要增长。"

Organic material like compost or leaf mulch can help onions grow in heavy soil.(9)

The bulbs can be pulled from the ground once their tops have dried and fallen over. Onions can be stored for months. But Barbara Fick says stored onions need to be cured first.(10)
一旦其顶部有干和摔倒了,也可以从地面拉灯泡。洋葱可以保存几个月。但芭芭拉 · 菲克表示存储的洋葱需要首先治愈。

BARBARA FICK: "Curing is a way of making sure those leaves on the outside are nice and dry."(11)
BARBARA FICK:"固化是确保这些叶子在外面的一种方法是漂亮和干"。

Here are some directions from editors at the National Gardening Association.(12)

First, dry the onions in the sun for a day or so. Then bring them out of direct sun for two to three weeks. Spread them out in any warm, airy place that is covered.(13)
第一,干一天左右的阳光下的洋葱。然后把他们带出阳光直射两至三个星期。在任何温暖、 通风的地方,覆盖传播出去。

Or cover the onions with a light cotton sheet held in place with stones along the edge.(14)

The sheet will keep the sun from burning the bulbs. Don't worry about rain. And do not use a plastic or canvas sheet. Heavy coverings will trap moisture and keep the onions from drying fully.(15)

Turn the bulbs a couple of times to help them dry evenly.(16)

After curing the onions, you can hang them indoors in mesh bags to dry even more. There should be no wet spots on the onions when they are put in storage.(17)
固化洋葱后, 你可以挂在室内网格袋干甚至更多。应该没有湿的点对洋葱时人们就把他们在存储中。

Editors at the National Gardening Association say the longer onions are cured, the better they will keep.(18)

Some people cut off the top leaves before curing onions. If you do that, do not cut the leaves any closer than two and a half centimeters from the bulb.(19)

And that’s the VOA Special English Agriculture Report, written by Jerilyn Watson. For more stories about gardening, go to I’m Steve Ember.(20)
而这是美国之音特别英语农业报道,由 Jerilyn Watson 写。更多关于园艺的故事,请转到。我是史帝文安博。

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