New York Sounds Live On in Old Recordings
2014-01-21 16:28:24

NEW YORK — In the hyper-visual world of today’s New York City, where digital video recordings of daily life are constantly made and instantly posted,(1)
纽约 — — 在今天的纽约城,在日常生活中的数字视频录制是不断作出和即时发布的超视觉世界

it can be pleasantly jarring to listen to the everyday sounds of a different era, when audio recordings of everyday people were almost never heard or shared.(2)

During the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in 1929, the wind pushed a huge balloon float down toward the crowd, which scrambled to get out of the way.(3)
在 1929 年的梅西感恩节游行,期间风推巨大气球浮法下的人群,爬着去抢开往。

Almost all those people are now gone, but their humanity lives on in a sound-rich film clip that is typical of the trove of outtakes from Fox Movietone newsreels at the University of South Carolina’s Moving Image Research Collections.(4)
现在几乎所有那些人都走了,但他们人类生活是典型的蕴藏的通气管从狐狸 Movietone 纪录片在南卡罗莱纳州大学移动图像研究汇集的声音丰富影片剪辑中。

For three years, Princeton University historian Emily Thompson pored over those treasures with University of Southern California web designer Scott Mahoy.(5)
三年,普林斯顿大学历史学家刘慧卿汤普森研读这些珍品南加利福尼亚大学网页设计师 Scott Mahoy。

The result is their Roaring Twenties website, which they call "an interactive exploration of the historical soundscape of New York City."(6)

“This isn’t so much the objective, distanced, detailed description that professional historians often write," Thompson said.(7)
汤普森说,"这不是那么多客观、 专业历史学家往往写的冷淡、 详细描述,"。

"But in evoking a world long gone that people have memories of or connect their families to, that kind of personal history,(8)
"但在唤起世界很久不见人的记忆,或连接他们的家庭、 个人的历史,那种

I think sound can provide a kind of emotional element that doesn’t fully come through, certainly in the photographs.”(9)

One example of that element is a Movietone clip recorded while cruising down “Radio Row,”(10)
该元素的一个例子是游弋的时候"无线电行,"同时录得 Movietone 剪辑

a stretch of Cortlandt Street crowded with shops selling vacuum-tube wireless radios and phonograph players, both high-tech gadgets at the time.(11)
一片的 Cortlandt 街挤满商店出售真空管无线收音机和留声机的球员,在时间这两种高科技产品。

“And to advertise their wares, these shops had loudspeakers mounted either over the front door or on the sidewalk," Thompson said.(12)

"So imagine 10 or 12 shops all within earshot all doing this at the same time and you can get a sense of why it was considered by many to be the noisiest place in New York City.”(13)
「 所以想象所有的视线内的 10 或 12 商店都在同一时间做这个,你可以得到的为什么它被认为很多人是在纽约城的热闹地方感。

Thompson says that fire engine and ambulance sirens from the era seem much louder to her than those in use today, as do foghorns from the city’s still-bustling port.(14)
汤普森说,消防车和救护车警笛声从时代似乎对她比那些在当今,使用得多大声一样 foghorns 从这个城市的繁华仍然端口。

“When you hear the volume at which those things actually let out on some of our recordings of them,(15)

you can hardly imagine what it must have been like to hear that hundreds of times every night as you’re trying to sleep,” she said.(16)

Movietone crews often recorded the growing city at work.(17)
Movietone 乘员组通常记录在工作日益增长的城市。

They captured pile drivers digging into Manhattan’s sandy soil to make way for skyscrapers, and the elevated trains and subways that connected the city's five boroughs.(18)
他们夺取了打桩挖到曼哈顿的沙质土壤为摩天大楼、 高架的列车和连接市内五区的地铁让路。

And they recorded indoor sounds, such as the clatter of an ultra-modern office building cafeteria of the time patronized entirely by female clerical workers.(19)

But New York during the Roaring Twenties was also a city at play.(20)

An itinerant kazoo seller entertains a crowd, and in another clip, children enjoy a ride on a small horse-drawn merry go round.(21)

On Coney Island, the fabled urban amusement park by the sea, a young man amuses his friends with a ukulele and barkers lure customers to try their luck on a Luna Park pig slide.(22)
科尼岛,传说中的城市游乐园由海上, 一个年轻人让他的朋友们用四弦琴和拉客引诱消费者尝试他们的运气在 Luna 公园猪幻灯片。

Thompson hopes these narrow slices of life from long ago will broaden our awareness of the world we inhabit today.(23)

“And perhaps something you can take away from that experience is to direct that same kind of mental energy at our own sound world and really don’t just hear what’s around you but listen to it,(24)

and think about what it means and celebrate the parts that you like and complain about the parts that you don’t.”(25)

No one knows for sure which New York sounds will be heard by people in the next century, but one thing seems certain: there will be plenty of complaint and celebration in the mix.(26)
没有人知道肯定哪个纽约声音将听到的人在下一个世纪,但一件事似乎是确定的: 会有很多的投诉和组合中的庆祝。

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