Food Distribution Increases in CAR
2014-03-04 15:51:15

The World Food Program says emergency food supplies are reaching more people in Central African Republic.(1)

However, the main supply road from Cameroon to CAR’s capital Bangui remains insecure. Armed groups frequently have targeted civilians based on their religion.(2)

Since mid-February, the World Food Program has bolstered its food stocks using airlifts. Those airlifts, though, are due to end this week.(3)
自 2 月中旬以来世界食品计划加强了其使用空运的粮食储备。不过,那些空运是到期结束这一周。

They were needed because truck convoys from Cameroon were too few – and carried too little – to replenish rapidly dwindling supplies.(4)
他们需要因为卡车车队从喀麦隆太少 — — 和运载太少 — — 补充供应迅速下降。

WFP’s Alexis Masciarelli said progress is being made.(5)
粮食计划署的亚历克西斯 Masciarelli 说正在取得进展。

“We are increasing our presence across the country.(6)

In the last few weeks we’ve been distributing to new locations, especially in the north of the country, including rural areas.(7)

And that’s very important for us because it means that we go and bring assistance to a lot of people, who had fled the violence, who had gone to the bush, and for several weeks [had] only been eating roots and leaves.(8)
这是对我们非常重要的因为它意味着我们去援助给很多人,逃离暴力,去了布什,和几个星期 [] 只吃了根和叶。

And now they try and go back to their homes and they realize that there’s been a lot of destruction. A lot of their houses have been looted, burned.(9)

So, we are there to help them to rebuild their lives,” he said.(10)

The airlifts have brought in about 1,500 tons of rice from neighboring countries.(11)
空运从周边国家带来约 1500 吨的大米。

Truck drivers remain wary about making the 600 kilometer trip from Cameroon to Bangui. They want an armed escort.(12)
卡车司机仍然保持警惕关于 600 公里行程从喀麦隆的班吉。他们想要武装的护送。

“We’ve had trucks coming in the country thanks to escorts from the African force that is based here.(13)

Especially, the Rwandan contingent has been very helpful in helping trucks come through the road that was too insecure,” he said.(14)

But Masciarelli said that food deliveries are not just about meeting immediate needs.(15)
但 Masciarelli 表示,粮食运送,不只满足当前的需求。

“Slowly, it’s coming in,” he said, “It’s not enough yet because what is important at the moment is not just to distribute food immediately for the people in need,(16)

but also to start prepositioning food stocks in locations all across the country before the rainy season starts next month, which will have made all the roads very difficult to pass.”(17)

While the WFP is able to distribute in more places in CAR, there’s a problem at Bangui airport – where at one point about 100-thousand people had fled for safety.(18)
虽然世界粮食计划署是能够将分布在更多地方的车,有问题在班吉机场 — — 在一处约 10 万人逃的安全。

“The conditions at the airport are still obviously quite difficult. We have had to suspend operations there because there’s been a lot of insecurity around the airport camp.(19)

So, we’ve been, in fact, the last week or so distributing in other areas of Bangui where there are also a lot of people displaced – around churches, around mosques, as well.(20)
所以,我们已经,事实上,最后一周或所以分布在班吉的其他领域也有很多流离失所的人 — — 在教堂、 清真寺、 以及周围附近。

We’ve been distributing over the last week to over 80,000 people outside the main airport camp,” he said.(21)
他说: 我们已经被分发到主要机场营地外的 8 万多人过去一周,"。

The WFP spokesman said it’s difficult to determine how many people remain at the airport site.(22)
粮食计划署发言人说: 很难确定有多少人留在机场网站。

There’s a constant ebb and flow depending on the level of insecurity in the area – but the figure is in the thousands.(23)
有恒定的盛衰取决于该地区 — — 不安全的水平,但图是数千人。

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