West African Countries Ban "Dirty Diesel"
2016-12-13 20:58:44

On December 1st, five West African countries agreed to stop importing “dirty” fuel from Europe.(1)
12 月 1 日,五个西非国家同意停止从欧洲进口"脏"的燃料。

Dirty fuel is the name for diesel fuel that has a high amount of sulfur.(2)

Nigeria, Benin, Togo, Ghana, and Ivory Coast will join seven other African countries that have already suspended imports of the product.(3)
尼日利亚、 贝宁、 多哥、 加纳和象牙海岸将加入已暂停进口的产品的其他七个非洲的国家。

The imports will not stop immediately. Ghana plans to halt them in March 2017.(4)
进口不会立即停止。加纳计划让他们停止在 2017 年 3 月。

The other countries will stop accepting dirty diesel next July.(5)
其他国家将停止接受脏柴油明年 7 月。

Pollution and Health Problems(6)

Emissions from dirty fuel make air pollution worse.(7)

The emissions also may be partly to blame for health problems. Studies have linked them to asthma, lung cancer, and stroke.(8)
排放量也有可能造成健康问题的部分原因。研究与他们有关哮喘、 肺癌患者和中风。

Millions of deaths every year are blamed on air pollution. Health officials say children are especially likely to be hurt by poor air quality.(9)

United Nations, or U.N. officials have praised the new agreement.(10)

But they say that Africa has a long way to go to meet air quality rules in other areas.(11)

Jane Akumu works on transport issues for the U.N. Environment Programme.(12)

She explains that diesel emissions, especially from large vehicles, help create black carbon – the second most important climate pollutant.(13)
她解释说,柴油车辆排放的废气,尤其是大有助于营造炭黑 — — 第二个最重要的气候污染物。

Black carbon comes from the incomplete burning of oil or other fossil fuels.(14)

Europe, Akumu adds, now uses cleaner diesel.(15)

But some traders are able to sell dirty diesel to Africa by mixing it with other fuels with higher sulfur levels.(16)

Much of the dirty fuel exported to Africa is said to come from The Netherlands.(17)

Future plans for cutting emissions(18)

Three countries in Southern Africa could agree to ban dirty diesel next year.(19)

Akumu says low-sulfur diesel fuels should not cost more than other fuels.(20)

Even with progress being made, she adds, there is still more work to be done:(21)

"I think the next step would be to look at the kind of vehicles that are coming into these countries.(22)

So, we've been partnering with countries to introduce cleaner fuel.(23)

But the ultimate objective is actually to combine the cleaner fuels and the cleaner vehicles to have vehicle emission standards, which are still lacking in Africa. ".(24)

Akumu notes that Africa imports many older, used vehicles. The average age of a car in Ghana, she says, is 14 years.(25)
阿库注意到非洲进口很多较旧、 使用车辆。在加纳,一辆车的平均年龄,她说,是 14 年。

According to U.N. Environment, "A combination of low sulfur fuels with advanced vehicle standards can reduce harmful emissions by vehicles by as much as 90 percent."(26)
根据联合国环境"的低硫燃料的先进的车辆标准组合可以减少有害排放量车辆百分之 90"。

I'm John Russell.(27)

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