E-Commerce Challenges Traditional Stores
2012-12-20 19:35:54

From VOA Learning English, this is the Economics Report in Special English.(1)

Americans are buying more products and services than ever before through the Internet. And experts say the popularity of online sales is likely to spread to other countries.(2)

Online sales now represent as much as one-tenth of all retail sales in the United States. This has led traditional stores to seek new ways to keep their customers loyal.(3)

Lynne Shaner used the Internet to buy everything she needed for her wedding and holiday gifts for her husband and step-daughter.(4)
Lynne 山尔用互联网来买她为她的婚礼和她的丈夫和一步女儿的节日礼物所需要的一切。

Other than food, 90 percent of her purchases were made on her home computer.(5)
食物,她的家庭计算机上作了她购买的 90%。

“I find that, by being able to go online and choose the things that I need to choose, and have them delivered to me right at my doorstep, I eliminate all the driving, all the crowds, all the noise of that, and I usually get a better selection.”(6)
"我觉得,能够以联机并选择的东西,我需要来选择,和有他们交付给我我家门口的权利、 我消除所有驾驶,所有的群众,这一点,所有的噪音和我通常得到更好的选择。"

There are a lot of people like her. Experts say American online shopping hit records in both November and December. Fifty-seven percent of Americans have bought something electronically.(7)
有很多像她一样的人。专家说,美国的在线购物命中 11 月和 12 月的记录。57%的美国人都以电子方式买东西了。

Store owners worry that this growing amount of online sales will hurt their business. Cornell University marketing professor Ed McLaughlin says they should be worried. He spoke to VOA by Skype.(8)
商店店主担心这一日益增长的在线销售数额会伤害他们的业务。美国康奈尔大学市场营销教授 Ed 劳表示,他们应该担心。他对美国之音通过 Skype 说话。

“Anything that can move online, will. And it’s just a matter of time.”(9)

Professor McLaughlin says traditional stores can keep their customers by selling goods like clothing, which buyers may want to see and try on before purchasing.(10)

He says the stores could also offer things that are difficult to ship. He also says some stores can please customers by offering to set up or repair electronic products.(11)
他说: 商店也能提供很难船的事情。他还说有些商店可以请客户通过提供设置或修复电子产品。

Bill Martin is the founder of ShopperTrak. His business helps stores learn about their customers. He told VOA by Skype that traditional stores offer a social experience that some people enjoy.(12)
条例草案马丁是 ShopperTrak 的创始人。他的生意可以帮助了解他们的客户的商店。他告诉美国之音通过 Skype 传统商店提供一些人享受的社会经验。

“There is still a lot of emotion in the buying decision, you know, that takes place.(13)

Oftentimes, you know, you need that last sense of ‘Boy, this is exactly what I want’ -- that feeling before you’re ready to part with money, and you can’t always get that on-line. It’s a rather cold process.”(14)
很多时候,你知道,你需要 '男孩,这正是想要的什么' 这最后一种意识--这种感觉之前你准备一部分钱,和你, 不能总是获得的在线。它是一个相当冷的过程"。

Bill Martin says traditional stores can provide goods to buyers more-quickly than online stores. And some retailers are using websites to persuade people to visit their stores.(15)

While e-commerce worries some business owners, the only worry for delivery services like FedEx and UPS is keeping up with the number of packages.(16)
虽然电子商务担心一些企业所有者,像 FedEx 和 UPS 递送服务为唯一的担心如何跟上的包数。

UPS Manager Dana Kline says her company is very busy at this time of year. UPS is so busy that it has filled 55,000 temporary worker positions during the holiday season.(17)
UPS 经理 Dana Kline 说她的公司在每年这个时候是很忙。UPS 是这么忙它已在节假日期间填补 55,000 临时工职位。

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