Obama: Africa Wants Trade, Not Aid
2016-09-23 15:44:15

There may be conflicts, poverty and disease in Africa, but the president of the United States says the direction of the continent is unmistakable.(1)
可能有冲突、 贫困和疾病在非洲,但美国总统说,非洲大陆的方向无误。

President Barack Obama told business leaders this week that “Africa is on the move.”(2)

He spoke at a meeting of the U.S.-Africa Business Forum in New York City.(3)

Obama said the African continent is “home to some of the fastest-growing economies in the world and … powered by the youngest population anywhere on the planet.”(4)

“[Africa has] a middle class projected to grow to more than a billion customers,” he added.(5)
"[非洲有] 中产阶级预计将增长到超过 10 亿的客户,"他补充说。

Obama told the meeting that everywhere he travels in Africa, “from Senegal to South Africa, Africans insist they do not just want aid, they want trade. They want partners, not patrons.”(6)

To help American businesses and investment, the U.S. government has become more active in Africa.(7)

Since 2008, the Department of Commerce has opened offices in Angola, Ethiopia, Mozambique and Tanzania.(8)
2008 年以来,商务部已在安哥拉、 埃塞俄比亚、 莫桑比克和坦桑尼亚开设了办事处。

The department also has an expanded presence in Ghana and re-established a presence at the African Development Bank.(9)

Two well-known Americans led the U.S.-Africa Business Forum meeting: Commerce Secretary Penny Pritzker and former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg.(10)
两位知名的美国人带领美国-非洲商业论坛会议︰ 商务部长彭妮普利兹克和前纽约市市长迈克尔 · 布隆伯格。

The event was designed to help investors and business people from Africa and North America get acquainted with each other.(11)

As Obama explained: “All of you should be wanting to make money and create great products and great services, and be profitable, and do right by your investors.(12)
As Obama explained:"所有的你应该想要赚钱创造伟大的产品和一流的服务,是有利可图的和做正确的你的投资者。

But the good news is, in Africa right now, if you are doing well, you can also be doing a lot of good.”(13)

One of the young people he spoke about is Frances Udukwu from Nigeria. She is currently serving as Miss Africa USA.(14)
他谈到之一就是年轻人的来自尼日利亚的弗朗西丝 Udukwu。她目前担任陈非洲美国。

Frances Udukwu is only 26 years old, but she recently launched a non-profit organization, called the Lead Girl Foundation.(15)
弗朗西丝 Udukwu 是年仅 26 岁,但她最近推出了一个非营利的组织,称为引导女孩基础。

Its goal is to help girls and young women make a life for themselves through business and occupational training.(16)

She said, “My personal favorite [thing] is being able to touch the lives of many young girls and women across not only Africa, but in the (United) States as well.”(17)
她说,"我个人最喜欢 [事] 就是能够触摸许多年轻女孩和妇女的生活,不仅是非洲,但在 (美国) 以及"。

Udukwu lives in Washington, D.C., but travels to Nigeria often. She attended Temple University in Philadelphia and studied public health. She plans to go to law school.(18)
Udukwu 住在华盛顿特区,但经常前往尼日利亚。她参加了在费城天普大学,学习公共卫生。她打算去法学院。

I’m Marsha James.(19)
我是玛莎 · 詹姆斯。

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