South Koreans Angry Over Ousted Leader’s Dogs
2017-03-15 21:55:01

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Ousted South Korean leader Park Geun-hye moved out of the presidential home over the weekend.(2)

She returned to her private home in the Gangnam area of Seoul, the capital.(3)

But, Park left behind her nine pet dogs at the presidential Blue House.(4)

Now, animal rights groups are accusing Park of animal abandonment.(5)

The Busan Korea Alliance for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals published the accusation on Twitter.(6)
防止虐待动物釜山韩国联盟发表在 twitter 上的指控。

The alliance said it brought the incident to the attention of police.(7)

It and other animal rights groups in South Korea have offered to help find new homes for the nine dogs.(8)

They are Jindos, a Korean breed of hunting dog known for their loyalty.(9)
他们是 Jindos,他们的忠诚而闻名的狩猎犬韩国品种。

Park was given two Jindos in 2013. The dogs, whose names mean ‘New’ and ‘Hope’ in English, became famous on the internet.(10)
公园在 2013 年给出了两个 Jindos。狗,名字的意思是 '新' 和 '希望' 在英语中的,在互联网上成名。

Park would often post photographs of herself with them on her Facebook page.(11)
公园常常会贴在她的 Facebook 页面上与他们自己的照片。

The two dogs had seven puppies earlier this year.(12)
这两条狗有 7 只狗崽今年早些时候。

A Blue House spokesman said that Wednesday that Park left the nine dogs at the presidential palace because the puppies are still too young to be separated from their mother.(13)

He said the dogs would stay there until the puppies are ready to be sent to new owners.(14)
他说︰ 狗会呆在那儿,直到小狗准备好要发送给新业主。

“She [Park] told Blue House staff to take good care of the dogs and to find good foster homes for the puppies if necessary,” the spokesman added.(15)
发言人补充说:"她 [公园] 告诉蓝房子工作人员要好好照顾狗,寻找好的寄养家庭的小狗,如有必要,"。

It is not clear whether Park’s decision to not take the dogs with her can be considered animal abandonment under South Korean law.(16)

The country’s animal protection law defines lost or abandoned animals as those “wandering without an owner in public places” or “left deserted in paper boxes or other containers.”(17)

Anyone charged with animal abandonment faces a fine of up to 1 million won, or $873..(18)
任何人被控与动物遗弃面临罚款高达 100 万韩元或 873 美元。

On social media, people have been reacting to Park’s decision to leave the dogs. Many people were angry.(19)

Park Jeong-eon, a 38-year-old office worker, told the Associated Press, “It seems that Park Geun-hye is a person who entirely lacks empathy, whether it’s for humans or for animals.”(20)
今年 38 岁的上班族,公园郑某 eon 告诉美联社记者,"看来朴槿惠是完全缺乏同理心的人,无论是人类还是动物。

South Korean lawmakers voted to impeach Park Geun-hye last December.(21)
韩国国会投票,弹劾朴槿惠去年 12 月。

They found she had worked with a close friend to pressure large Korean businesses to donate huge amounts of money to two organizations.(22)

The Constitutional Court officially removed her from office last Friday.(23)

South Koreans will elect a new president on May 9.(24)
韩国将在 5 月 9 日选举新总统。

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