Vietnam's Big Year for Coffee, Rice Exports
2012-10-03 12:21:44

This is the VOA Special English Agriculture Report.(1)

This is a big year for Vietnamese rice and coffee exports. Vietnam became the biggest coffee exporter, and it may also become the top rice supplier to the world.(2)

The country has long been second in rice exports. But this year Vietnam is expected to pass Thailand by about half a million tons.(3)
该国长期以来一直在大米出口中第二。但今年越南预计通过泰国大约一半 100 万吨。

For the long term, Vietnam is increasing the quality of its rice and looking to expand in the Chinese market.(4)

Vietnam became the top coffee exporter this year because of bad weather in Brazil. But some say Vietnamese agricultural policies may not help the country stay on top for long.(5)

Le Ngoc Bau is director of Vietnam’s Western Highlands Agro-Forestry Scientific and Technical Institute.(6)
Le Ngoc 照旧是越南的西部高原农林科学和技术研究所的主任。

LE NGOC BAU (TRANSLATED): "Firstly, Vietnam’s government has no policy to expand the area for coffee.(7)
LE NGOC BAU (TRANSLATED):' 第一,越南政府有没有扩大咖啡领域的政策。

In August of twenty-twelve, the minister of agriculture made the decision to approve the master plan to develop the coffee industry to the year twenty-twenty, and our vision up to the year twenty-thirty.(8)
8 20-12 个农业部部长作出的决定,核准总纲发展咖啡产业年近视,和我们到二十至三十年的愿景。

For this master plan to the year twenty-twenty, the total area of coffee in Vietnam will be reduced to five hundred thousand hectares."(9)
近视年到此总计划,在越南咖啡的总面积将减至 50 万公顷。

Almost all of the beans are robusta. These have a strong taste and are often used to make espresso and instant coffee. They are higher in caffeine and considered lower in quality than top varieties.(10)
几乎所有的咖啡豆是罗布斯塔。这些具有强烈的味道,通常用来使咖啡、 速溶咖啡。他们在咖啡因更高,并认为质量低于最高的品种。

But the chairman of Trung Nguyen, Vietnam’s largest coffee company, wants to improve the image of his country's beans. Dang Le Nguyen Vu says they just need to be marketed better.(11)
但主席的越南的最大的咖啡公司 Trung Nguyen 希望改善他的国家的豆子的形象。Dang Le 阮武说他们只是需要更好地销售。

DANG LE NGUYEN (TRANSLATED): "We have the quantity and quality of robusta, which is the number one in the world.(12)
DANG LE NGUYEN (TRANSLATED):我们有的数量和质量的罗布斯塔,这是世界第一。

But we are lacking one thing -- that is the packing industry, display industry and storytelling industry, to make the world understand exactly what the world needs.(13)
但我们还缺少一件事 — — 是包装、 显示产业、 讲故事工业,以让世界了解世界需要什么。

Vietnam should be a great nation, not only in quantity."(14)

Ma Chuong has been farming coffee beans for more than thirty years. Ma Chuong says a drip irrigation system financed by the company saves water and labor.(15)
马 Chuong 农业生咖啡豆超过三十年。马 Chuong 说,由公司资助滴灌系统节省水和劳动力。

MA CHUONG (TRANSLATED): "In the first year before we had this system our productivity was only eight hundred kilograms per hectare.(16)
MA CHUONG (TRANSLATED):' 第一年我们有这个系统之前我们的生产力是只有八百公斤每公顷。

But in the second year after installing this system, productivity went up to fourteen hundred kilograms per hectare.(17)

Last year, from our notes from start to end of harvest, productivity was two thousand forty kilograms."(18)

People in Vietnam do not drink a lot of coffee. The French started growing coffee beans in the former colony and influenced the local style of preparation.(19)

John Owens is an American teaching English. He says he has come to enjoy the strong flavor of the local drip brew in Buon Ma Thuot, in Vietnam's coffee-growing heartland.(20)
约翰 · 欧文斯是美国英语教学。他说他是来享受本地滴灌酿制的奔马邦美蜀,在越南的咖啡种植心脏地带的浓郁风味。

JOHN OWENS: "I had never heard about it until I came here. I do not think they market it, or they brand it. I think they put it with other coffee."(21)
JOHN OWENS:我从来没有听过它直到我来到这里。我不认为他们的市场,或他们品牌它。我觉得他们把它与其他咖啡。

Trung Nguyen is trying to change that by marketing new coffee products and working with farmers to improve quality and efficiency in production.(22)
Trung Nguyen 正试图改变这种由新咖啡产品行销和使用农民提高质量和生产效率。

And that's the VOA Special English Agriculture Report. I’m Christopher Cruise.(23)
而这是美国之音特别英语农业报道。我是克里斯托弗 · 巡航。

Contributing: Daniel Schearf(24)
Contributing:丹尼尔 · Schearf

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