News Wrap: Islamic State claims attack on Bangladesh cafe
2016-07-01 22:50:58

 JUDY WOODRUFF:  The Islamic State group is claiming responsibility for an attack tonight at an upscale restaurant in Bangladesh. (1)
茱蒂伍德拉夫︰ 伊斯兰国家集团声称对此负责,今晚在高档的餐厅,在孟加拉国的攻击。

Authorities say up to nine gunmen took at least 35 hostages in Dhaka, the capital, including some 20 foreigners. (2)
当局说多达九个枪手花了至少 35 名人质在达卡,资本,包括一些 20 的外国人。

At least 26 people were wounded, and two police officers were killed.(3)
至少 26 人受伤,和两名警察被打死。

Security forces mounted a siege of the site as the night went on. (4)

The head of an elite anti-crime unit said they were working to save the hostages.(5)

Turkey’s state-run news agency reports that police have identified two of the three suicide bombers in Tuesday’s airport attack in Istanbul. (6)

The alleged mastermind of the plot, who remains at large, is described as an extremist from the Russian province of Chechnya.(7)

Meanwhile, security was heightened at the Istanbul Airport today, and officials from foreign consulates paid their respects to the 44 people who died in the attacks.(8)
与此同时,今天,加剧安全在伊斯坦布尔机场和从外国领事馆官员在袭击中死去的 44 人对他们的敬意。

A warning today from the leader of al-Qaida, Ayman Al-Zawahri. (9)

In an online video message, he threatens — quote — “the gravest consequences” if the surviving Boston Marathon bomber is executed. (10)
在在线的视频邮件中,他威胁 — — 报价 — —"最严重的后果"如果幸存的波士顿马拉松赛轰炸机执行。

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was sentenced last year to death by lethal injection.  The 2013 bombing left three people died.(11)
哈尔被判死去年注射致死。 2013 轰炸造成三人死亡。

U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch voiced regret today about a meeting earlier this week with former President Bill Clinton. (12)
美国总检察长洛蕾塔 · 林奇表示后悔今天会议本周早些时候与前总统比尔 · 克林顿。

They spoke Monday for about 30 minutes after his private plane landed near her government aircraft at the Phoenix Airport.(13)
他们说星期一约 30 分钟后他的私人飞机降落在她政府飞机在凤凰城机场附近。

It stoked criticism because the FBI is investigating Hillary Clinton’s e-mail practices as secretary of state.(14)
它引发了批评,因为 FBI 正在调查作为国务卿的希拉里.克林顿的电子邮件活动。

Today, in Aspen, Colorado, Lynch repeated that she and the former president never discussed the investigation, but she said she understands the criticism.(15)

LORETTA LYNCH, U.S. Attorney General:  I may have viewed it in a certain light, but the issue is, how does it impact the work that I do and the work the Department of Justice does? (16)
LORETTA LYNCH, U.S. Attorney General:可能认为它在一定的光线,但问题是,它是如何影响我做的工作和司法部门那样的工作?

And I certainly wouldn’t do it again, and — because I think it has cast a shadow over what it shouldn’t, over what it will not touch.(17)
我当然不会这么做,和 — — 因为我觉得它有阴影,它不应该对它不会碰。

JUDY WOODRUFF:  Lynch also said she plans to accept whatever recommendations career FBI investigators make.(18)
JUDY WOODRUFF:林奇还说她打算接受任何建议职业联邦调查局调查员。

Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign had no comment on the meeting. (19)
与此同时,希拉里 · 克林顿的总统竞选会议没有任何评论。

But in Denver today, Republican candidate Donald Trump hammered away at both Clinton and her husband, the former president.(20)

DONALD TRUMP, Presumptive Republican Nominee:  I think he really opened it up.  He opened up a Pandora’s box, and it shows what’s going on. (21)
DONALD TRUMP, Presumptive Republican Nominee:我觉得他真的很开放。 他打开了潘多拉的盒子,和它显示什么。

And it shows what’s happening with our laws and with our government.(22)

JUDY WOODRUFF:  A spokesman for President Obama said today the Clinton e-mail investigation is entirely independent of the White House.(23)
JUDY WOODRUFF:主席奧巴馬发言人今日克林顿电子邮件调查是完全独立的白宫。

Britain’s prospects of a quick exit from the European Union grew cloudier today. (24)

A leader of the Brexit campaign said the process might not begin until next year if he’s elected Conservative Party leader and prime minister. (25)
Brexit 运动领袖说,是否他已当选保守党领袖和总理的过程不可能开始直到明年。

Michael Gove said it will take some time to invoke the E.U.’s Article 50, which formally begins a two-year exit process.(26)
迈克尔说︰ 它需要一些时间来援引第五十条欧盟正式开始为期两年退出的过程。

MICHAEL GOVE, U.K. Parliament Member:  I would only trigger it after extensive preliminary talks of the kind that I discussed earlier,(27)
MICHAEL GOVE, U.K. Parliament Member:我只会触发它广泛的初步会谈我先前讨论的那种之后

so I have no expectation that Article 50 would be triggered in this calendar year. (28)
所以我有没有期望,将在本日历年度触发条 50。

I argued for specific changes in the referendum campaign.  I believe in those changes.  I will deliver them.(29)
我主张全民投票宣传运动的具体变化。 我相信这些更改。 我会送他们。

JUDY WOODRUFF:  Meanwhile, Britain’s finance minister, George Osborne, announced that leaving the E.U. will cut government revenue,(30)
JUDY WOODRUFF:与此同时,英国财政大臣,乔治奥斯本宣布离开欧盟将削减政府收入,

so he’s giving up on the goal of reaching a budget surplus by 2020.(31)
所以他放弃了在 2020 年前实现预算盈余的目标。

Amid the Brexit fallout, Britain and France came together to mark 100 years since the Battle of the Somme in World War I. (32)
Brexit 连带影响,而在英国和法国聚集在一起纪念 100 年以来在一次世界大战索姆河战役。

It was one of the bloodiest in history, as the armies of the British and French empires faced off against the Germans. (33)

One million died over five months.  Leaders from both countries met today at a memorial in France.  (34)
100 万死了五个多月。 从这两个国家的领导人今天在纪念在法国发生。 

The ceremony included cannon fire and flowers laid at soldiers’ graves.(35)

China today celebrated the 95th anniversary of the ruling Communist Party’s birth. (36)
中国今天庆祝执政的共产党的诞辰 95 周年。

President Xi Jinping urged the party to return to its Marxist roots. (37)

He addressed party members in Beijing’s Great Hall of the People, and said corruption is now the biggest threat the party faces.(38)

PRESIDENT XI JINPING, China (through interpreter):  We must have a staunch will and not let up on our zero tolerance attitude. (39)
PRESIDENT XI JINPING, China (through interpreter):我们必须有坚定的意志和不松懈的我们零容忍的态度。

We must investigate all cases and punish those who are corrupt, to give corrupt elements no place to hide in the party.(40)

JUDY WOODRUFF:  Meanwhile, thousands turned out in Hong Kong on the 19th anniversary of that city’s return to Chinese rule. (41)
JUDY WOODRUFF:与此同时,成千上万的人出来在香港这个城市的回到中国统治 19 周年。

They denounced Beijing for kidnapping local booksellers who sold critical works about Chinese leaders.(42)

A new Mississippi law involving gay marriage and transgender bathroom policy is now on hold. (43)

It was set to take effect today, but a federal judge blocked it. (44)

The statute allows businesses and government employees to cite religious objections in refusing services for same-sex marriages. (45)
规约 》 允许企业和政府雇员举宗教反对同性婚姻的拒绝服务。

It also could affect school bathroom policy.  The state plans to appeal.(46)
它也能影响学校浴室政策。 国家计划上诉。

On Wall Street, stocks managed modest gains, to keep up a four-day comeback from the Brexit meltdown. (47)
在华尔街,股市仍小幅上涨,继续从 Brexit 崩盘四天复出。

The Dow Jones industrial average was up 19 points to close at 17949. (48)
道琼斯工业平均指数上涨了 19 分,收报 17949。

The Nasdaq rose nearly 20 points, and the S&P 500 added four.(49)
纳斯达克指数上升近 20 点,和 S & P 500 添加四个。

And a visibly cleaner Roman Coliseum was unveiled today, 2,000 years after it hosted gladiator fights. (50)
明显更清洁的罗马竞技场今日揭幕,2000 年后它承载角斗士战斗。

The ancient site had been covered with grime and pollution over the centuries.(51)

  It took workers three years to remove the dirt, using water and brushes. (52)

The next phase involves restoring the Coliseum’s interior.(53)

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