WikiLeaks: US Intelligence Can Use Electronic Devices to Spy
2017-03-07 22:00:16

WikiLeaks has published documents it says show how the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) collects information from electronic devices.(1)
维基解密已经公布说,它的文件显示,美国中央情报局 (CIA) 如何从电子设备中收集信息。

The anti-secrecy group did not say how it received the 8,700 documents and files connected to the CIA’s Center for Cyber Intelligence.(2)
反保密组织并没有说如何它收到的 8,700 文件和文件连接到中央情报局的中心网络情报。

But WikiLeaks said the number is greater than the National Security Agency (NSA) documents provided by Edward Snowden in 2013.(3)
但维基解密说数大于在 2013 年由爱德华 Snowden 国家安全局 (NSA) 文件。

Snowden formerly worked as a contractor for the NSA.(4)

VOA and other news media could not confirm if the documents released on Tuesday accurately describe CIA efforts to get information from smart phones, televisions and computers.(5)
美国之音和其他新闻媒体不能确认是否准确周二发布的文件描述中情局努力从智能手机、 电视和计算机中获取信息。

Jonathan Liu, spokesman for the CIA, said the agency does not comment on whether leaked documents are real.(6)
中情局发言人乔纳森 · 刘说该机构不评论是否泄露证件真实。

One of the more sensational examples of hacking reported by WikiLeaks involved Samsung smart televisions.(7)

WikiLeaks said the CIA infected some smart TVs with a computer virus known as “Weeping Angel.”(8)

The virus created a “fake off” button that left owners thinking the receiver wasn’t operating.(9)

But while in the “off position,” the TV reportedly would record discussions and send the recordings over the Internet to a CIA computer.(10)

WikiLeaks said the agency developed tools that could also work around security measures on Apple iPhones and Google’s Android phones.(11)
维基解密说也可以变通安全措施苹果 Iphone 和谷歌的安卓手机的机构开发工具。

Infected phones could be programmed to send the CIA the location of the user, along with messages and other information.(12)
可以编程感染病毒的手机发送 CIA 的用户,以及邮件和其他信息的位置。

The hack also activated the phone’s camera and microphone, WikiLeaks reported.(13)

The website described one program it says has been tested against Microsoft’s Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 computer operating systems.(14)
该网站描述了一个程序,它说,已经过测试针对微软的 Windows XP,Vista 和 Windows 7 的计算机操作系统。

It enters coding information that enables a hacker to gain use of the program’s memory and other controls.(15)

All this happens, WikiLeaks said, without the knowledge of the computer’s owner.(16)

WikiLeaks also said the CIA was looking into ways to infect control systems used on modern cars.(17)
维基解密还说 CIA 正调查感染控制系统在现代汽车上使用的方法。

The purpose is not known WikiLeaks suggested it could allow the agency to kill enemies and terrorists.(18)

WikiLeaks said the CIA also collected information on how other countries, including Russia, do internet spying.(19)

In addition to its main offices in Virginia, the agency also has an office in Frankfurt, Germany.(20)

It serves as a secret base for computer spying in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, WikiLeaks said.(21)
它作为计算机间谍在欧洲、 中东和非洲的一个秘密基地,维基解密说。

Bob Ayers, a retired U.S. intelligence official, told the Associated Press that damage from WikiLeaks’ latest release is high.(22)
鲍勃 · 艾尔斯,一位退休的美国情报官员告诉美联社记者,损害从维基解密最新版本是高。

But he said WikiLeaks has said it plans to release even more material, which could do even more damage.(23)

WikiLeaks said the person or persons who provided the documents did so to start a discussion on whether the CIA is going beyond its official powers.(24)

Sean Spicer, press secretary for President Donald Trump, would not comment on the WikiLeaks report.(25)
肖恩 · 斯派塞,新闻秘书为主席唐纳德 · 特朗普,不会评论维基解密报告。

WikiLeaks publishes secret information, often provided by people who do not want to be identified. It was founded in 2006 by Julian Assange.(26)
维基解密公布秘密信息,往往由不愿透露姓名的人。它成立于 2006 年由朱利安阿桑奇。

Some U.S. intelligence officials have said that WikiLeaks provided information used to hurt former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in the 2016 elections.(27)
一些美国情报官员说,维基解密提供的资料用来伤害前国务卿希拉里 · 克林顿在 2016年选举。

Clinton was the Democratic Party’s candidate for president.(28)

Officials accused Russian intelligence agencies of using the information to help Donald Trump, the Republican candidate.(29)
官员指责俄罗斯情报机构的使用信息,帮助唐纳德 · 特朗普,共和党总统候选人。

Trump won the election and now is in his 2nd month as president.(30)

I'm Jonathan Evans.(31)
我是乔纳森 · 埃文斯。

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