2016 Most Dangerous Year Ever for Afghan Journalists
2016-07-14 20:58:22

The year 2016 has been the most violent year ever for reporters in Afghanistan, a new report says.(1)
一份新的报告说,到 2016 年一直最猛烈的一年,为在阿富汗的记者。

The Afghan Journalists Safety Committee released its latest report Monday.(2)

The group observes the safety situation of reporters in the country.(3)

Ten members of the media have been killed this year. That is the most in the country’s history.(4)

The group reports a total of 54 incidents of violence against journalists since January 2016.(5)
集团自一月 2016年报告共 54 对记者的暴力事件。

That is a 38 percent increase compared to the first half of last year.(6)
这是与去年上半年相比增加了 38%。

The report also says the government was involved with 21 of the violent incidents.(7)
报告还指出,政府介入了与 21 的暴力事件。

It did not, however, provide details about the people involved.(8)

The report also notes the number of Taliban-linked cases has increased.(9)

The Taliban reportedly was responsible for 16 cases of violence against journalists.(10)
据报道,塔利班是负责对记者的暴力行为 16 例。

The safety committee's latest report also says that the number of women working in media in Afghanistan has decreased since 2014.(11)
安全委员会的最新报告也说,在阿富汗媒体工作的妇女人数自 2014年以来已减少。

However, the report calls Afghanistan’s mostly free media and freedom of expression “the greatest achievements of the past 15 years.”(12)
然而,报告呼吁阿富汗的大多是媒体自由和言论自由的"过去 15 年来最大的成果"。

But, it said Afghan media still faces “serious challenges.”(13)

This was the seventh report produced by the Afghan Journalists Safety Committee.(14)

I’m Ashley Thompson.(15)
我是阿什莉 · 汤普森。

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