Report: Boeing to Sell 100 Passenger Planes to Iran
2016-06-19 21:00:59

Iran’s state-run media reported on Sunday that the large American airplane manufacturer Boeing is negotiating to sell Iran 100 large passenger planes.(1)
伊朗的国营媒体报道周日大美国飞机制造商波音公司谈判出售伊朗 100 大型客机。

If it takes place, the multi-billion dollar deal would be one of the largest since Iran reached an agreement with Western powers last year to limit its nuclear activities.(2)

"We have 250 planes in the country; 230 need to be replaced," said Ali Abedzadeh, the head of Iran's civil aviation body.(3)
"我们有 250 架飞机在该国;230 需要更换,"阿里 Abedzadeh,伊朗民用航空机构负责人说。

Most of them were bought before Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi was ousted in the Islamic Revolution in 1979 and Islamists took power.(4)
前伊朗国王穆罕默德 · 礼萨 · 巴列维在 1979 年的伊斯兰革命中被推翻,伊斯兰主义者上台执政,其中绝大多数是被买了。

It has been almost impossible for Iran to buy the supplies necessary to repair the planes because of the economic restrictions put in place by many countries because of Iran’s nuclear activities.(5)

Iran's state-run IRNA newspaper said the negotiations were not yet complete because a final agreement on costs had not yet been reached.(6)

But it reported that the head of the aviation agency said “both sides -- Iran and Boeing -- have reached a written agreement for buying Boeing airplanes.”(7)
但据报道,航空机构的负责人说,"双方 — — 伊朗和波音公司 — — 有达成书面的协议为购买波音飞机"。

In April, the IRNA news agency reported that, during a trip to Tehran, Boeing officials had offered to sell to members of the Society of Iranian Airlines a number of its 737, 777 and 787 model aircraft.(8)
今年 4 月,通讯社报道,前往德黑兰的一次旅行,波音公司官员曾愿意卖给伊朗航空公司社会成员数目及其 737、 777、 787 的模型飞机。

Boeing would not confirm the negotiations or the number of planes being discussed.(9)

The U.S. State Department has been urging American companies to sell their products and services in Iran.(10)

But many companies are worried about possible legal or political problems if they do so.(11)

That is because there are still U.S. sanctions in place that were not eased or ended by the nuclear agreement.(12)

Some American lawmakers have warned Boeing not to sell its planes to Iran.(13)

The nuclear agreement is being debated in the presidential campaign.(14)

If the deal is to be completed, Boeing may be forced to sell the planes to Iran through a company it owns in another country.(15)

And it may need to complete the deal using a currency other than the American dollar to avoid violating U.S. laws.(16)

U.S officials must decide whether or not to permit the sale to be completed.(17)

As part of the nuclear agreement, the U.S. Treasury Department must review the sale of passenger planes to Iran.(18)

The nuclear agreement said airline manufacturers could sell planes to Iranian companies.(19)

Iran Air has already agreed to buy 118 planes from the European airplane manufacturer Airbus at a cost of about $25 billion, and 20 from a French-Italian aircraft manufacturer.(20)
伊朗航空已经同意从欧洲飞机制造商空中客车公司耗资约 $ 250 亿和从法国意大利飞机制造商 20 购买 118 架飞机。

This deal, however, requires approval from U.S. officials since more than 10 percent of Airbus materials come from the United States.(21)
这笔交易,然而,需要从美国官员的批准,由于空中客车公司材料的 10%以上来自美国。

I’m Jonathan Evans.(22)
我是乔纳森 · 埃文斯。

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