iPhone Becomes Low-cost Microscope
2013-03-13 10:11:02

The Apple iPhone can be used for lot of things – make calls, send pictures, video and text and play games.(1)
苹果的 iPhone 可以用于很多事情 — — 拨打电话、 发送图片、 视频和文本和玩游戏。

But scientists say it also can be converted into a low-cost microscope that can detect worm infections in children.(2)

Microscopes are an important tool when diagnosing disease. But they’re not always readily available, especially in places like rural Tanzania.(3)

Now, for a few dollars and a little ingenuity, the iPhone can become a medical diagnostic tool. It can probably work on other smart phones, too.(4)
现在,为几块钱和一点点智慧,iPhone 可以成为医疗诊断工具。它可能就可以处理其他的智能手机,太。

“We got this idea from reading some of the medical literature.(5)

And we saw that some other groups had published neat images that were taken in the laboratory using smart phones and converting them into microscopes.(6)

But we thought that this was a really neat concept and we wanted to take it to real world and practical settings,” said Dr. Issac Bogoch, an infectious disease specialist at Toronto General Hospital.(7)
但我们认为这是一个绝妙的概念,我们想把它带到真实世界和实际设置,"多伦多总医院传染病专家伊萨克,Bogoch 博士说。

Bogoch is the lead author of a new study on the iPhone-turned-microscope. It appears in the American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene.(8)
Bogoch 是新 iPhone 打开显微镜研究的主要作者。它显示在美国热带医学杂志及  生。

He said, “I used an iPhone 4s and that’s simply because I just happen to own one. But any smart phone with a decent camera and a zoom-in function should work just fine.(9)
他说,"我用 iPhone 4s 和这只是因为刚好要自己的。但任何智能手机与体面的照相机和放大的功能应该可以正常。

Then we bought a ball lens, which is about eight dollars. We just got it online.(10)

And then we used some double-sided tape to stick the ball lens to the lens of the camera on the iPhone.”(11)
然后我们使用一些双面胶粘球镜头的相机镜头在 iPhone 上"。

Bogoch and his colleagues from Massachusetts General Hospital and the Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute tested their idea on Pemba Island in Tanzania.(12)
Bogoch 和他的同事们来自马萨诸塞州总医院和瑞士热带与公共卫生研究所在坦桑尼亚测试他们奔巴岛岛上的想法。

“We were looking at school age children that are unfortunately disproportionately affected by intestinal parasitic infections.(13)

And these infections affect over a billion people on the planet,” he said.(14)
这些感染会影响地球上的 10 亿人通过,"他说。

The make-shift microscope could detect parasitic infections to varying degrees. The best results came in detecting moderate to heavy infections.(15)
使 shift 显微镜可检测不同程度的寄生虫感染。最好的结果了进来检测中的度至严重感染。

Results were not as good for mild infections. However, Bogoch thinks that will change when the technology improves.(16)
结果没有一样好的轻度感染。不过,Bogoch 认为这将改变时技术的改进。

“We took slides. We were looking for intestinal parasites. So these are stool samples.(17)

The slide had a little bit of cellophane covering the stool sample and we put the slide very close to our ball lens, which was stuck up against the iPhone.(18)
幻灯片了一点点的玻璃纸覆盖的粪便样本,我们把幻灯片很接近我们的球镜片,被卡和 iPhone。

And we were able to zoom-in and we could see the parasites that we were looking for pretty easily.”(19)

Intestinal worms include hookworms and round worms. They can cause chronic anemia and malnutrition. Typical diagnosis is done by examining a stool sample with a conventional light microscope.(20)

Bogoch said that the next step is to improve the image quality. He says the smartphone microscope could greatly enhance disease control in poor, rural areas.(21)
Bogoch 说下一步是要提高图像的质量。他表示: 智能手机显微镜可以极大地提高疾病控制在贫困的农村地区。

He added that treatment for many intestinal parasites is generally widely available and very well tolerated.(22)

If health workers in the field are unsure what the image means, they could text it or email it to experts elsewhere and get a diagnosis a short time later.(23)
如果图像是什么意思,卫生工作者在该字段中的不能确定,可以文本,它或电子邮件到其他地方专家和 get 一短时间以后的诊断。

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