Approval of TPP in US Congress Seen as Difficult
2016-05-28 21:01:06

In Vietnam this week, President Barack Obama spoke in support of the free-trade agreement called the Trans-Pacific Partnership.(1)

The free-trade deal is among the United States and 11 other nations around the Pacific Ocean.(2)
自由贸易协议是美国和 11 之间太平洋周围其他国家。

On Monday, he said he was “confident” that the deal, known as the TPP, will pass in the U.S. Congress.(3)

Vietnam is one of the countries included in the TPP.(4)
越南是包括在 TPP 的国家之一。

But members of the U.S. Senate, which approves trade agreements, are not so sure.(5)

Republican Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina said the president was “overly optimistic” about passage of the deal.(6)

“There’s been a sourness on trade” in Congress, he added.(7)

Democrats in the Senate also have voiced concerns. Chuck Schumer of New York called passing the TPP a “tough lift,” or a difficult effort.(8)
民主党在参议院也曾表示关注。查克 · 舒默的纽约叫传球 TPP"艰难升降机"或困难的努力。

Dick Durbin of Illinois pointed to the lack of support for the agreement among the candidates for president.(9)
伊利诺伊州迪克 · 德宾指出缺乏支持的总统候选人之间达成的协议。

“When you have the three leading presidential candidates of both parties opposing TPP, it’s an indication that political sentiment is not in favor of the agreement,” said Durbin.(10)
他说:"当你有双方反对 TPP 三个领先的总统候选人时,这是政治的情感是不支持协定 》 的迹象"。

Democratic Party candidates Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, and Republican Party candidate Donald Trump, have said they oppose the TPP trade deal.(11)
民主党候选人希拉里 · 克林顿和伯尼 · 桑德斯和共和党候选人唐纳德 · 特朗普,说他们反对 TPP 的贸易协议。

Some labor unions, environment groups and human-rights groups also strongly oppose the deal.(12)
一些工会、 环保团体和人权团体也强烈反对这项交易。

Details Still an Issue for Some Supporters(13)

The TPP was created to reduce import taxes, such as tariffs, which are considered barriers to trade.(14)
TPP 被为了降低进口关税,关税,被认为是贸易壁垒等。

It also puts in place rules for trade and enforcement. Partners include Japan, Canada, Australia, Mexico and Vietnam.(15)
它还使制订规则,贸易和执法。合作伙伴包括日本、 加拿大、 澳大利亚、 墨西哥和越南。

The 12 countries that signed the agreement make up about 40 percent of the world’s economy.(16)
12 个国家签署协议 》 占约 40%的世界经济。

American business groups support the agreement.(17)
美国商业团体支持协定 》。

Democratic Senator Mark Warner of Virginia supports the TPP.(18)
弗吉尼亚州的民主党参议员马克华纳支持 TPP。

“There are winners and losers in every trade deal,” he said.(19)

Many problems linked to trade with China, such as job losses, have already taken place, he said.(20)

The TPP, he noted, does not deal with China trade.(21)

Supporters of the TPP want Congress to vote on the agreement after the November elections.(22)
TPP 的支持者希望国会进行表决 11 月选举后协议。

That is a possibility, according to Republican Senator Orrin Hatch of Utah. But Hatch is unsure about the TPP.(23)
这是一种可能性,犹他州共和党参议员奥林 · 哈奇。但是,舱口还在犹豫,TPP。

He said, “I think Republicans do want to support it, but there need to be some changes.”(24)

Hatch is not happy about the length of time U.S. companies would keep exclusive rights to their drug and biological products.(25)

These include drugs and genetically engineered products.(26)

“The most problematic area is the data exclusivity provision of only five years,” the Senator said.(27)

“We need to solve some of these problems, but I think they are solvable,” he added.(28)

Partner nations signed the TPP in February in New Zealand after seven years of negotiations.(29)
伙伴国签署 TPP 二月份在新西兰经过七年的谈判。

I’m Mario Ritter.(30)

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