What Parents Can Do to Help Prevent Dating Abuse
2012-07-24 23:40:47

This is the VOA Special English Health Report.(1)

Today we take another look at teaching young people how to build healthy relationships. Last week we told you about a new study in the United States.(2)

Fifteen percent of seventh graders in that study said they had experienced physical violence in a relationship with the opposite sex. Seventh graders are about twelve years old.(3)

Concerns about dating abuse at such a young age are leading to new programs to teach eleven to fourteen-year-olds about healthy relationships.(4)

The northwestern state of Idaho has had a program for the last few years called Start Strong Idaho.(5)

Director Kelly Miller says healthy relationships depend on open, honest communication  and that starts with communication between children and parents.(6)
署长凯利 · 米勒说健康关系取决于开放、 诚实的沟通,这始儿童与家长之间的沟通。

KELLY MILLER: "We need to connect with parents so parents understand that they are critical in terms of helping young people understand healthy relationships."(7)
KELLY MILLER:我们需要要连接和父母一起,使父母明白他们是关键的帮助年轻人了解健康的关系。

Ms. Miller advises parents to talk with their children anytime they can.(8)
Miller 女士向父母与子女交谈,他们可以随时提供意见。

Parent-child communication may not always prevent an abusive relationship between teenagers or preteens. But experts say it can reduce the risk.(9)

Seventy-five percent of students in the study said they talk to their parents about the issue of dating violence.(10)

A good time to have a conversation about a difficult issue is during a family meal or after watching a movie or television show together.(11)

Kelly Miller says young people need rules and boundaries.(12)
凯利 · 米勒说: 年轻人需要规则和边界。

They also need the skills to be able to resist pressure to be on the phone all the time or to text when they should be sleeping.(13)

The Start Strong Idaho website offers some advice.(14)

For instance, watch out for these signs that a phone could be part of an abusive relationship: Feeling like you have to answer text messages or calls right away.(15)
例如,提防这些迹象显示手机可能被滥用的关系的一部分: 感觉像你首先要回答的文本消息或马上调用。

Feeling like the texts you receive have gone from caring to controlling. Being pressured to constantly be on your phone, even when you are with friends.(16)

And being pressured to send sexual texts or pictures.(17)

Kelly Miller also tells young people not to write anything on Facebook that they would not want their parents or other family members to see.(18)
凯利 · 米勒还告诉年轻人不写任何东西在他们不想他们的父母或其他家庭成员看到的 Facebook 上。

And she reminds them that there is no need to accept friend requests from strangers or to give your phone number to someone you don't know.(19)

Start Strong Idaho holds separate workshops for parents and teens and also brings the two groups together.(20)

Kelly Miller says, during these meetings, families often learn things they never knew about each other.(21)
凯利 · 米勒说,在这些会议上,家庭往往学习他们永远也不知道对方的事情。

KELLY MILLER: "One mom came up and said 'I'm so thankful there was this workshop tonight because I found out my son not only was dating but currently has two girlfriends at the same time and didn’t understand the problem with that.'"(22)
KELLY MILLER:' 一个妈妈走过来,说: ' 我很感激有此研讨会今晚因为发现我的儿子不只在但当前约会在同一时间有两个女朋友,不懂的问题。 '

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