In Eastern DRC, Ex-Fighters Make a New Life With Coffee
2012-11-05 23:09:19

From VOA Learning English, this is the Agriculture Report in Special English.(1)

A cooperative in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo is giving Congolese coffee exports a fresh start. The co-op is trying to do the same for former rebels and soldiers.(2)

They are being encouraged to make a better and safer living from coffee.(3)

The co-op is called Sopacdi. Its headquarters are in Minova, a fast-growing town along Lake Kivu. Many people trying to escape conflict have moved there.(4)
合作社被调用 Sopacdi。其总部设在米诺瓦,快速增长沿基伍湖镇。很多人试图逃避冲突已经移到了这里。

The co-op began in two thousand three. Last year Sopacdi began selling coffee in British stores.(5)
合作社开始两一千三中。去年 Sopacdi 开始卖咖啡在英国的商店。

It had help from a British nongovernmental organization called TWIN and the British development agency.(6)

TWIN helps producers in developing countries sell to supermarket operators in the West.(7)

Joachim Munganga is the president of the co-op. He says getting a "fair trade" certificate for Congolese coffee took two years.(8)
约阿希姆 · 蒙是合作社的主席。他说:"公平贸易"证书获取刚果咖啡花了两年。

The group had to meet requirements involving respect for the environment and workers’ contracts.(9)

This year the co-op won an organic certificate and it now has seven buyers in Europe, the United States and Japan.(10)
今年合作社荣获有机证书,它现在已经在欧洲、 美国和日本的七个买家。

The purpose of the co-op is not simply to produce coffee. Joachim Munganga says the founders of Sopacdi were trying to find ways to help resolve ethnic conflicts in the area.(11)
不只是合作社的目的是要生产咖啡。约阿希姆 · 蒙说,Sopacdi 的创始人试图找到办法来帮助解决地区的种族冲突。

So they brought coffee producers together and persuaded them to form a co-op.(12)

Members of rival ethnic communities now work together at the co-op’s different offices. Sopacdi has three thousand six hundred members. They all work for themselves.(13)
竞争对手的族裔社区成员现在在 co op 不同办事处一起工作。Sopacdi 有 3 千 6 百名成员。他们都为自己工作。

But they also work together to elect leaders and promote common interests.(14)

John Buchugwazi is one of the leaders of the co-op.(15)
John Buchugwazi 是合作社的领导人之一。

He says the co-op has shown its members how to get better yields and improve quality.(16)
他说: 合作表明了其成员如何获得更好的收益率和提高质量。

Coffee growers also needed better access to markets. Smugglers were taking most of the coffee from the area at night across Lake Kivu to Rwanda.(17)

Many of the smugglers drowned in the sudden storms that develop on the lake.(18)

With the co-op, there are trucks that take the coffee to Sopacdi's own washing station.(19)
与合作,有到 Sopacdi 自己清洗站喝咖啡的卡车。

There a machine depulps the coffee berries that contain the beans -- in other words, removes the outer flesh.(20)
那里一台机器 depulps 咖啡浆果,包含豆 — — 换句话说,删除外部的肉。

Doing this process by hand takes a long time and can mean a loss of freshness.(21)

About one hundred sixty people work at the washing station. Many were fighters.(22)

This former rebel says he is very happy with his new job. He now spends his nights in a house, instead of sleeping in the forest.(23)

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