Final Vote Nears on Conserving Sharks
2013-03-11 15:06:05

Shark fin soup is a delicacy in Asia. But its popularity is helping to decimate shark populations.(1)

However, governments voted Monday (today) to protect five species of the predators. Preliminary approval came at a U.N. meeting on wildlife trade in Bangkok, Thailand.(2)
但是,各国政府投票星期一 (今天) 保护五个物种的食肉动物。初步核准在联合国会议上就在泰国曼谷举行的野生动植物贸易。

Conservationists having been trying for years to protect sharks.(3)

Success finally came at this year’s meeting of CITES -- the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora.(4)
成功终于在今年的会议上的濒危物种公约 — — 濒危野生动植物种国际贸易公约。

Governments also voted to protect two species of manta rays, as well. Final approval is expected Thursday, the last day of the meeting.(5)

“We are quietly confident that that vote will now be the end of it.(6)

It was a very successful day as far as these shark species go and the manta rays with quite overwhelming votes on all of them, said,” said Glenn Sant, global marine program leader for TRAFFIC, an NGO concerned with biodiversity conservation and sustainable development.(7)
这是一个非常成功的日子,作为这些鲨鱼物种和以压倒多数的挺鲾鲼票对他们所有人说,"说格伦 · 桑特,全球海洋方案领导者的交通,非政府组织关注与生物多样性保护和可持续发展。

Any opponents of protecting the sharks have one last chance to change minds at the meeting’s final plenary session.(8)

The five species that received at least two-thirds approval are the Oceanic Whitetip, Scalloped Hammerhead, Great Hammerhead, Smooth Hammerhead and Porbeagle.(9)
五的物种,收到至少三分之二批准是白鳍、 路氏双髻鲨、 大锤头、 顺利锤头鲨。

The manta rays include one species that lives near reefs and another that’s migratory.(10)

Sant said that sharks are “particularly vulnerable to over exploitation.”(11)

“They live many years. They have few young. They’re an important part of the ecosystem because they sit at the top of major predators in the ecosystem.(12)

So when you start removing too many of these top order predators you get an imbalance in the ecosystem.(13)

When we start removing too many of these individual sharks we’ve seen huge crashes in their populations.(14)

In Thailand there were discussions about some of these populations being reduced by over 90 percent.”(15)
在泰国有不讨论一下这些人口正在减少了 90%以上。

Conservationists say many times when sharks are caught, they have their fins cut off and are then thrown back into the sea to die.(16)

The manta rays are prized for their gills, which are also used as a food delicacy. Proposals to protect sharks were first introduced at a 1994 CITES meeting in the U.S..(17)
鲾鲼被寄予厚望,为他们的鳃里,也被用作食物美味佳肴。在 1994 年在美国的濒危物种公约 》 会议上首次提出建议,要保护鲨鱼。

Sant said, “I must say though it is a bit of a bittersweet win today.(18)

You know, it’s sad that we’ve had to get to the point where some of these shark populations have been reduced to such levels that we then only give attention to them.”(19)

If final approval is given, the sharks and rays would be included under Appendix II of CITES. It is not a total ban. Appendix II does allow commercial trade.(20)
如果给出最终批准,鲨鱼和鳐鱼将列入附录 II 的援引。它不是全面禁止。附录二不会允许商业的贸易。

But countries involved in such trade must do two things. They have to prove that the sharks and rays were, one, legally caught and, two, sustainably caught.(21)

“It means now that these shark populations will undergo much great scrutiny before they’re allowed to be traded internationally,” said Sant.(22)

The CITES meeting also gave preliminary approval to giving greater protection to the Freshwater Sawfish.(23)

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