Settlements, Recalls Announced For Volkswagen and Toyota
2016-06-29 20:36:31

Volkswagen’s emissions cheating will cost the company at least $15 billion in the United States alone.(1)
作弊的大众汽车的排放量将公司损失至少 $ 150 亿美国独自。

On Tuesday, the U.S. Department of Justice announced that Volkswagen would make the largest-ever automobile buy-back offer in U.S. history.(2)

Reports that Volkswagen had cheated on emissions tests in the U.S. first came out late last year.(3)

Investigators found that the German automaker had installed software in its vehicles that produced false test results.(4)

It would reduce the cars' pollution levels during testing.(5)

So, the vehicles would wrongly pass U.S. pollution tests.(6)

Owners of about 500,000 Volkswagen automobiles in the U.S. will now be able to sell their vehicles back to the company for a fair price.(7)
约 500,000 的大众汽车在美国的业主现在能够把他们的车辆卖回给公司为一个公平的价格。

The owners will also be paid up to $10,000 each.(8)
业主也将支付高达 10,000 美元。

The car maker will also pay about $5 billion for U.S. programs that promote no-emission vehicles and reduce air pollution in general.(9)
汽车制造商也将支付约 $ 50 亿美国项目促进 no 的排放车辆和一般减少空气污染。

The Volkswagen cars involved created 40 times more pollution than is permitted in most U.S. states.(10)
大众汽车涉及创建 40 倍更多的污染,比在美国的大多数州允许的。

The scandal affected 11 million vehicles worldwide.(11)
这件丑闻影响全球 1100 万辆。

Volkswagen must repair or buy 85 percent of the cars by June 2019 or else it will face more punishment.(12)
大众必须修复或 2019 年 6 月买 85%的汽车,否则它将面临更多处罚。

The settlement resolves the largest class-action lawsuit in U.S. automotive history.(13)

But the legal process is not yet over. Volkswagen and the Department of Justice have not decided what to do about the 85,000 other VW vehicles under investigation.(14)
但法律过程还没有结束。大众汽车公司和司法部门还没有决定怎么办 85,000 其他大众汽车正在调查。

Volkswagen also produces cars sold under the Audi and Porsche brands in the U.S.(15)

Environmental Protection Agency administrator Gina McCarthy said the most important thing is “getting VW’s vehicles off the road.”(16)

In a statement posted on its website, Volkswagen said the settlement is not an admission of liability.(17)

In other automotive news, the Japanese car company Toyota Motor Corporation announced a recall of over 3 million vehicles.(18)
其他汽车的消息,日本汽车公司丰田汽车公司宣布召回超过 300 万辆。

Toyota says some cars have faulty airbags and failing emissions control units.(19)

The cars under recall are the Prius, Corolla and Lexus CT200h models produced as long ago as 2006.(20)
根据召回汽车是产生如早在 2006年的普锐斯、 花冠和雷克萨斯 CT200h 模型。

The recall is not linked to the Takata company.(21)

Takata is an airbag supplier responsible for recent recalls by many car companies.(22)

Airbag problems have affected over 100 million vehicles around the world.(23)
安全气囊问题已影响世界各地的超过 1 亿辆。

I’m Anne Ball.(24)

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