News Wrap: Released from jail, Kim Davis attends rally
2015-09-08 22:50:47

GWEN IFILL: The human drama engulfing Europe showed no sign of ending today.(1)
GWEN IFILL:席卷欧洲的人类戏剧没有表现出丝毫的今天结束。

Instead, the divide deepened, between rich and poor nations, over how to handle the crisis.(2)

And there was new trouble in southern Hungary as throngs of people tried to cross from Serbia.(3)

We will have a report from the scene after the news summary.(4)

A county clerk in Kentucky was released today after five days in jail for refusing to issue marriage licenses for same-sex couples.(5)

The federal judge who’d jailed Kim Davis for contempt of court ordered her released.(6)
曾因藐视法庭被判入狱金 Davis 的联邦法官下令对她予以释放。

He warned her not to stop her deputies from giving out licenses.(7)

Later, Davis appeared at a rally outside the jail, with hundreds of supporters and Republican presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee.(8)
后来,Davis 出现在监狱里,数百名支持者和共和党总统希望迈克 · 哈克比外进行集会。

KIM DAVIS, Rowan County Clerk: We serve a living God who knows where exactly each and every one of us is at.(9)
KIM DAVIS, Rowan County Clerk:我们服务于永活的神,知道在确切地每一个人在哪里。

Just keep on pressing, don’t let down, because he is here. He is worthy. He is worthy. I love you guys. Thank you so much.(10)

GWEN IFILL: Another Republican presidential candidate, Ted Cruz, also visited Davis today.(11)
GWEN IFILL:另一位共和党总统候选人,克鲁兹,今天还参观了 Davis。

Hillary Clinton now says she is sorry about using a private e-mail account as secretary of state.(12)
现在希拉里 · 克林顿说她很抱歉关于使用私人电子邮件帐户作为国务秘书。

She made the statement today in an interview with ABC News.(13)
她今天在与 ABC 新闻采访中发表声明。

HILLARY RODHAM CLINTON Democratic Presidential Candidate: That was a mistake.(14)
HILLARY RODHAM CLINTON Democratic Presidential Candidate:这是一个错误。

And I’m sorry about that. I take responsibility. And I’m trying to be as transparent as I possibly can.(15)

GWEN IFILL: Clinton had declined to apologize in two other interviews since Friday.(16)
GWEN IFILL:克林顿拒绝道歉自上周五以来在两个其他公司的面试。

A Kansas jury is recommending the death penalty for a white supremacist who attacked Jewish sites last year.(17)

Frazier Glenn Miller shot and killed three people and said he wanted to kill Jews.(18)
弗雷泽格伦 · 米勒枪击造成 3 人死亡和说他想要杀犹太人。

But it turned out that none of the victims was Jewish.(19)

In a court today, Miller told the jury he didn’t care what they decided, and he gave the Nazi salute.(20)

Wall Street bounced back today for one of its biggest gains of the year.(21)

The Dow Jones industrial average was up 390 points to close above 16490. The Nasdaq rose 128 points, and the S&P 500 added 48.(22)
道琼斯工业平均指数指数上升 390 点,收于 16490 点以上。纳斯达克指数上升 128 点和 S & P 500 添加 48。

The government of Turkey sent military forces into Northern Iraq today for the first time in four years, chasing Kurdish rebels.(23)

It followed attacks by so-called PKK militants that killed at least 31 soldiers and police since Sunday.(24)
它紧接着自上周日以来杀死至少 31 名士兵和警察的所谓库尔德工人党武装的攻击。

A military ceremony was held today for 16 police officers who died in a roadside bombing.(25)
军事仪式今天举行,16 名警察死于路边炸弹。

And in Ankara, president Recep Tayyip Erdogan defended his government’s efforts.(26)

PRESIDENT RECEP TAYYIP ERDOGAN, Turkey (through interpreter): We have tried so much and will keep trying to prevent this pain,(27)
主席雷杰埃尔多安、 土耳其 (通过翻译): 我们试过这么多并将继续努力防止这种痛苦,

and the pain of mothers, fathers, wives, siblings and loved ones.(28)
和母亲、 父亲、 妻子、 兄弟姐妹和亲人的痛苦。

But the terror organization has shut the doors to the desired peace process through choosing weapons, violence, oppression and bloodshed.(29)
但恐怖组织已经通过选择武器、 暴力、 压迫和流血的期望的和平进程关闭门。

GWEN IFILL: Turkey’s air force also launched heavy new strikes on PKK bases involving more than 50 planes.(30)
GWEN IFILL:土耳其空军还推出了重新一轮空袭库尔德工人党基地涉及超过 50 架飞机。

A huge sandstorm blew across the Middle East today, blanketing cities and roadways, from Egypt to Jordan.(31)
一场巨大的沙尘暴吹了整个中东地区今天,铺天盖地的城市和道路,从埃及到 Jordan。

Low visibility slowed commutes in Lebanon, where the storm killed at least two people and sent hundreds to hospitals with breathing problems.(32)

The storm even forced Syria’s military to call off airstrikes on rebel positions.(33)

Iran’s president, Hassan Rouhani, now says his country is open to talks with the United States and Saudi Arabia on ending the civil war in Syria.(34)
伊朗总统,Hassan 哈尼,现在说他的国家是开放在叙利亚内战结束与美国和沙特阿拉伯会谈。

In Tehran, Rouhani spoke today during a news conference with the visiting president of Austria.(35)

PRESIDENT HASSAN ROUHANI, Iran (through interpreter): Iran will sit down at any table if it sees that a secure, stable, and democratic future for Syria will be the end result of negotiations.(36)
PRESIDENT HASSAN ROUHANI, Iran (through interpreter):如果它看到一个安全、 稳定和民主的未来,为叙利亚将谈判的最终结果,伊朗将坐下来在任何表。

What is also important is for those Syrians who have been made refugees to return home.(37)

If one day, Syria is more secure, that will be in the interest of the whole region and the world.(38)

GWEN IFILL: Iran has been a leading supporter of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.(39)
GWEN IFILL:伊朗一直领先叙利亚总统巴沙尔 · 阿萨德的支持者。

Pope Francis announced a much simpler path today for the Catholic Church to annul marriages.(40)
教皇 Francis 宣布今天为天主教教会废除婚姻多简单的路径。

Now there will be a fast-track option: If both spouses request an annulment, a bishop can grant it directly.(41)
Now there will be a fast-track option:如果配偶双方要求解除婚约,主教可以直接授予。

Annulments are required if a Roman Catholic wants to remarry in the church and continue to receive communion.(42)

Back in this country, the family of Freddie Gray reached a settlement with the city of Baltimore for $6.4 million.(43)
早在这个国家,房地美灰色家庭与达成和解巴尔的摩市为 $ 640 万。

The 25-year-old died after being critically injured in police custody last April.(44)
今年 25 岁警察拘留中严重受伤去年 4 月后死亡。

His death sparked protests and rioting. Six Baltimore police officers face criminal charges in the case.(45)

The head of United Airlines has resigned over his dealings with the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey.(46)

Jeff Smisek and two other senior executives stepped down today.(47)

A federal grand jury is investigating whether United scheduled flights to benefit the Port Authority’s former chairman.(48)

And some family news. Veteran pollster Andrew Kohut died early today of leukemia.(49)

He led the Gallup Organization for 10 years and was founding director of the Pew Research Center.(50)
他带领 10 年盖洛普组织和成立皮尤研究中心主任。

Starting in 1982, Andy was also a frequent guest on this program, explaining the public mood and political trends.(51)
在 1982 年开始,Andy 也是常客上这个节目,解释公众情绪和政治趋势。

He continued in that role for more than 30 years. Andy Kohut was 73 years old.(52)
他继续进行了超过 30 年的这一作用。Andy 科胡特是 73 岁。

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