Big trucks lose weight, gain greater efficiency for Detroit Auto Show
2014-01-16 21:38:00

HARI SREENIVASAN: Some further thoughts about the state of the industry and what the auto show reflects about that.(1)
HARI SREENIVASAN:业的状态和自动显示有关,反映了一些进一步思考。

Dan Neil is the auto columnist for The Wall Street Journal. He attended the show in Detroit earlier this week.(2)

And Karl Brauer is a senior director at Kelley Blue Book, a company widely known for its research and data about pricing and reviews.(3)

So, Dan, let me start with you. What were your impressions from the floor?(4)

DAN NEIL, The Wall Street Journal: Well, it would appear that Detroit is getting the band back together again.(5)
DAN NEIL, The Wall Street Journal:嗯,这样看来底特律带一块回去再。

The sort of the conditions of the mid-2000s bubble is there in force. There's a lot of focus on big trucks, big SUVs.(6)
条件的本世纪气泡排序是有在部队中。有很多精力放在大卡车上大的 Suv。

The new Escalade was there, the new Cadillac Coupe. Cadillac has had a great year.(7)

So, and a lot of the conditions are reoccurring. There is a lot of cheap money out there, a lot of incentives. And there's moderate fuel price pressures.(8)

And, most of all, you have got these manufacturing with these very intense volume-driven business plans that is sort of kicking this all over.(9)

HARI SREENIVASAN: So, do you detect a sort of confidence in the industry right now?(10)
HARI SREENIVASAN:所以,做您检测到一种信心的行业现在吗?

I mean, this is one of the first years that the U.S. government is really out of Chrysler and GM.(11)

DAN NEIL: Yes, you could call it confidence. You could call it pernicious amnesia.(12)
DAN NEIL:是的你可以叫它的信心。你可以叫它有害的健忘症。

You know, the -- it is a little eerie to walk through the show and see so much of the same film we saw six or seven years ago.(13)
你知道,这个有点阴森步行通过展示,并看到如此多的我们看到六、 七年前的同一部影片。

And part of that is the nature of the automobile industry itself. It is based on growth. It's capital-intensive. You have to put, you know, factories in the ground.(14)

So you're always a little bit out over your skies. And the other thing, it has to be said, the U.S. market is intensely competitive.(15)

It's one of the -- it's the most stable automobile market on the face of the planet. And so everybody wants to play.(16)
它是之一 — — 它是世界上最稳定的汽车市场。于是,每个人都想玩。

HARI SREENIVASAN: All right, Karl Brauer, I want to ask you, there was such a push a few years ago about these small vehicles, these more efficient vehicles. And here we are rolling out trucks.(17)
HARI SREENIVASAN:好吧,卡尔 Brauer,我想问你,有了这种推几年前关于这些小型车辆,这些效率更高。并在这里我们正在推出的卡车。

They might be lighter, but they're still big trucks.(18)

KARL BRAUER, Kelley Blue Book: Yes. Well, what has happened is we have got technology now that is making trucks and SUVs get the kind of mileage that economy cars used to get.(19)
KARL BRAUER, Kelley Blue Book:是。很好,发生了什么事是我们的技术现在,使卡车和 Suv 得到的里程数种用于获取的经济型轿车。

I think that is one of the things that you have to keep in mind when you look at the horsepower numbers and the performance numbers these cars are getting.(20)

They are doing it in spite of or in addition to meeting the government standards that are rapidly increasing the fuel efficiency that these cars have to acquire.(21)

We have to go up by about 10 MPG in the next 10 years to meet those standards on average. Every car has got to be about one MPG -- or 10 MPG better. And we did that last year.(22)
我们要在未来的 10 年平均达到那些标准由约 10 MPG 上去了。每一辆车得有约一个 MPG — — 或 10 MPG 更好。我们做了那最后一年。

The average car sold in this country was -- I think 24.8 was the average MPG, and it was 23.8 one year ago.(23)
卖了在这个国家的平均车是--我认为 24.8 是平均 MPG,而它是 23.8 一年前。

So, even though we saw a lot of performance cars, like Dan said there, a lot of them are niche cars or even concept cars.(24)

The volume vehicles out there, they are getting better and better mileage because of the technology that's under the hoods of all these new vehicles.(25)

HARI SREENIVASAN: Karl, staying with you for a second, what about the alternative fuel vehicles that we heard so much more about? Is the Chevy Volt or the Tesla the exception and not the rule?(26)
HARI SREENIVASAN:卡尔,约的替代燃料汽车,我们听到更多关于住在一起你第二次,什么?是雪佛兰 Volt 还是特斯拉的异常并不是规则吗?

KARL BRAUER: You know, it still basically is. You know, we did see some growth in the hybrid market this year, largely because Ford put out models in the last 12 months that did quite well.(27)
KARL BRAUER:你知道,它基本上仍然是。你知道,我们做了一些在看到增长混合动力市场,今年,很大程度上是因为福特把模型在过去 12 个月,表现相当好。

But when you put all the alternative vehicles together, including the electric, the hybrid and the diesel, you are still less than 4 percent of the total market.(28)
但当你把所有的替代车辆在一起,包括电动、 混合动力车和柴油,你仍小于 4%的总的市场。

And it really was interesting to walk through the show and look through the show this year and see almost nothing talking about, you know, alternative super-high-fuel-efficiency technologies.(29)

It was really more about performance and capability.(30)

HARI SREENIVASAN: Dan, I almost heard more about alternative fuels at the Consumer Electronics Show news than here.(31)
HARI SREENIVASAN:丹,我几乎都听到更多有关在消费电子产品展新闻比这里的替代燃料。

What is it with all the sports cars that are being announced today, not just the Corvette, but Subaru, BMW? All these guys are putting out very high-performance vehicles now.(32)
什么是它与所有跑车正在宣布今天,不只是轻武装快舰,但斯巴鲁、 宝马吗?所有这些人都现在推出性能非常高的车辆。

DAN NEIL: Yes, well, you know, people who buy sports cars are interested in bench-raising, which is comparing the numerical values in the owner's manual and bragging about them.(33)
DAN NEIL:是的很好,你知道,人谁买的体育汽车感兴趣板凳提高,这比较中所有者的手册和吹嘘他们的数值。

But let me offer a corrective here. The Ford F-150 is being built out of aluminum.(34)
但让我提供纠正这里。福特 F-150 正在建造出铝。

This is a radical and risky step forward for the company that makes the most popular vehicle in America for 32 years running.(35)
这是激进和危险步向前,连续 32 年在美国制造的最常用工具的公司。

I mean, they sold three-quarters-of-a-million of these trucks last year. They are going to make it out of aluminum.(36)
去年他们卖出三-quarters 的-百万,这些卡车的意思。他们打算让它出铝。

And it's going to save, on average, they estimate three miles per gallon.(37)

Doesn't sound like a lot, but when you lay the big multiplier in of three-quarters-of-a-million vehicles and the hundreds of thousands of miles driven,(38)

the Ford F-150 will save more real-world gas than, certainly, you know, Tesla or the Volt, as admirable vehicles as they are.(39)
福特 F-150 会救更多真实世界天然气比,当然,你知道,特斯拉或伏,令人敬佩的车辆作为他们正。

HARI SREENIVASAN: All right, Dan, also, it seemed like there were more models announced this year. It seemed like there is an option at every price point.(40)
HARI SREENIVASAN:好吧,丹,似乎也像那里了今年公布更多车型。好像有一个选项在每个价格点。

DAN NEIL: Yes. Yes, absolutely. And that is another thing. I mean, it is a year of interlopers.(41)
DAN NEIL:是。是的绝对。而这是另一回事。它是一年的闯入者。

Take, for example, German premium luxury manufacturers, BMW, Audi, Mercedes-Benz. They're all going down-market, Mercedes C and CLA.(42)
以为例,德国高端奢侈品制造商、 宝马、 奥迪、 梅赛德斯-奔驰。他们都要下调,奔驰 C 和共轭亚油酸。

BMW introduced the 2, which is a two-door, between the 1 and now the 4. So -- and you have this hyper-fractionizing of the segments.(43)
宝马推出 2,这是一个两门 1 和现在 4 之间。所以 — —,你有这个超-fractionizing 段。

Audi has the Q3, which is the cute SUV. Porsche is really bringing a very tiny SUV to market called the Porsche Macan.(44)
奥迪 Q3 将有是可爱 SUV。保时捷真的带一个很小的 SUV 去叫保时捷 Macan 的市场。

So the Germans are coming after the territory now occupied by Honda and Hyundai. And so that is a big change. And they're coloring in all the white space.(45)

HARI SREENIVASAN: Karl, let's think a little bit about this on a kind of a macroeconomics picture.(46)
HARI SREENIVASAN:卡尔,有点让我们想想这一类的宏观经济学的图片。

With what Dan said, with money being cheap, with these long loans, are we getting into a possible trap here where people are maybe buying more than they can afford in terms of cars?(47)

KARL BRAUER: Well, so far, the numbers are still looking pretty good in terms of, you know, the amount of loans that are out there, how high they are, how many are being defaulted on.(48)
KARL BRAUER:到目前为止,数字的角度看仍然很不错,你知道,在那里,他们有多高,有多少被拖欠的贷款总额。

Right now, everything still looks fine in terms of the availability of credit.(49)

But what is really fabulous is that we're seeing an increase in transaction price across all these sales, all these new vehicle sales that are going on, and a decrease, relatively speaking, in incentives.(50)

So when you have the manufacturers not cutting prices and also selling as many or more cars at higher prices, what you are left with is good profitability.(51)

And don't forget that when that restructuring occurred with the domestics a few years ago, the idea was to make them so they could be profitable, restructure their companies to be profitable at 10 million annual industry sales.(52)
别忘了这种调整发生时与家仆几年前,想法是让他们,这样他们就能盈利,重组他们的公司能在 1000 万年度行业销售盈利。

And we hit 15.6 last year. And we're going hit probably something like 16.3 this year. So, so far, at least, everything is really looking good in terms of profitability.(53)
我们打 15.6 最后一年。我们可能有点像 16.3 命中这一年。所以,到目前为止,至少,一切都真的挺好的盈利能力。

HARI SREENIVASAN: All right, Karl Brauer from Kelley Blue Book and Dan Neil from The Wall Street Journal, thanks so much.(54)
HARI SREENIVASAN:好吧,卡尔布鲁尔从凯利蓝皮书和丹尼尔从华尔街日报,非常感谢。

DAN NEIL: Thank you.(55)

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