Variety of New Music Collections Released for Holidays
2013-12-18 19:51:38

Every holiday season brings the release of new music collections and 2013 is not different.(1)
每个假期带来了新的音乐收藏的释放和 2013年不是不同。

“A Mary Christmas,” is Mary J. Blige’s first holiday release and home to a dozen pop standards, including a jazzy version of “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.”(2)
"玛丽圣诞,"是玛丽 · 布莱姬第一次假日释放和十几个流行的标准,包括"红鼻子驯鹿鲁道夫"爵士版首页。

But Blige doesn’t just scat and swing her way through this collection of holiday classics.(3)

There is also some smooth singing on a duet with Barbra Streisand on “When You Wish Upon A Star,” featuring trumpeter Chris Botti.(4)
也有一些顺利唱歌上二重唱与芭芭拉史翠珊上"当你希望后 A 星"特色小号手精选的。

Jewel’s first holiday album, “Joy,” came out in 1999 and has sold over a million copies. She says her new one, “Let It Snow,” has the same spirit as the first.(5)
珠宝的第一个假日册页,"欢乐,"出来了在 1999 年,已经销售了 100 万册。她说她的新欢,"让它雪,"有同样的精神作为第一次。

There are two original songs on the new collection, with the covers including “Silver Bells,” and “Sleigh Ride.”(6)

There’s a lilting waltz or two, and Vince Gill adds his electric guitar to a country-rock take on “White Christmas.”(7)
有抑扬顿挫的华尔兹或两个,和 Vince Gill 将他的电吉他添加到围岩带上"白色圣诞"。

The title track finds Jewel rocking a bit more than you might expect.(8)

Johnny Mathis is back with his first holiday collection in years -- it’s called “Sending You A Little Christmas.”(9)
约翰尼 · 马西斯是回与他第一次的假期收集几年 — — 它被称为"送你一把小小圣诞."

The 78-year old crooner sings with a number of special guests on this one, including Susan Boyle, Billy Joel, and Gloria Estefan.(10)
78 年的老民谣歌手唱得特别客人介绍,这其中包括苏珊 · 博伊尔、 比利 · 乔尔和萝莉数目。

His song with pianist Jim Brickman, “Sending You A Little Christmas” is a record breaker of sorts -- it’s Mathis’s 50th song to make it on to the Billboard AC chart.(11)
他与钢琴家吉姆烧烤店"发送你有点圣诞节"的歌是破纪录的排序--它是马西斯的 50 首歌,把它的广告牌交流图表。

Only five other artists have hit that mark -- Elton John, Barbra Streisand, Neil Diamond, Elvis, and Barry Manilow.(12)
只有五个其他艺术家有击中那标记 — — 埃尔顿 · 约翰、 芭芭拉史翠珊、 尼尔 · 戴蒙、 猫王、 和巴里奏乐。

Kelly Clarkson’s “Wrapped in Red” has a couple of originals mixed in with holiday favorites like “Blue Christmas,” “Run Run Rudolph” and “Please Come Home for Christmas.”(13)

There’s also a duet with country star Ronnie Dunn on “Baby, It’s Cold Outside.” But the highlight is the closing track, “Silent Night.”(14)

Joining Clarkson is her mother-in-law Reba McEntire along with Trisha Yearwood, and the trio ends the tune singing the last verse “a capella.”(15)

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