Facebook Update Deals with Fake News Problem
2017-03-08 22:05:03

When you see a news story in your Facebook News Feed, you might assume that it is true. So, perhaps, you share it.(1)
当你看到一个新闻故事在你 Facebook News Feed 时,你可能会假定这是真的。所以,也许,你分享它。

But what if the story was false, or fake? Through a simple mistake, you might be spreading information that is untrue.(2)

Facebook has started a program to battle the spread of fake news.(3)
Facebook 已经开始战斗的假新闻传播的程序。

The program alerts Facebook users when independent fact checkers have disputed the truth of a news story.(4)
该程序向 Facebook 用户发出警报,当独立事实跳棋有有争议的新闻故事的真实性。

Facebook also has made it easier for its users to dispute a news story.(5)
Facebook 也使得其用户争议新闻故事更容易。

A video from Facebook introduces the new update Facebook is launching for noting fake news.(6)
从 Facebook 的视频介绍了 Facebook 发起为注意到假新闻的新更新。

The video was released in December, when Facebook first announced it was testing this ‘fake news’ program.(7)
视频被公布在 12 月,当 Facebook 首次宣布这次测试这个虚假新闻节目。

The program for dealing with fake news has four parts. Each one is supposed to help users identify when a shared news report is not true.(8)

Marking Stories as Disputed(9)

Facebook has started to work with independent fact-checking organizations to find out whether a disputed story is true or false.(10)
Facebook 已经开始工作与独立的事实核查组织,要找出一个有争议的故事是否真实或虚假。

These groups have promised to verify news stories using the Poynter Organization International Fact Checking Network ethical guidelines.(11)

When these fact checkers dispute the truth of a story, Facebook will not block the story from News Feeds. Instead, the site will flag the story as under dispute.(12)
当这些事实跳棋争议故事的真实性时,Facebook 将不会阻止从新闻故事。相反,该网站会根据争端国旗故事。

A link to an explanation about why a story is disputed will be included. Click on the three dots […] next to the story to find the link.(13)
将包含链接到有关为什么故事有争议的解释。单击三个点 [......] 故事可以找到那链接。

Here is what Facebook says:(14)
Here is what Facebook says:

"To see why a news story was marked as disputed on Facebook:(15)
"To see why a news story was marked as disputed on Facebook:

Hover and click underneath the disputed story.(16)

Click 'About Disputed Stories,' or go directly to the independent fact-checking website."(17)

Facebook may also put disputed stories lower in News Feeds.(18)
Facebook 也可以把有争议的故事低新闻。

You can share a story that has been flagged as disputed, but you will get a warning about it from Facebook.(19)
你可以分享一个故事,已被标记为有争议,但是你会从 Facebook 得到有关它的警告。

Easier Reporting That a Story on Facebook Is Fake(20)
更容易报告,在 Facebook 上的故事假的

Facebook is making it easier for users to report a story as fake. Here are the site’s instructions on how to do that.(21)
Facebook 使用户更容易地报道为假。下面是该网站的说明如何做到这一点。

Click " ∨ " next to the post you'd like to mark as fake(22)

Click 'Report post'(23)

Click 'It's a fake news story'(24)

Click 'Mark this post as fake news'(25)

You can also send a message to your friend who posted the false story, letting him or her know that the story has been disputed. Or, you can block that friend.(26)

Facebook Software(27)
Facebook 软件

The update includes software that Facebook uses to identify stories that may be in dispute.(28)
此更新包括 Facebook 使用来标识可能有争议的故事的软件。

If many people read a story but few share it, Facebook may tag it for verification by the independent fact checkers.(29)
如果很多人读了一个故事,但很少有人赞同它,Facebook 可能标记它为独立事实跳棋的核查。

Making Facebook less appealing to spammers(30)
使 Facebook 成为吸引力垃圾邮件制造者

Sometimes spammers will spread false stories on Facebook to try to get readers to click on advertisements.(31)
有时垃圾邮件发送者将传播虚假的故事,在 facebook 上,试图让读者点击广告。

After a story has been flagged as disputed by Facebook, that article can no longer be promoted in News Feeds or in Facebook ads.(32)
一个故事已被标记,如 Facebook 的争执后,只有在新闻或 Facebook 的广告不再推动那篇文章。

What else you need to know(33)

The process for marking a news story as disputed takes a while.(34)

Do not necessarily believe a story on Facebook is true just because it is not flagged as disputed. That flag may be coming.(35)
一定不相信在 Facebook 上的故事是真的,只是因为它并不会标记为有争议。可能会来这面旗帜。

This update to Facebook is coming into use slowly, so you may not see flagged stories in your News Feed immediately.(36)
此更新到 Facebook 正缓慢投入使用,所以你不可能立即看到在您的资讯订阅已标记的故事。

I'm Caty Weaver.(37)
我是凯缇 · 韦弗。

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