Apple CEO Tim Cook Upset about EU Tax Bill
2016-09-03 21:00:49

After a two-year investigation, the European Union (EU) says the American company Apple must pay over $14 billion in back taxes to Ireland.(1)
经过两年调查,欧洲联盟 (欧盟) 说,苹果必须纳税超过 $ 140 亿在后面给爱尔兰的美国公司。

The EU’s competition commissioner said the company did not pay enough in taxes between 2003 and 2014.(2)
欧盟竞争委员会专员说公司没有支付足够在 2003 年至 2014年年间的税。

She questioned how anyone might think that Apple’s 2014 Irish tax rate of five thousandths of one percent was fair.(3)
她质疑如何任何人都可能认为,苹果的 2014年爱尔兰税率的千分之五百分之一的公平。

The European Commission is responsible for making official decisions for the European Union.(4)

The Commission follows rules designed to make sure businesses in Europe compete fairly.(5)

In late August, the Commission announced that it would attempt to recover the back taxes from Apple.(6)
8 月下旬,委员会宣布,它将尝试从苹果恢复补交税款。

It said the company reported earnings for all of the computers, computer tablets and mobile phones it sold in Europe through its office in Ireland.(7)
它说,该公司公布财报收益为所有的计算机、 平板电脑和手机,它通过其设在爱尔兰的办事处在欧洲销售。

Because of a tax deal with the Irish government, Apple never had to pay much tax on its earnings.(8)

The Competition Commission is not only investigating Apple.(9)

It is looking at deals between European countries and major international businesses including Starbucks, Fiat, Amazon and McDonald’s.(10)
它看欧洲国家和包括菲亚特、 星巴克、 麦当劳、 亚马逊的主要国际企业之间的交易。

Apple Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook denies the EU allegations.(11)
苹果首席执行官蒂姆 · 库克否认欧盟指控。

He said Apple paid $400 million in taxes in 2014, and his company paid more in taxes than any other business in Ireland.(12)
他说苹果付费 $ 4 亿的税在 2014 年,和他的公司支付更多的税比任何其他业务在爱尔兰。

The tax bill is not only causing concerns in Ireland and Europe. Government officials in the United States are also worried.(13)

Josh Earnest is the spokesman for President Barack Obama.(14)

He said Americans could be hurt by the EU’s ruling if Apple is required to make the payment.(15)
他说︰ 美国人可能受到欧盟的裁决,是否苹果要求进行付款。

He said the company then could legally reduce the billions of dollars it pays Ireland from the U.S. taxes it owes.(16)

Earnest said the Obama administration is concerned EU officials decided to rule against Apple without first talking to the U.S. government.(17)

The U.S Treasury Department called the EU’s decision unfair.(18)

It claimed the EU was targeting American companies for punishment recently. The commission denied that allegation.(19)

On September 1, Tim Cook told an Irish newspaper that Apple would work with Irish officials to overturn Europe’s decision.(20)
在 9 月 1 日,蒂姆 · 库克告诉爱尔兰报纸苹果将工作与爱尔兰官员推翻欧洲的决定。

He also said the tax ruling was politically motivated.(21)

The European Commission said Ireland offered Apple the low tax rates in order to save thousands of Apple jobs within the country. It called the deal, “illegal.”(22)

Ireland’s Minister of Finance, Michael Noonan, said his country will appeal the commission’s ruling.(23)
爱尔兰的财政部长,迈克尔 · 努南说他的国家将上诉委员会的裁决。

But if the tax is paid, it would be the largest ever in Europe.(24)

I’m Dan Friedell.(25)
我是丹 Friedell。

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