US Postal Service Wants Congress to Make Changes to Its Business Model
2012-08-30 20:31:44

This is the VOA Special English Economics Report.(1)

This month, the United States Postal Service reported a loss of over five billion dollars from April to June.(2)
本月,美国邮政服务亏损超过 50 亿美金从 4 月到 6 月。

The Postal Service says it expects to report a loss of fifteen billion dollars for the twelve-month period ending in September.(3)
邮政服务说,预计在 9 月份终了的十二个月期间报告 150 亿美金的损失。

And the government agency has warned of even bigger losses if Congress does not let it change the way it does business.(4)

The United States Postal Service, or USPS, has a long history in America. Benjamin Franklin was appointed the first Postmaster General, or head of the postal service, in seventeen seventy-five.(5)
美国的邮政服务或 USPS,已在美国历史悠久。本杰明 · 富兰克林被任命为第一邮政署署长,或团长中十七七十五的邮政服务。

But the Postal Service says its income has not kept up with growing costs. Profitable first class mail is decreasing.(6)

The service says most of its recent losses resulted from making payments to its health care program for retirees. About a billion dollars of the loss was for payments to injured workers.(7)
这项服务说的大部分其最近的损失造成的付款为离退休人员到其健康护理程序。受伤的工人支付约 10 亿美金的损失。

The news from April to June was not all bad. Improvements in the economy fueled a nine percent increase in income from shipping and delivery.(8)
从 4 月到 6 月的新闻并不全是坏事。在经济中的改进燃料运送和交付的收入增加了 9%。

The Postal Service says it is less costly to send letters and packages in the mail than to use private companies.(9)

The Postal Service says it has cut operating costs by a total of fourteen billion dollars in the past five years.(10)
邮政服务说,它已削减营运成本共 140 亿美金在过去五年中。

To improve its financial health, the agency has proposed cutting service on Saturdays.(11)

It also wants Congress to cancel a requirement that the postal service make advance payments to the health care program for retired workers.(12)

USPS also wants the Treasury Department to return eleven billion dollars in overpayments made to its pension plan for retirees.(13)
美国邮政管理局还希望,美国财政部返回多付向退休人员的养老金计划中的 110 亿美金。

On August first, USPS failed to make a required payment of five point five billion dollars for health care benefits for future retirees.(14)
在 8 月第一、 USPS 失败,为将来退休所需的支付的 50 亿美金的卫生保健福利。

It was the first time the postal service has ever failed to make such a payment.(15)

And, the service is warning that it may have to delay making payments to companies to which it owes money.(16)

The Postal Service says that without major changes, it will continue to lose billions of dollars a year.(17)

The Washington Post newspaper reported that Postmaster General Patrick Donohue told reporters “Congress needs to act responsibly.” In his words, “this is no way to run any kind of business.”(18)
华盛顿邮报 》 报道,香港邮政署长帕特里克 · 多诺霍告诉记者"国会需要负责任地行动"。用他的话说,"这是业务的没有办法运行任何种类。"

The Postal Service receives money to pay for operations from the sale of stamps, products and shipping services.(19)
邮政服务接收到的钱来支付从出售邮票、 产品和航运服务的操作。

It does not receive direct government assistance, but is controlled by the federal government.(20)

And that’s the VOA Special English Economics Report. I’m Christopher Cruise.(21)
而这是美国之音特别英语经济报道。我是克里斯托弗 · 巡航。

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