What Is the Future of the Circus in America?
2017-03-10 22:00:43

Many Americans think a circus must have elephants, lions, dancing bears and acrobats. But circuses are changing.(1)

In May, after traveling the country for almost 150 years, the large Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus will close.(2)
今年 5 月,经过了近 150 年,在周游全国的大型林林兄弟与巴纳姆及贝利马戏团将关闭。

But different kinds of circuses are still successful. They include Cirque du Soleil. It combines music, acrobatics and story-telling.(3)
但不同种类的马戏团是仍然成功。他们包括剧团。它结合了音乐、 杂技、 讲故事。

Adam Woolley operates Circus Now, a non-profit group that supports efforts by circus performers to combine traditional circus skills like acrobatics, juggling and the trapeze with storytelling.(4)
亚当伍马戏团现时,支持马戏团的演员努力将传统马戏团技巧如杂技、 杂耍和空中飞人与讲故事相结合的非盈利机构的运作。

Woolley says circuses have been changing for many years by increasingly telling stories.(5)

“Circus artists have been producing new and incredible circus acts and apparatuses and shows that have an artistic context and theatrical storylines, or well-drawn characters.(6)
"马戏艺术家制作了新的和令人难以置信的马戏团表演和器材、 有艺术的语境和戏剧性的故事情节或精心绘制的字符的显示。

And this has been happening around the world for the past 10, 15 years or so.”(7)
这发生在世界各地过去 10,15 年左右."

One of those circuses is the Race Horse Company from Finland. It was part of the Circus Now festival in New York this month.(8)

Acrobat Rauli Kosonen started the circus with a few other performers nine years ago.(9)
Acrobat Rauli Kosonen 与其他几个演员九年前开始了马戏团。

“I think it’s really pure art form, in the sense that you can really feel the risks -- there’s a lot of risks,(10)

so you can get a lot of adrenaline while you watch it if there is kind of tricks that make your heart bounce. Because it’s real.(11)

They can see that if they make a mistake, they might get hurt.(12)

So, I guess that’s always been why circus is appealing. It reminds us that, uh, we’re humans.”(13)

Kosonen has been injured many times during his performances.(14)
﹐ 在他的表演已多次受伤。

“Well, I had three operations and its part of the job; sometimes you don’t get lucky.”(15)

Kendall Rileigh is one of the founders of New York’s Only Child Aerial Theatre.(16)
肯德尔 Rileigh 是纽约的只有儿童空中剧院的创始人之一。

He says, with his group, telling a story, or a narrative, is even more important than the skills of performing in a circus.(17)

He says the skills the performers learn are designed to drive and support the story.(18)
他说︰ 演员学习的技能旨在推动和支持这种说法。

In a former factory in Brooklyn, Rileigh’s performers are preparing for the latest show -- called “Asylum.”(19)
在布鲁克林的原厂,Rileigh 的表演者正在准备最新的演出 — — 被称为"政治庇护"。

Co-founder Nicki Miller says there is a story, but none of the performers speaks.(20)

The story is told through acrobatics, dance, music and projected images and shadow.(21)
故事讲的是通过杂技、 舞蹈、 音乐和投影的图像和阴影。

“We would describe it as a theater piece that includes a lot of aerial work, dance, some recorded music, some live music and overhead projection and shadow.(22)
"我们会将它描述为一块剧院,其中包括大量的高空作业、 跳舞,一些记录音乐,一些现场音乐和架空投影和阴影。

So, the story is told, rather than through dialogue, through the conversation of all of those theatrical vocabularies, instead.”(23)

Adam Woolley says the Only Child and Race Horse performers simply want to entertain people.(24)

“With lots of practice and hard work, we can accomplish the impossible.(25)

That’s the core idea that everyone in circus believes in and that everyone in circus tries to impart to the audiences,(26)

is that ‘I have dedicated my life to this seven minutes of performance and honed my skill to the place where I’m going to accomplish something in front of you now that you did not think could be done.’”(27)

I’m John Smith.(28)

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