Honoring US Civil War Dead
2012-11-22 17:05:26

As the U.S. commemorates the 150th anniversary of the Civil War, a new project is underway to honor the more than 620-thousand soldiers who died in the conflict. It’s called the Living Legacy Project.(1)
作为美国纪念内战 150 周年、 新项目正在进行之中,荣誉的超过 62 万士兵在冲突中死亡。它叫做生活的传统项目。

Cate Magennis Wyatt said Americans must not lose their sense of history.(2)
美食 Magennis 怀亚特说美国人不能失去他们的历史感。

“You can’t erase our past. We can’t just take for granted that the stories of those who came before us will be remembered.(3)

And if you lose the beginning of your story, you certainly have a much more difficult time bringing the original ideals of America to fruition,” she said.(4)

Magennis Wyatt is founder and president of the Journey Through Hallowed Ground Partnership.(5)
Magennis 惠悦是神圣地面伙伴关系通过旅程的创始人和总裁。

​​She said, “The Journey Through Hallowed Ground Partnership is a non-profit organization that we created in 2005 to raise awareness of the unparalleled history, heritage and culture that’s found in the swath of land from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania down through Maryland and culminating at Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello in Virginia.”(6)
她说,"通过尊地面伙伴关系的旅程是一个非营利组织,我们在 2005 年,提高认识的无与伦比的历史、 文物及文化在葛底斯堡,宾夕法尼亚下来通过马里兰和最终在弗吉尼亚州的托马斯 · 杰斐逊蒙蒂塞洛从土地的小水线面双体船中找到创建"。

Monticello is the name of the home of the third U.S. president.(7)

Magennis Wyatt said the nearly 290 kilometer, or 180 mile, stretch of land is like no other.(8)
Magennis 怀亚特说近 290 公里,或 180 英里,拉伸的土地不像其他人。

“There’s more American history and heritage in this swath of land than any other place in the country.(9)

And in 2005, the same region was declared one of the 11 most historically endangered places in the country by the National Trust.(10)
2005 年,在同一区域被宣布地方在该国历史上最濒危的 11 之一由国家信托基金。

It lies just on the edge of Washington, D.C., and in measureable terms, on a daily basis, we were seeing so much of it lost. Not intentionally and not maliciously.(11)

Just because people were not mindful of what was here,” she said.(12)

It may be a small slice of the country as far as distance goes, but a very large chunk of history.(13)

“In this swath of land we found that there are nine presidential homes, from Jefferson, Madison, Monroe, straight through to Eisenhower.(14)
"在此小水线面双体船的土地,我们发现有九个的总统府,从杰佛逊、 麦迪逊、 门罗,直通到艾森豪威尔。

There are sites from the French and Indian War, the Revolutionary War, the War of 1812 and the largest concentration of Civil War battlefields in the country,” she said.(15)
她说: 有从法国和印度战争、 1812 年战争和内战战场,我国的最大浓度的革命战争遗址"。

And it is the Civil War that’s the subject of the Living Legacy Project. The goal is to plant one tree for each of the soldiers – both union and confederate – who lost their lives.(16)
它是内战,是生活的传统项目的主题。目标是为每个士兵 — — 联盟和联合会 — — 失去生命的人种植一棵树。

The first of the trees have been planted at Oatlands, Virginia, a National trust site. It’s the geographical center of the Journey Through Hallowed Ground National Scenic Byway.(17)

Some 400 trees are being planted or dedicated at Oatlands with many more to come.(18)

“620,000 men died in the Civil War. Many of whom fought on the battlefields within our National Heritage area.(19)
"620,000 男子死于内战。很多人在我们国家遗产范围内的战场上作战。

So our notion was to plant one tree for each man, and march those 620,000 trees up our National Scenic Byway, Route 15, straight on up to Gettysburg.(20)
所以我们的主张是为每个男人,种植一棵树和三月那些 620,000 树起我们国家的景区孤身一人,15 路线,直上到葛底斯堡。

And as we do so, we allow each visitor to understand that those trees represent a life, a life, a life, as they pass,” she said.(21)
我们一样,所以我们允许每个访客,要理解那些树木表示生命、 生活、 生命,因为他们通过,"她说。

Native trees are being used, including red bud, red maple, red cedar evergreen and red twig dogwood. Each displays its best colors at a different season of the year.(22)
正在使用本机的树木,包括红芽、 红枫叶、 红雪松常绿和红枝茱萸。每年不同季节在显示其最佳的颜色。

Now it should be noted that a growing number of historians say the death toll actually was much higher, perhaps 750,000. They base that on census figures and the fact that many soldiers may have died long after the battles from the wounds they suffered.(23)
现在应该指出的是越来越多的历史学家说,死亡人数实际上是高得多,或许 750,000。他们基础的人口普查数字和许多士兵可能很久以后的战斗从他们遭受的创伤已经死亡的事实。

Magennis Wyatt says, “Over 50 percent who passed were unknown. They died anonymously.(24)
Magennis 怀亚特说,"超过 50%的人通过是未知。他们以匿名方式死亡。

And that’s one of the compelling reasons we want to plant a tree for each person to allow it to be a living legacy of that loss.”(25)

She added that “taking for granted” what these men fought and died for would be a “disservice to what it is to be an American.”(26)

“These young men were fathers, sons, husbands, brothers. They had dreams. They were caught in the crossfire of something that was horrible at the time.(27)
"这些年轻男子被父亲、 儿子、 丈夫、 兄弟。他们有的梦想。他们被捕,当时是可怕的东西交火。

And what I found over the few years of talking to people is that the Sesquicentennial of the Civil War might mark the 150th anniversary, but there is yet a lot of healing that has to be done.(28)

And this one quite humble, but quite intentional project allows everyone to honor the fallen,” she said.(29)

After the guns fell silent in 1865, slavery had ended. But it took another hundred years for the country to finally end racial segregation and ensure voting rights.(30)
枪声在 1865年沉默后,结束了奴隶制。但花了另一个几百年以后,该国最后结束种族隔离和保证投票的权利。

Magennis Wyatt hopes in 50 years, at the 200th anniversary of the Civil War, that maybe the healing will be complete.(31)
Magennis 惠悦 50 年,在内战,诞辰 200 周年希望也许愈合将完成。

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