March 8 Marks 'A Day Without a Woman'
2017-03-07 22:05:56

This is What’s Trending Today… March 8 is International Women’s Day.(1)
这是今天的趋势是什么...3 月 8 日是国际劳动妇女节。

In the United States, some people will be marking the day by protesting. Wednesday is being called “A Day Without a Woman.”(2)

Organizers of the Women’s March on Washington proposed the demonstration in the United States.(3)

Like that march in January, organizers say the protest is in reaction to President Donald Trump’s position on women’s issues and comments he has made about women.(4)
像那样,在一月三月,主办方说抗议是在对妇女的问题和评论他取得关于妇女主席唐纳德 · 特朗普的立场的反应。

But unlike the women’s march, Wednesday’s protest centers on the absence of women.(5)

Organizers are calling for women to take the day off work and are urging them not to spend money Wednesday.(6)

They say “A Day Without a Woman” is a way to bring attention to, in their words, “the enormous value that women of all backgrounds add to our socio-economic system -- while receiving lower wages and experiencing greater inequalities.”(7)
他们说"天没有女人"是方式提请注意,用他们的话说,"巨大价值妇女的所有背景添加到我们的社会经济系统 — — 接受更低的工资而面临更大的不平等"。

Organizers also are asking supporters to wear the color red to show love and sacrifice.(8)

Some U.S. school districts have already canceled classes for Wednesday.(9)

Alexandria City Public Schools in Virginia said more than 300 staff members requested to take off work Wednesday.(10)
在弗吉尼亚州亚历山大市公立学校说超过 300 名工作人员成员要求采取周三下班。

As they did with the women’s march, the organizers for the “A Day Without a Woman” strike have largely used social media to gain support and spread the word.(11)

But, some people on social media have been sharply critical of the protest.(12)

They say that, because many women cannot afford to take a day off work, the protest only includes those at a higher economic level.(13)

A writer for the Los Angeles Times describes Wednesday’s protest as “A Day Without a Privileged Woman.”(14)
洛杉矶时报 》 的一位作家描述周三的抗议"没有特权的女人一天"。

“Privileged” means having special rights or conditions that most other people do not have.(15)

The organizers, however, have said that women who can protest will strike for those who cannot.(16)
然而,主办方,说︰ 女人可以抗议将为那些不能罢工。

“Many women in our most vulnerable communities will not have the ability to join the strike, due to economic insecurity,” organizers said on their website. “We strike for them.”(17)

Women in more than 50 countries around the world will also protest on March 8. The movement is part of the International Women’s Strike.(18)
妇女在世界各地的 50 多个国家也将在 3 月 8 日抗议。运动是国际妇女罢工的一部分。

They will be protesting violence against women and demanding equal rights.(19)

And that’s What’s Trending Today.(20)

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