Chimps Finding a Happy Ending
2016-10-16 21:04:57

Paper plates full of fruit, a colorful sign and dolls for children were all part of a birthday party recently in the American state of Washington.(1)
纸盘子充满水果、 多彩的标志和娃娃为孩子们的生日的所有部分缔约国最近在美国华盛顿州。

The party was for a chimpanzee named Foxie.(2)
派对是为一个名为 Foxie 的黑猩猩。

Foxie has been living at the Chimpanzee Sanctuary Northwest in Washington since 2008.(3)
自 2008 年以来,Foxie 一直住在华盛顿黑猩猩庇护所西北。

She was born in a Texas laboratory in 1976, and recently celebrated her 40th birthday.(4)
她在 1976 年,出生于得克萨斯州实验室和最近庆祝 40 岁生日。

Foxie is a rescue chimp. The party was a nice change from her painful past.(5)
Foxie 是一个救援黑猩猩。聚会是个不错的改变,从她痛苦的过去。

Used for medical research(6)

For years, Foxie was used for medical research in hepatitis experiments.(7)
多年来,Foxie 用于医学研究肝炎实验中。

Hepatitis is the name for several diseases that affect the liver. The virus can be deadly in human beings.(8)

Researchers operated on Foxie as a test animal. They performed biopsies, removing and testing her tissue for signs of the disease.(9)
研究人员动手术 Foxie 作为实验动物。他们进行组织活检,删除和测试她组织为该疾病的症状。

While at the laboratory, she gave birth to four chimps who were taken from her.(10)

Diana Goodrich works at the Chimpanzee Sanctuary Northwest. On a windy day, she spoke about Foxie and the rescue program.(11)
戴安娜古德里奇在黑猩猩庇护所西北工作。在一个刮风的日子,她谈到 Foxie 和救援程序。

“She (Foxie) was really wary when she first came. Really kind of fearful and uncertain.”(12)
"她 (Foxie) 是真的持谨慎态度,当她第一次。真的什么样的恐惧和不确定。

Her story is similar to hundreds of other chimpanzees who have been used for medical research.(13)

Goodrich says the sanctuary has chimps that “have signs of depression and post-traumatic stress disorder.”(14)

Chimpanzees are the closest relative genetically to humans. We share almost 99 percent of the deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA).(15)
黑猩猩是基因对人类的近亲。我们分享几乎 99%的脱氧核糖核酸 (DNA)。

DNA contains the genetic directions organisms need to develop, live and reproduce.(16)
DNA 包含有机体需要发展、 生存与繁殖的遗传方向。

Chimps have been important in developing medicines.(17)

They also helped clear the way for astronauts to go into space. A chimp named Ham flew in space before the first man.(18)

Declining use in research(19)

But the use of chimpanzees in research has been shrinking in recent years.(20)

An Institute of Medicine report in 2011 said science had improved so much that most research on chimps was no longer justified.(21)

Three years ago, the U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH) said it was ending research on the animals.(22)
三年前,美国国家卫生研究院 (NIH) 说它结束了对动物的研究。

Then, in 2015, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service declared captive chimpanzees “endangered” -- just like the chimps in the wild.(23)
然后,在 2015 年,美国鱼类和野生动物服务声明圈养黑猩猩"濒危"— — 就像在野外黑猩猩。

This means any use of chimps that could harm or kill them would require a special permit.(24)

Kathleen Conlee is with The Humane Society, a group that worked to end medical research on chimpanzees.(25)
凯思琳 · 古大力是与人道的社会,工作到结束医学研究黑猩猩的一群。

“The laboratories have now realized they don’t have a use for chimpanzees anymore so it’s in their interest financially to not be involved in the business of holding onto chimpanzees anymore.”(26)

Moving chimps to sanctuaries(27)

NIH officials are working with groups like Project Chimps and others to retire all of its apes to protected spaces in Louisiana and Georgia.(28)

The NIH said it wants its last chimpanzees to move to Louisiana by fall 2026..(29)
美国国立卫生研究院表示,它希望它最后的黑猩猩 2026年下跌移动到路易斯安那州。

Conlee says bringing an end to experimenting on chimps means it is a story with a happy ending.(30)

“I think the most exciting thing about this campaign is that no other animal protection issue, you usually don’t see an end.(31)

There is an end in sight and a, and a great ending for these chimpanzees.”(32)

Now, homes need to be found for the more than 660 chimps who were once used in government research and private labs.(33)
现在,家庭需要为超过 660 的黑猩猩,曾被用作政府研究和私人实验室发现。

That will cost a lot of money.(34)

After building and transportation costs, Conlee says housing a chimp will cost as much as $20,000 a year.(35)
在建筑和运输的成本后, 古大力说住房黑猩猩将花费高达 20000 美元一年。

Foxie found her home in Washington State, but Diana Goodrich says finding homes for all the chimps is not easy.(36)
Foxie 发现她的家在华盛顿州,但戴安娜古德里奇说︰ 发现房屋所有黑猩猩都并非易事。

“There's not space right now for them. So, it’s a matter of getting enough money to build and expand the sanctuaries that exist.”(37)

Foxie lives with six other chimps. All were once used for hepatitis experiments.(38)
Foxie 与其他六只黑猩猩生活。所有曾经被用于肝炎实验。

The sanctuary will add two to four more chimps to Foxie’s group.(39)
圣所将向 Foxie 的组添加两到四个更多的黑猩猩。

Meanwhile, Foxie seems to be happy with her “troll” dolls -- children’s playthings.(40)
同时,Foxie 似乎满意她"巨魔"娃娃 — — 儿童的玩具。

The dolls looks like small people, with long, colorful hair and a face that looks a little like an ape.(41)
娃娃看起来像小的人,具有长、 五颜六色的头发和一张脸,看上去有点像猿。

Goodrich says Foxie “immediately fell in love” with the first troll doll she saw.(42)

She carries one around on her back like a baby. She cares for them and hugs them.(43)

Goodrich said Foxie is no longer afraid, and has turned out to be the peacemaker in her group.(44)
古德里奇说 Foxie 不再害怕,又有原来是她的集团中的调停人。

I’m Anne Ball.(45)

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