Calls for US Vote Recount Grow, but Trump’s Win Likely Will Stand
2016-11-25 21:04:11

Calls for a recount of ballots in the American presidential election grew louder this week as Hillary Clinton increased her lead in the popular vote.(1)
要求重新计算选票在美国总统选举中随着响亮本周希拉里 · 克林顿增加她在民众投票中的铅。

News media say Clinton, the candidate of the Democratic Party, lost the election to businessman Donald Trump, the Republican candidate.(2)
新闻媒体说,民主党候选人克林顿选举中输给商人唐纳德 · 特朗普,共和党总统候选人。

They say he will win more electoral votes than the former Secretary of State.(3)

Trump is busy forming a new government.(4)

Political experts say a vote recount is unlikely to keep him from being sworn-in as president on January 20th, 2017.(5)
政治专家们说,票是不可能保持他处身于 2017 年 1 月 20 日在宣誓就任总统。

Clinton won the popular vote – winning more than 2 million more votes than Trump, according to the Cook Political Report.(6)
克林顿赢得选票 — — 超过 200 万的票比特朗普,根据库克政治报告。

But in the United States, the candidate who wins the most votes does not always win the presidency.(7)

If Trump wins, as appears likely, he would be the fifth person to become president after losing the popular vote.(8)

Electoral College Decides(9)

The 538-member Electoral College decides the presidential election, not the popular vote.(10)
538 成员选举团决定总统选举,不受欢迎的投票。

Electoral College members are chosen state-by-state -- based on which candidates win the most votes in the 50 states and the District of Columbia.(11)
选举人团成员是挑选状态的状态 — — 基于哪名候选人赢得最多选票,美国 50 个州和哥伦比亚特区。

As of this week, Trump has 306 Electoral College votes, while Clinton has 232.(12)
截至本周,特朗普有 306 选举人票,而克林顿有 232。

Trump’s number had been 290 until Michigan election officials announced on Friday that he won the state by 10,704 votes.(13)
特朗普的数目一直 290,直到密歇根州的选举官员周五宣布,他获得国家以 10,704 票。

That was the closest presidential election in Michigan’s history.(14)

More than 4.7 million people there marked ballots in the November 8 vote.(15)
那里标记在 11 月 8 日投票选票超过 470 万人。

Experts Speak to Clinton Campaign(16)

Last week, Clinton campaign head John Podesta spoke with lawyers and computer scientists who urged him to ask for a recount in three states: Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.(17)
上周,克林顿竞选活动负责人约翰 · 波德斯塔跟律师和计算机科学家们敦促他要求重新计票的三个国家︰ 密歇根州、 宾夕法尼亚州和威斯康星州。

They said it is possible that voting machines could have been attacked to affect the results.(18)

Trump’s lead in the three states was 1.2 percent, according to The New York Times newspaper.(19)
特朗普的带头作用,这三个国家为 1.2%,根据纽约时报 》 的报纸。

If Clinton, instead of Trump, won those three states, she would end up with 274 Electoral College votes, enough to win the presidency.(20)
如果克林顿,而不是王牌,赢得了这三个国家,她将以 274 选举人票,足以赢得总统选举告终。

The experts, mentioned in a New York Magazine story, said their findings show Clinton’s support dropped seven points in areas that used electronic voting machines.(21)
提及纽约杂志 》 的故事,专家表示,即使在克林顿的支持使用电子投票机的地区下降 7 个百分点。

Those machines, the experts said, are more open to hacking.(22)

So far, the Clinton campaign has not reacted to calls for a vote recount.(23)

But another presidential candidate, Jill Stein, began raising money required to finance recounts in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.(24)
但另一总统候选人,吉尔斯坦开始筹集资金所需的经费在密歇根州、 宾夕法尼亚州和威斯康星州的重新计票。

As of Friday, she had raised $5 million. That is enough, the Stein campaign said, to start recounts in all three states.(25)
截至上周五,她提出了 $ 500 万。够了,斯坦因运动说,在所有三个国家开始重新计票。

Stein, the Green Party candidate, won a little more than one percent of the popular vote.(26)
斯坦因,绿党候选人,赢得了略多于 1%的选票。

A statement on her website said the recount is not meant to help Clinton, whom Stein criticized during the election.(27)

It is “about protecting our democracy,” the Stein campaign said.(28)

Still, it is very unlikely her recount efforts will keep Trump from winning the presidency, according to Nate Silver, a political expert.(29)
尽管如此,它有很可能她重新计票的努力将阻止特朗普赢得总统大选,Nate 银,政治专家。

He operates the website FiveThirtyEight.(30)
他经营的网站 FiveThirtyEight。

Silver told VOA it is unlikely unlawful activities affected the election results.(31)

He said the differences between districts using electronic voting machines in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin could be explained by race and education levels.(32)
他说︰ 使用电子投票机在密歇根州、 宾夕法尼亚州和威斯康星州各地区的差异可以解释由种族和教育水平。

He said they are the two factors that most closely predicted voting in the 2016 presidential election.(33)
他说︰ 它们是最接近预测 2016年总统选举中的两个因素。

Two Democratic Electoral Collect Members Say Vote Conscience(34)

The 538 members of the Electoral College are set to officially choose the next president on December 19.(35)
选举人团 538 名成员定于 12 月 19 日正式选择下一任总统。

Two Democratic members of the Electoral College called on members to vote their conscience,(36)

even if that means going against the wishes of voters in the states they represent.(37)

They said that Trump lacks the skills necessary to serve as president.(38)

But so far, there are no signs enough Electoral College members will change their votes to keep Trump from winning.(39)

Before Election Day, Clinton, who had been expected to win, promised to accept the election results.(40)

Trump, who had said he thought cheating might affect the results, refused to make such a promise.(41)

“We are a country based on laws, and we’ve had hot, contested elections going back to the very beginning,” Clinton said, before the voting.(42)

“But one of our hallmarks has always been that we accept the outcomes of our election.”(43)

The last person to lose the popular vote but win the presidential election was Republican George W. Bush in 2000.(44)
最后一个失去选票,但赢得了总统选举的人是共和党的小布什,2000 年。

He lost to Democrat Al Gore that year by 547,000 votes.(45)
他失去了对民主党候选人戈尔当年以 547,000 票。

I’m Bruce Alpert.(46)
我是布鲁斯 · 阿尔珀特。

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