How to Help an Endangered Language
2012-05-06 18:38:49

BARBARA KLEIN: Welcome to THIS IS AMERICA in VOA Special English. I’m Barbara Klein.(1)
BARBARA KLEIN:欢迎来到这是美国之音特别英语的美国。我是芭芭拉 · 克莱因。

BOB DOUGHTY: And I’m Bob Doughty. This week on our program, we look at efforts to protect threatened languages. And, later, we hear some songs about baseball.(2)
BOB DOUGHTY:而我是鲍勃把头。这一周的我们的计划,我们看看保护濒危的语言的努力。而且,后来,我们听到一些歌曲棒球。

BARBARA KLEIN: Eleven of the world's languages have at least one hundred million native speakers.The biggest are Mandarin Chinese, English, Spanish, Arabic and Hindi.(3)
BARBARA KLEIN:十一世界的语言有至少 1 亿为母语。最大的是普通话、 英语、 西班牙语、 阿拉伯语和印地语。

Next come Portuguese, Bengali, Russian, Japanese, French and German.The United Nations says these eleven languages are the mother tongues of half the world's population.(4)
下一步来葡萄牙、 孟加拉语、 俄语、 日语、 法语和 German.The 联合国说这些十一的语言都是世界上一半人口的母语。

But the world has close to seven thousand languages.Linguists predict that as many as half of these may be at risk of disappearing by the end of this century.(5)
但世界上有近 7 万种语言。语言学家预测有多达一半的这些可能是由本世纪末消失的危险。

That would mean another language dies every two weeks.(6)

BOB DOUGHTY: Members of the Siletz Indian tribe in the northwestern state of Oregon take pride in their language.(7)
BOB DOUGHTY:Siletz 在西北部俄勒冈州的印第安部落的成员在他们的语言中感到自豪。

Their language, they say, "is as old as time itself." But today very few people can speak it fluently.In fact, you can count the number of fluent speakers on one hand.(8)

Bud Lane is one of them.(9)

BUD LANE: "We had linguists that had come in and done assessments of our people and our language and they labeled it ,I'll never forget this term  'moribund,' meaning it was headed for the ash heap of history."(10)
BUD LANE:' 我们有语言学家进行了进来,做我们人民的评估和我们的语言和他们标记它,我永远不会忘记这学期 '奄奄一息,' 意味着它走向历史的垃圾堆。

The Siletz tribal council did not want to let that happen.So Bud Lane asked for help from experts.(11)
Siletz 部落理事会不想让这一切发生。所以芽车道向专家求助。

Several National Geographic Fellows helped him record fourteen thousand words and phrases in his native tongue.(12)
几个国家地理研究员帮他记录的 1 万 4000 单词和短语的他的母语。

TALKING DICTIONARY: "Let's dance out in front: ch’ee-naa-svt-nit-dash."(13)
TALKING DICTIONARY:' 在前面我们出去跳舞吧: ch'ee naa svt nit 划线。 '

Some Siletz words describe basket making, a traditional tribal art.(14)
一些 Siletz 字形容编篮子、 传统的部落艺术。

TALKING DICTIONARY: "Baby basket: guy-yu." "Baby basket laces: guy-yuu mvtlh-wvsh."(15)
TALKING DICTIONARY:' 婴儿篮: 家伙俞。 '' 宝贝篮花边: 家伙 yuu mvtlh-wvsh。 '

More than ten thousand entries can be found in the Siletz Online Talking Dictionary,(16)
可以在 Siletz 在线交谈词典中,发现超过 1 万项

first launched in two thousand seven.The website,, is hosted by Swarthmore College in Pennsylvania.(17)

David Harrison is a linguistics professor there.Professor Harrison has also posted talking dictionaries for seven other highly endangered languages from around the world.(18)
大卫 · 哈里森是语言学教授那里。教授哈里森在世界各地还公布了其他七个高度濒危语言从说话词典。

He says technology can spread the influence of major languages but also help save endangered ones.(19)
他说: 技术可以传播主要语言的影响,但也帮助挽救濒危的。

DAVID HARRISON: "This is what I like to call the flip side of globalization, or the positive value of globalization.(20)
DAVID HARRISON:' 这是我想调用另一面的全球化或全球化的正面价值。

We hear a lot about how globalization exerts negative pressures on small cultures to assimilate."(21)
我们听到很多关于全球化如何施加负面压力小文化同化。 '

BARBARA KLEIN: Smartphone apps, YouTube videos and Facebook pages have all become digital tools for language activists and experts.(22)
BARBARA KLEIN:智能手机应用程序、 youtube 和 Facebook 页面已经全部成为数字工具语言维权人士和专家。

Mr. Harrison and a researcher in Oregon have mapped areas of endangered languages.One is the Pacific Northwest in the United States.(23)

Others include the upper Amazon basin, Siberia and northern Australia.(24)

In Canada's far north, the Inuit people are struggling to preserve their native language, Inuktitut.Part of the effort involves Microsoft.(25)
在加拿大的遥远的北方,人们正在苦苦挣扎,以保留他们的母语,因纽特人努力的 Inuktitut.Part 涉及微软。

The company is translating terms in its Windows operating system and Office software into Inuktitut.Gavin Nesbitt is the project leader.(26)
该公司正在翻译在 Windows 操作系统中的条款和办公软件到 Inuktitut.Gavin 老丈人是项目负责人。

GAVIN NESBITT: "Instead of 'file,' you'll see ini. Instead of 'home,' it will say pigiarvik. Instead of 'save,' it says 'jaggajairli' and stuff like that."(27)
GAVIN NESBITT:' 而不是文件,您将看到 ini。而不是 '家',它会说 pigiarvik。而不是保存,它说 'jaggajairli' 的东西那样。 '

He says the programming group had to invent new words to include all the terms in some Windows and Word document menus. But he says the effort is worth it.(28)
他说: 编程组不得不发明新的词汇,在某些 Windows 和 Word 文档菜单中包含的所有条款。但他表示努力是值得的。

GAVIN NESBITT: "So many people will spend their entire day sitting in front of a computer.(29)
GAVIN NESBITT:这么多的人会花费他们一整天坐在电脑前。

If you're sitting in front of your computer in English all day, that just reinforces English.If you're now using Inuktitut, it is reinforcing [that] this is your language."(30)
如果你正坐在您的计算机中英文全天,那只是强化了你现在使用因纽特语的 English.If,它加强 [] 这您的语言。 '

Microsoft has also worked with language activists in New Zealand, Spain and Wales to translate its software into Maori, Basque, Catalan and Welsh.(31)
微软还与新西兰、 西班牙和威尔士的语言积极分子,将其软件转化为毛利人、 巴斯克语、 加泰罗尼亚语和威尔士。

BOB DOUGHTY: In Oregon, Siletz language teacher Bud Lane says technology alone cannot save endangered languages.(32)
BOB DOUGHTY:在俄勒冈州 Siletz 语言老师芽巷说仅靠技术不能拯救濒危的语言。

BUD LANE: "Nothing takes the place of speakers speaking to other speakers and to people who are learning. But this bridges a gap that was just sorely needed in our community and in our tribe."(33)
BUD LANE:' 没有发生发言者发言时向其他发言者和正在学习的人。但这桥的差距只是迫切需要在我们的社会和我们的部落中。 '

He points to one sign of progress: young members of the tribe are now texting each other in Siletz.(34)
He points to one sign of progress:年轻部落成员现已发短信对方在 Siletz 中。

BARBARA KLEIN: The twenty-twelve Major League Baseball season is in, yes, full swing.The sport has long been a hit with songwriters.(35)
BARBARA KLEIN:棒球联盟二十十二个赛季中,是的是的完全摆动。这项运动长期以来一直受到作曲的打击。

In fact, baseball has been celebrated in song almost since the first pitch was thrown out."The Baseball Polka" was written in the late eighteen fifties.(36)
事实上,在第一球场被抛出。 '棒球波尔卡' 写在晚十八五十年代以来,几乎都有棒球庆祝在歌曲中。

Over the years, Irving Berlin and Bruce Springsteen have written songs about baseball. Singers as different as Frank Sinatra and Meat Loaf have sung about the game.(37)
多年来,欧文柏林和布鲁斯 · 斯普林斯汀棒球写的歌曲。歌手各不相同弗兰克末日和肉面包已经唱过关于这场比赛。

BOB DOUGHTY: Mandolin player and singer Sam Bush is a huge fan of his favorite team, the Saint Louis Cardinals.(38)
BOB DOUGHTY:曼陀林的播放机和歌手山姆布什是球队的他最喜欢,圣路易斯红衣主教的超级粉丝。

His album "King of My World" includes a song he wrote called "The Wizard of Oz." The song is about Ozzie Smith, a former Cardinal great who played shortstop and did backflips on the field.(39)
他专辑 '我世界王 ' 包括一首歌,他写道: 称为 ' 盎司向导' 这首歌是关于 Ozzie 史密斯,前的基数很大扮演游击手和做做场。

BARBARA KLEIN: Ozzie Smith is in the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, New York.Bob Dylan wrote a song about another Hall of Famer: Jim "Catfish" Hunter.(40)
BARBARA KLEIN:新 York.Bob 德兰 Ozzie 史密斯是在棒球名人堂珀斯,写一首歌关于另一个大师: 吉姆 '鲶鱼' 猎人。

Catfish Hunter was one the best baseball pitchers ever, and one of the most popular.(41)

His fifteen-year career included five World Series championships with the Oakland Athletics and the New York Yankees.(42)

He once pitched a perfect game, not allowing a single opposing player to reach base.He also pitched five seasons in a row with twenty victories.(43)

But Catfish Hunter is also remembered for another reason.(44)

On December thirty-first, nineteen seventy-four, he signed a contract with the Yankees worth almost four million dollars.(45)
在 12 月第三十一届、 十九名 70 岁,他与价值近 400 万美金洋基队签订合同。

That might not sound like very much with today's highly paid star athletes.But the contract set a record.(46)

It made Catfish Hunter the first multi-millionaire player in baseball  the "million-dollar-man" as Bob Dylan called him.The contract was for five years but he retired early.(47)
它由鲶鱼猎人第一富翁球员的棒球 '万-美元-男子' 为鲍勃 · 迪伦叫他。合同已经五年了,但他提前退休。

Catfish Hunter died in nineteen ninety-nine. If you ever visit the Baseball Hall of Fame, you might see Bob Dylan’s signed album featuring the song "Catfish."(48)
鲶鱼猎人死于十九九十九。如果你参观过棒球名人堂,您可能会看到鲍勃 · 迪伦签署的专辑特色的歌 '鲶鱼'。

BARBARA KLEIN: Singer-songwriter Chuck Brodsky likes to include baseball songs on his albums.(49)
BARBARA KLEIN:罗大佑查克罗德喜欢包括棒球上他的专辑的歌曲。

One song tells the story of a real-life player on the Brooklyn Dodgers, before they moved from their New York home to Los Angeles.(50)

Moe Berg lived a double life: baseball player and spy for the United States before and during World War Two.Here is "Moe Berg: The Song."(51)
Moe Berg lived a double life:棒球球员和美国之前和期间世界战争 Two.Here 间谍是 ' 教育部伯格: 之歌。 '

BOB DOUGHTY: One baseball song is in a league by itself.(52)
BOB DOUGHTY:棒球的一首歌是在联赛中本身。

People may not know all the words, but that never stopped anyone from singing along with "Take Me Out to the Ballgame."(53)
人们可能不知道所有的词,但这从未停止过任何人唱歌和 ' 带我出去到打球去了。 '

A few years ago, Sam Bush had a chance to play it during the seventh inning stretch at a Cardinals game.(54)
几年前,Sam 布什有机会在一个红衣主教游戏在第七届围垦拉伸过程中播放。

The seventh inning stretch is a time for fans to get out of their seats to stretch their arms and legs after sitting for most of the game.(55)

Sam Bush says he will never forget hearing thousands of fans singing along as he played his version of the song on his mandolin.(56)
Sam 布什说他将永远不会忘记听成千上万的球迷跟着一起唱,他对他的曼陀林发挥着他的这首歌的版本。

Jack Norworth wrote "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" in nineteen eight.One day he was riding a New York City subway train and saw an advertisement for a baseball game.(57)
杰克 Norworth 写了 '带我出去打球到' 在十九岁八个。一天他骑纽约市地铁列车,看见棒球比赛的广告。

That gave him the idea for the most famous baseball song ever written.Not bad for someone who had never even been to a major league game.(58)

BARBARA KLEIN: Our program was produced by Brianna Blake with reporting by Tom Banse and Katherine Cole. I’m Barbara Klein.(59)
BARBARA KLEIN:我们的节目是由布赖恩布莱克产生的报告由汤姆 Banse 和凯瑟琳.科尔。我是芭芭拉 · 克莱因。

BOB DOUGHTY: And I’m Bob Doughty. Read, listen and learn English with texts and MP3s of our programs at Join us again next week for THIS IS AMERICA in VOA Special English.(60)
BOB DOUGHTY:而我是鲍勃把头。阅读、 聆听和英语学英语课文和 mp3 的我们在 的程序。加入这是美国在美国之音特别英语的我们下周再见。

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