Two Belarusian Men Invent Simple Prosthetic Arm
2016-11-12 21:00:30

Accidents in which people lose an arm or leg often take place in communities with large numbers of poor people.(1)

In such areas, victims may not have enough money to pay for costly prosthetic replacements.(2)

But two men from Belarus have used simple and easily available materials to make a prosthetic arm.(3)

Almost anyone can build one of the limbs at home.(4)

Oleg Galtsev was four years old when his father Sergei lost his arm in an explosion on a military firing range.(5)
奥列格 · 加利采夫在四岁时父亲谢尔盖 · 失去了他的手臂在军事靶场发生爆炸。

At the time, Sergei Galtsev was an army captain in the former Soviet Union.(6)
当时,谢尔盖 · 加利采夫是在前苏联陆军上尉。

Almost 30 years later, he is using a prosthetic arm designed by his son and another engineer.(7)
近 30 年后,他使用假臂由他的儿子和另一位工程师设计的。

He says “They gave me the prosthesis to test for three weeks. I used it to saw firewood, cut the grass and to do many other things in the field.”(8)
他说,"他们给了我假,三个星期的试验。我使用它来看到柴、 割草和做其他领域的很多事情。

The mechanical arm looks nothing like the new prosthetics available in industrial countries.(9)

But it is easy to make, has a low cost, and does not need much maintenance.(10)

Oleg Galtsev says the device is designed for people who do not feel at ease with electronics.(11)
奥列格 · 加利采夫说,这种装置的人觉得不自在与电子。

Galtsev says it took two years to design the prosthesis. They used a 3-D printer to create some parts and bought others online.(12)

The creators did not ask for a legal patent to control ownership of the device. In fact, they have published directions on how to make it online.(13)

They say it costs just one-tenth of the price of other mechanical prostheses.(14)

Sergei Galtsev says he can now perform many outdoor activities, including using a chain saw to cut tree limbs.(15)
谢尔盖 · 加利采夫说他现在可以执行许多的户外活动,包括使用链锯砍树枝。

“I am proud that my son decided to tackle this problem. There are many people who really need this device in their daily lives.”(16)

Oleg Galtsev says many people have watched videos of his prosthetic arm invention on YouTube.(17)
奥列格 · 加利采夫说︰ 很多人看过他的义肢发明在 youtube 上的视频。

He says he hopes his work will influence others to invent new prosthetic devices.(18)

I’m Jill Robbins.(19)

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