People Celebrate 'Pi Day' in Different Ways
2017-03-14 21:20:53

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March 14 is known around the world as “Pi Day.”(2)
3 月 14 日被称为世界各地"π 日"。

“Pi” is something you may remember from math class. It is the number that results when the distance around a circle is divided by the distance across the circle.(3)

It is a very important number in geometry as well as for fields like construction and architecture.(4)

Pi is an irrational number. It never ends. But the way it begins is always this: 3.14159.(5)
Pi 是一个无理数。它永远不会结束。但它开始的方式一直是这样︰ 3.14159。

The date March 14, as we write it in the United States, is 3-14.(6)
日期 3 月 14 日,当我们把它写在美国,是 3-14。

American physicist Larry Shaw started Pi Day back in 1988.(7)
早在 1988 年,美国物理学家拉里 · 肖开始 Pi 的一天。

The hashtag #PiDay was the top trending topic on Twitter Tuesday. Pi Day is not just for those who enjoy numbers.(8)
标签 #PiDay 是在 twitter 上星期二最热门的话题。Pi 日子并不只是对于那些喜欢数字。

Many people mark the math-inspired holiday by celebrating “pie,” -- p-i-e, instead of “Pi.”(9)
很多人来标记数学启发节日庆祝"馅饼,"— — p-i-e,而不是"Pi"。

Pie is a popular dessert in the United States. It is made with a crust on the outside and usually a sweet filling in the middle.(10)

Apple pie, pecan pie, and cherry pie are among the best known.(11)
苹果馅饼、 山核桃馅饼和樱桃馅饼是其中最有名。

Pizza is another kind of pie. It is made with a crust, tomato sauce, cheese and other toppings.(12)
披萨是另一种馅饼。它是由与地壳、 番茄汁、 奶酪和其他配料。

One pizza restaurant is celebrating Pi Day in a big way.(13)
一家比萨饼店在大的方式庆祝 Pi 一天。

The restaurant &pizza is letting customers get married at its locations in several East Coast cities.(14)
餐厅 & 比萨饼让客户在其位置在几个东海岸城市结婚。

While Pi Day is usually a light-hearted event, thousands of technology workers in California’s Silicon Valley are marking it in a more serious way this year.(15)
而 Pi 一天通常是一个轻松愉快的事件,数千名技术工人在加利福尼亚州的硅谷它更为严肃的方式在今年庆祝。

They are walking out of their workplaces at Apple, Facebook and Google to protest U.S. President Donald Trump’s policies on immigration.(16)
他们正在走出他们的工作场所在苹果、 Facebook 和谷歌,抗议美国总统唐纳德·特朗普在移民问题上的政策。

Among those policies is Trump’s travel ban, which blocks the approval of U.S. visas to citizens of six Muslim-majority countries and bars refugees from entering the country.(17)

Top executives and workers in Silicon Valley have been sharply critical of the ban.(18)

Many technology companies there were started by immigrants or children of immigrants.(19)

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