We Visit An Automobile Show in China
2013-06-17 00:30:05

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Today on the program, we go to an automobile show in China, a country where car sales have risen 13 percent from a year ago…(2)
今天上节目,我们去哪里汽车销量上升 13%,从一年前的中国汽车展......

“We are increasing our local content here in this country. And next month we are opening the first engine plant with the capacity of 250 thousand units outside of Germany for Mercedes engines.”(3)
"我们正在加强我们在这个国家中的本地内容。下个月我们正在打开第一个发动机厂与德国以外为梅赛德斯引擎的 25 万单位的能力。

But first…the number of people visiting South Africa is increasing. As Chinese investment in the country grows, so does the number of Chinese traveling there…(4)

The number of people visiting South Africa grew by almost 10 percent last year. One country helping that number grow is China.(5)
前往南非的人数量去年增长了近 10%。帮助这一数字增长的一个国家是中国。

Recently, a large crowd of Chinese visited the top of Table Mountain in Cape Town, South Africa.(6)

As Mario Ritter tells us, they were looking around, taking pictures and speaking in Mandarin.(7)

Chinese investment has been growing in South Africa. So has the number of Chinese visiting the country.(8)

China sends the fourth-largest number of tourists to South Africa. More than 130,000 Chinese tourists went there last year. Europeans remain the biggest tourism group.(9)
中国将第四次最多的游客发送到南非。去年超过 130,000 的中国游客去那里。欧洲仍然是最大的旅游集团。

But the percentage of Chinese tourists grew by 56 percent from 2011 to 2012.(10)
但中国游客的比例增长了 56%,从 2011 年到 2012 年。

Beverly Schafer is a member of Cape Town’s city government. She represents an area that is home to the waterfront promenade and a famous soccer stadium.(11)
贝弗利 Schafer 是开普敦的城市政府的成员。她代表一个领域是海滨长廊和著名的足球体育场的家园。

She says the sport helped increase the number of visitors.(12)

“The fact that Cape Town was so showcased around the natural beauty of it where our games were being held, that it opened up the door to tourism such as our Chinese and Asian tourists.”(13)

South Africa’s travel industry has been noting the growing number of Chinese tourists. Mariette Du Toit-Helmbold has been head of Cape Town Tourism.(14)

She says the industry is looking for Mandarin-speaking guides and has started providing information in Mandarin.(15)

But she adds that local businesses need to make big changes if they plan to market to this group.(16)

“So I think the message, really out to, you know, the industry, has been, for us, really understand what are you getting yourself into first.(17)

Make sure you are geared up to cater for, specifically for the needs of the Chinese market.”(18)

There are several reasons for the increase of Chinese tourists. Ms. Du Toit-Helmbold notes South Africa’s inclusion in the economic group BRICS, of which China is a member.(19)

In addition, South Africa recently added visa processing centers in Beijing and Shanghai. And South African Airways last year added direct flights between Beijing and Johannesburg.(20)

Shuting Lunn is a Mandarin-speaking tour guide in Cape Town. She says demand for her services has increased since she started in the business 10 years ago.(21)
淑婷纶是在开普敦普通话导游。她说: 她 10 年前开始在业务以来有所增加,对她的服务的需求。

She says she once was lucky to get a group of travelers once a month. Now, she has to refuse some groups.(22)

Cape Town’s tourism industry has been directed toward Europeans and Americans, who often travel in smaller groups or as couples. However, the Chinese market is aimed at larger groups.(23)

I’m Mario Ritter.(24)

China is strengthening its image as the most important market for the automobile industry. Chinese auto sales are up 13 percent from one year ago.(25)
中国加强它的形象,作为汽车产业最重要的市场。中国汽车销售是从一年前的 13%。

Industry observers are predicting total sales of over 20 million vehicles this year.(26)
业内观察人士预测,今年超过 2000 万辆的总销量。

By comparison, a little more than 15 million vehicles are expected to be sold in the United States.(27)
通过比较,有点超过 1500 万辆,预计在美国销售。

The importance of the Chinese market could be seen at the Shanghai auto show.(28)

Industry representatives there were showing products designed to meet China’s growing demand for luxury cars and larger vehicles.(29)

Dave Schoch is with the Ford Motor Company. He welcomed the chance to meet with thousands of possible car buyers.(30)

“So you’ve got 30 million customers out there, all with different tastes and different affordability levels.(31)
"所以你 3000 万客户那里,都有不同的口味和不同的负担能力水平。

And what Ford wants to do is bring our global, the power and leverage of our global lineup, you know from small to medium to large, into China.”(32)
福特想要做的是带我们全球、 电源和我们全球的阵容的杠杆作用,你知道从小型到中等偏大,进入中国。

However, competition can be fierce. Dieter Zetsche is the chairman of the German auto manufacturer Daimler AG.(33)

“We are increasing our local content here in this country. And next month we are opening the first engine plant with the capacity of 250 thousand units outside of Germany for Mercedes engines.”(34)
"我们正在加强我们在这个国家中的本地内容。下个月我们正在打开第一个发动机厂与德国以外为梅赛德斯引擎的 25 万单位的能力。

Many Chinese see cars as a sign of success. Yale Zhang is with Automotive Foresight, an industry group.(35)

He says the rising demand for top quality automobiles is a sign of China’s rise as an economic superpower.(36)
他说: 最高质量汽车需求的增长是中国崛起成为一个经济超级大国的标志。

“This market (is) becoming more like a European or American style.”(37)
"这一市场 () 成为更像是一个欧洲或美国的样式"。

Demand has been especially high for larger sport utility vehicles -- SUVs. Karsten Engel is head of the BMW group in China.(38)
需求一直为 Suv 运动型多功能车更大 — — 尤其是高。Karsten 恩格尔是宝马集团在中国的头。

He says the spacious insides of SUVs appeal to the newly-rich, although some will probably never drive them.(39)
他说的 Suv 宽敞的内脏呼吁新富豪,虽然一些可能永远不会开他们。

“The ultimate driving machine: You probably experience a lot from the, from the rear seat with your driver, so you, you need more space. You want more space.(40)
“The ultimate driving machine:你可能从经验很多,从后座与您的驱动程序,所以你,你需要更多空间。你想要更多的空间。

You want to have the possibility to work in the car.”(41)

That is something Stefan Brungs understands. He is the marketing director for the automaker Bugatti.(42)
这是 Stefan Brungs 的理解。他是汽车制造商布加迪的营销总监。

“And this is what Chinese have learned and perceived as luxury -- to sit in the back and be chauffeured.”(43)
「 而这是中国已学会并视为奢侈品 — — 坐在后面,会开车送。

The demand for larger cars is strong. Yet environmental issues and fuel concerns are leading to increased interest in vehicles with better fuel economy. Nissan’s Asia Vice President Andy Palmer.(44)
对大型车的需求是强烈的。环境问题和燃料关注尚未导致车辆具有更好的燃油经济性更感兴趣。日产的亚洲副总裁安迪 · 帕默。

“Four years ago, when we introduced the, the concept of an electric car, most of, most of our colleagues in the industry thought we’d lost our minds. Now it doesn’t look so stupid, you know?(45)
"四年前,当我们介绍的、 概念的电动汽车,大部分的我们的同事在该行业中的大多数认为我们失去了我们的头脑。现在它看上去不那么蠢,你知道吗?

For now, observers say new hybrid and electric technology is not a major force in the Chinese market. New information shows sales of SUVs are up nearly 50 percent from a year ago.(46)
目前,观察员说新的混合动力和电动技术不是在中国市场的重要力量。新的资料显示,Suv 的销售就能从一年前的近 50%。

And experts say SUV sales are likely to double by 2015..(47)
而专家说 SUV 销售有可能增加一倍,到 2015 年...

And that’s “As It Is.” We hope you enjoyed our program today.(48)

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