Chinese Supermarkets Stop Selling Brazilian Meat After Food Safety Scandal
2017-03-22 21:58:30

Some of China's largest food suppliers have stopped selling Brazilian beef and poultry.(1)

The move comes following a scandal over Brazil’s meat processing industry.(2)

Fears over Brazilian meat safety have grown since police accused inspectors of taking bribes to permit the sale of rotten and infected meats.(3)

Brazil is the world’s largest exporter of beef.(4)

The announcement from the Chinese food suppliers comes days after China temporarily suspended Brazilian meat imports.(5)

Sun Art Retail operates 400 Chinese hypermarkets.(6)
太阳艺术零售经营 400 的中国超市。

A spokeswoman for Sun Art said its stores removed Brazilian beef on Monday from two of the country’s top meat exporters.(7)

Brazilian beef makes up less than 10 percent of Sun Art's beef supply, she said.(8)
她说,巴西牛肉少于 10%的太阳艺术牛肉供应。

Wal-Mart stores in China have also removed Brazilian meat products from its stores, the Reuters news agency reported.(9)

And Germany's Metro has withdrawn Brazilian chicken products from its Chinese stores, a manager said.(10)

Hong Kong, Japan, Canada and Mexico have also announced they were stopping major imports of some Brazilian meat.(11)
香港、 日本、 加拿大和墨西哥也宣布他们停一些巴西肉类的主要进口。

An economic embarrassment(12)

President Michel Temer said the sale of rotten meat was an “economic embarrassment for the country.”(13)
主席米歇尔 · 特梅尔说的烂肉销售是"为国家的经济尴尬"。

The Brazilian government has so far barred the exports of meats from 21 plants under investigation.(14)
巴西政府到目前为止已禁止从下调查 21 植物肉的出口。

Brazilian officials on Tuesday tried to calm consumers.(15)

They said the recent investigation has found only isolated problems with rotten or infected meat.(16)

However, the reaction by Chinese food suppliers suggests that the investigation could have a big effect on the world's top meat exporter.(17)

Brazil's trade associations for meat producers warned that the scandal could affect employment and the economy.(18)

Meat exports make up 15 percent of total exports.(19)
.肉类出口占出口总额的 15%。

Cattle-raising is also an important part of Brazil's culture.(20)

Sensitive to scandal(21)

China has had its own share of food safety scandals in recent years. Food suppliers want to avoid any possible risks.(22)

Sun Art’s spokeswoman said it removed Brazilian beef from its shelves before the Chinese government formally commented on the issue.(23)

Brazil is the top supplier of beef to China. Importers must now wait several days before they try to find different meat suppliers.(24)

The meat will likely be more expensive than Brazil’s.(25)

Hong Kong was the second-biggest buyer of Brazilian meat last year.(26)

The Hong Kong supermarket chain PARKnSHOP said it had removed all Brazilian pork, beef and chicken from its stores’ shelves.(27)
香港连锁超市百佳说,它已从其商店的货架上将清除所有巴西猪肉、 牛肉和鸡肉。

PARKnSHOP said in a statement, "To cater for the needs of customers, we will increase the supply of meat and poultry products from other countries.”(28)
百佳表示,在一份声明," 为满足客户的需求,我们将增加从其他国家的肉类和家禽产品的供应。

I’m Phil Dierking.(29)
我是菲尔 Dierking。

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