News Wrap: U.S., British forces leave Afghan military base after 13 years
2014-10-27 22:43:54

JUDY WOODRUFF: In other news, Friday’s high school shooting near Seattle, Washington, has claimed a third life;(1)
JUDY WOODRUFF:其他消息,周五高校园枪击案在华盛顿州西雅图市附近已夺去第三的生命 ;

14-year-old Gia Soriano died Sunday night.(2)
14 岁 Gia 索里亚诺死于周日晚上。

Two other students remained in critical condition.(3)

Police said the gunman, Jaylen Fryberg, invited them to sit together for lunch, and then shot them before, killing himself.(4)
警方说,枪手,Jaylen Fryberg 邀请他们坐在一起共进午餐,并随后向他们之前,开枪自杀。

Today, an impromptu memorial of flowers and other offerings expanded along a chain-link fence at the school.(5)

Classes were canceled for the day.(6)

In Iraq, government troops and allied Shiite militias were hit by a suicide car bombing a day after recapturing a key town.(7)

The bombing killed at least 24 people in Jurf Al Sakhar, just 30 miles south of Baghdad.(8)
这次爆炸至少 24 人死于朱尔夫 · 萨哈尔,巴格达以南仅 30 英里。

Islamic State forces had seized the town in July, but were driven out yesterday.(9)
伊斯兰国家部队在 7 月份,已经占领了这个城镇,但昨天被逐出了。

The last U.S. and British forces were airlifted from a major base in Southern Afghanistan today after a 13-year presence.(10)
去年的美国和英国部队经过 13 年的存在今天被空运从阿富汗南部一个主要基地。

The massive facility in Helmand Province was officially closed Sunday.(11)

Foreign combat troops are due to leave Afghanistan by year’s end, but roughly 9,800 Americans will stay on to train Afghan units.(12)
外国战斗部队预计到今年年底离开阿富汗,但大约 9,800 的美国人将会留下来训练阿富汗部队。

In Central Yemen, more than 250 people have died in three days of heavy fighting between Shiite rebels and Sunni tribes who are allied with al-Qaida.(13)
在中央的也门,超过 250 人丧生在三天的激烈交火的什叶派叛乱分子和那些与基地组织结盟的逊尼派部落。

The battle around Rada’a began last week when the Shiites entered the town after government troops abandoned their posts.(14)
争斗在 Rada'a 附近开始上周当什叶派进入小镇后,政府军队被遗弃他们的岗位。

Financial markets in Brazil tumbled today after leftist President Dilma Rousseff narrowly won reelection.(15)
在巴西的金融市场今天暴跌后左派总统迪尔玛 · 罗塞夫以微弱优势赢得连任。

She took 51 percent of the vote in a runoff against a pro-business challenger.(16)
她参加决选亲商业挑战者 51%的选票。

Last night, Rousseff celebrated in Brasilia with supporters who waved flags and chanted her name.(17)

She acknowledged that half the electorate voted against her.(18)

PRESIDENT DILMA ROUSSEFF, Brazil (through interpreter): A reelection vote is a vote of hope, especially for improving the actions of those who have been governing.(19)
PRESIDENT DILMA ROUSSEFF, Brazil (through interpreter):连任投票是希望的投票,尤其是希望的为改善那些人一直在调速的行为。

That is what I have heard from the voting booths.(20)

That is why I want to be a much better president than I have been up until now.(21)

JUDY WOODRUFF: Brazil has been beset by a sluggish economy and poor public services during Rousseff’s first term.(22)
JUDY WOODRUFF:巴西在罗塞芙的第一任期内困扰经济低迷和恶劣的公共服务。

A major secular party in Tunisia claimed victory over Islamists today in a historic vote.(23)

Sunday’s election will produce the North African nation’s first five-year parliament since the 2011 Arab spring revolt.(24)
周日的选举将产生这个北非国家第一次五年的议会,因为 2011年阿拉伯春季起义。

The votes were still being counted, but the secular Tunis Calls party said it had won the most seats.(25)

Wall Street struggled to make headway as falling oil prices hurt energy stocks and worries about Europe’s economy lingered.(26)

The Dow Jones industrial average gained just 12 points to close near 16,818;(27)
道琼斯工业平均指数上涨了刚刚 12 点关闭附近 16,818 ;

the Nasdaq rose two points to close near 4,486; while the S&P 500 slipped three to finish at 1,961..(28)
纳斯达克指数上升两个点来关闭附近 4,486 ;虽然 S & P 500 滑三,以 1,961 为终点。

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