Afghan Fashion Designer Creates Dresses, Jobs
2013-06-09 00:30:04

Thanks for joining us again on “As It Is.” I’m Kelly Jean Kelly.(1)

Today we are discussing one of my favorite topics: wedding dresses.(2)
Today we are discussing one of my favorite topics:婚纱礼服。

“Last year I made a beautiful huge ball gown for a lady who was actually from Lebanon. We used more than a hundred yards of tulle just for the skirt.”(3)

Roya Hashimi is a fashion designer from Afghanistan. She started a dressmaking business sixteen years ago. It is called Elegance by Roya, and it is Virginia, in the United States.(4)
Roya 希米是从阿富汗的时装设计师。十六年前,她开始缝纫业务。它由 Roya,调用的优雅和它是弗吉尼亚州,在美国。

VOA went to her shop recently to visit. The store is one long room. It is lined on both sides with white dresses. Many touch the floor.(5)

Every half hour or so, the doorbell rings, and a woman comes in. Usually she is with her mother, or her sister, or a friend, and they are trying on a gown Roya has made.(6)
每半个小时左右的时间里,门铃响了和一个女人进来。她与她的母亲或她的妹妹或一位朋友,通常都是和他们正在上 Roya 取得的长袍。

“Business is good, we are doing okay. I’m enjoying my work.”(7)

Roya left Afghanistan when she was a teenager in the mid-1980s. Her family went to Germany. Roya studied fashion design there.(8)
Roya 离开的阿富汗时她是在上世纪 80 年代中期十几岁。她的家人去了德国。Roya 学习时装设计那里。

Eventually she married, and she and her husband Mustafa moved to America. He helps her with advertising and other parts of the business.(9)

“This is a family business. We don’t think of it as the wife and husband. So we work it out as a business once we get here. So it’s all business, business, business, work.(10)
"这是一个家族企业。我们不认为它是妻子和丈夫。所以我们做出来作为业务一旦我们这儿。所以它是所有商务、 商业、 商务、 工作。

Then at six o’clock, come here, honey.”(11)
然后在 6 上午,来这里,亲爱的。

Roya says owning her own business is a great feeling, especially after all the hard work she did to achieve it. But she has never forgotten Afghanistan. She thinks especially of the women there.(12)

“It is so tough for them to find an, just an ordinary job, just make a little bit of money. It’s hard. Especially when you’re not educated, there’s no chance.”(13)

So a few years ago, Roya Hashimi returned to Afghanistan. She hired some women to help her with her American business.(14)
所以几年前,Roya 希米返回阿富汗。她雇了一些妇女帮助她与她的美国企业。

The women in Afghanistan focus on delicate details, like lace, or like the beads used for that Lebanese bride last year.(15)

“We used more than a thousand of them on that dress.”(16)

Roya says the women in Afghanistan use the money they earn from sewing to support their families, or to buy a cell phone, or to buy nice clothes for special occasions.(17)

“They are going every day to weddings, the Afghan women.”(18)

Roya says many also use the money for education. It pays for school, or for computer time to study English.(19)
张向东说: 许多人也把钱用在教育。它支付为学校,或计算机的时间学习英语。

She hopes eventually to create a factory in Afghanistan and hire even more people. And she would like to pay for a girls’ school there.(20)

“Recently one lady bought a little belt and she was telling me, this is more than a belt. This is not just a belt, this is much more than that.”(21)

An American customer named Martha came in the shop to try on her dress. She says she loves Roya’s work.(22)

“I have on a peach dress with a bit of an empire, mid-modified waist line, it has individual beautiful pink and white beading with a little silver.”(23)
「 我有一点的帝国,年年中修改的腰线桃裙子上,它有一个小银个人美丽粉红和白色翻边。

Martha also loves Roya’s mission.(24)

“I knew that she was from Afghanistan, but I wasn’t quite as aware as how involved with the women of Afghanistan she is. And I’m hoping sometime to accompany her to Afghanistan.”(25)

“Well, at least you’ll have something to wear.”(26)
「 嗯,至少你会有话要穿"。

“Yes, maybe not these clothes, but certainly beautiful things nonetheless.”(27)

Women Are a Growing Force in the Afghan Economy(28)

Roya Hashimi has spent years building a business in the United States. Back in her homeland, there are now 1600 registered female-owned businesses.(29)
Roya 希米多年在美国经营业务。早在她的祖国现在有 1600年女性拥有企业注册。

Mario Ritter reports that women have become a growing force in the Afghan economy.(30)

Nilofar Sakhi directs the International Center for Women’s Economic Development at the American University of Afghanistan.(31)
Nilofar 姊妹会指示国际中心为在美国大学的阿富汗妇女的经济发展。

She says half of the university’s first-year class are women.(32)
她说: 大学的第一年类的有一半是妇女。

Ms. Sakhi says one reason for increased female enrollment is because Afghan girls today have examples of successful, professional Afghan women.(33)
萨基女士说女性扩招的原因之一是因为阿富汗女孩今天有成功的、 专业的阿富汗妇女的例子。

“Looking at women talking about their political rights in parliament, looking at women entering into business and having trade in Malaysia and Dubai, and looking at women who are successful personalities internationally of raising Afghanistan voices. This gives an image.”(34)

Ms. Sakhi says women in Afghanistan increasingly have international contacts and resources.(35)

Twenty-five-year-old Roya Mahboob is trying to make sure women also have access to information. She is the chief executive officer of a computer software company.(36)
二十岁 Roya 马赫布卜试,以确保妇女也有对信息的访问。她是一家计算机软件公司的首席执行官。

“We are always thinking how we can take advantage of Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube by collecting good content and creating Web traffic.”(37)
"我们总是在思考如何我们可以利用 Facebook、 Twitter 和 YouTube 通过收集好的内容和创建 Web 流量"。

Ms. Mahboob’s company, called Afghan Citadel, also trains students in information technology.(38)

“It’s difficult, especially for females in the schools to go outside and learn IT in courses because most of the families do not pay for them to learn in the course.(39)

Providing the free education and free IT centers in each school, when they graduate from high school, if they want to work, they can stay at home working online.”(40)
提供的免费教育和免费的 IT 中心,每个学校,当他们高中毕业,如果他们想要的工作,他们可以留在家里联机工作"。

Ms. Mahboob says using the Internet is one way for women to have a freedom that is still hard to find in some parts of Afghanistan.(41)

“The IT and social media gives this power to women to be independent and have confidence to share their ideas because in social networks no one tells them ‘Why are you outside the home?’ ‘Why are you talking with the men?’ Because no one knows them.”(42)
"IT 和社交媒体将这种权力给妇女要独立,有信心,分享他们的想法,因为在社会网络中没有人告诉他们 '为什么你在家庭之外?'' 你为什么说话的人?'因为没有人知道他们。

Sharing ideas over the Internet only encourages women to learn even more.(43)

I'm Mario Ritter.(44)

And I’m Kelly Jean Kelly, and that’s our show for today.(45)

By the way, you may have noticed that several women in this story are named “Roya.” That is because Roya is common for girls and women in Afghanistan. It means “dream.”(46)
顺便说一句,你可能已经注意到在这个故事中的几个妇女被命名"张向东"。这是因为 Roya 是很常见的女孩和妇女的阿富汗。它意味着"梦"。

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