News Wrap: Plane carrying a top Brazilian soccer team crashes, killing 71
2016-11-29 23:45:47

HARI SREENIVASAN: In the day’s other news: A chartered plane carrying a top Brazilian soccer team crashed overnight in Colombia, killing 71 people on board.(1)
HARI SREENIVASAN:在这一天的其他新闻︰ 携带一个顶尖的巴西足球队渣打的飞机坠毁一夜之间在哥伦比亚,71 人遇难。

The plane went down in the mountains near Medellin, as the athletes and a group of journalists covering them were en route to a major tournament.(2)

Three of the team’s players were among the six survivors. Both of the plane’s flight recorders have been located, and should help determine what caused the crash.(3)

They were ready to play in the biggest game in the history of the upstart soccer club.(4)

This was the Brazilian soccer club, Chapecoense, moments before they boarded the fated flight to the South American Cup tournament in Colombia; 21 journalists were also on board to cover the game.(5)
这是巴西的足球俱乐部,Chapecoense,时刻之前他们登上了飞往南美杯赛哥伦比亚; 的注定21 名记者船上也是应付这场比赛。

The charter flight was only five minutes from landing when it crashed into a mountainside.(6)

First-responders combed through the wreckage in the middle of the night and during a torrential downpour, looking for anyone left alive.(7)

The few survivors, including players, flight crew members and one journalist, were rushed to the nearest hospital.(8)
几个幸存者,包括球员、 飞行机组成员和一名记者,被送往最近的医院。

Daylight revealed the scope of the devastation.(9)

CARLOS IVAN MARQUEZ: Director, National Rescue Services (through translator): Today, we will officially begin the task of identifying the dead, and, unfortunately, moving the bodies.(10)
CARLOS IVAN MARQUEZ:主任、 全国救援服务 (通过翻译)︰ 今天,我们将正式开始辨认死者身份的和,不幸的,移动机构的任务。

HARI SREENIVASAN: The cause is under investigation, and Colombia’s aviation agency said signs pointed to a possible electrical failure.(11)
HARI SREENIVASAN:原因正在调查,和哥伦比亚的航空机构说指出可能的电气故障的迹象。

Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos said he was coordinating emergency response efforts with Brazilian leader Michel Temer.(12)
哥伦比亚总统胡安 · 曼努埃尔桑托斯说他正在与巴西领导人米歇尔 · 特梅尔协调应急工作。

PRESIDENT MICHEL TEMER, Brazil (through translator): Sadly, all we can do, beyond crying for those who have left us, is to take measures that support the families who are in mourning.(13)
PRESIDENT MICHEL TEMER, Brazil (through translator):可悲的是,我们可以做什么,超出为那些已离开我们,哭泣是采取措施,支持那些在哀悼的家庭。

HARI SREENIVASAN: The relatives, in the team’s home city of Chapeco, in Southern Brazil, gathered at the club’s headquarters.(14)
HARI SREENIVASAN:亲戚,在巴西南部,在 Chapeco 家团队的城市聚集在俱乐部的总部。

This afternoon, local fans held a vigil at the club’s stadium. And on soccer pitches around the world, there were moments of silence for the victims.(15)

The Islamic State has now claimed responsibility for yesterday’s attack by a Somali-born student at Ohio State University in Columbus.(16)

That comes as the Associated Press reported the attacker, Abdul Razak Ali Artan, had complained on Facebook about American interference in Muslim countries.(17)
那之际,据美联社报道,攻击者,阿卜杜勒 · 拉扎克 · 阿里 Artan,曾在 Facebook 上抱怨美国穆斯林国家的干预。

But he wasn’t on the FBI’s radar. Three of yesterday’s 11 victims remain hospitalized.(18)
但他不是在美国联邦调查局的雷达上。三昨日 11 受害者仍住院治疗。

Weeks of severe drought across the Southeast gave way to fast-growing wildfires in eastern Tennessee overnight.(19)

At least three people have died, and more than a dozen were hospitalized, including some with burns. William Brangham has the story.(20)
至少三人丧生,和十几个住院治疗,其中包括一些烧伤。威廉 Brangham 都有故事。

MAN: Huge fire, blowing out of control right now with the gusts.(21)

WILLIAM BRANGHAM: The air around the Great Smoky Mountains was filled with flames and acrid smoke.(22)
WILLIAM BRANGHAM:大烟山周围的空气中弥漫着刺鼻的浓烟和火焰。

The fast-moving blazes damaged or destroyed hundreds of homes and other buildings, including an entire resort.(23)

Tens of thousands of residents and tourists were forced to evacuate Gatlinburg, Pigeon Forge, and other parts of Sevier County, near the Smoky Mountains.(24)
数以万计的居民和游客被迫撤离盖特林堡、 鸽伪造,和其他部分的塞维尔县,在大烟山附近。

MAN: We were aware of the fires in the area, but we didn’t know that they were anywhere close to where we were.(25)

With the wind blowing like it was, we needed to leave.(26)

WILLIAM BRANGHAM: Gatlinburg Fire Chief Greg Miller said close to 200 firefighters battled through near-impossible conditions.(27)
WILLIAM BRANGHAM:盖特林堡消防队长格雷格 · 米勒说接近 200 火势已通过近乎不可能的条件。

GREG MILLER, Chief, Gatlinburg Fire Department: There were times last night that we had wind gusts in excess of 87 miles an hour.(28)
GREG MILLER, Chief, Gatlinburg Fire Department:有时间昨天晚上,我们有超过 87 英里每小时的狂风。

That is hurricane-force. That is nowhere to be when trying to fight a fire. This is a fire for the history books, because it is unlike anything most have ever seen.(29)

WILLIAM BRANGHAM: The Tennessee National Guard was also deployed, but Miller said the worst is — quote — “definitely over.(30)
WILLIAM BRANGHAM:田纳西州国民警卫队还进行部署,但米勒说︰ 最糟糕的是 — — 报价 — —"已经结束。

” The fires also closed Dollywood, country music star Dolly Parton’s theme park.(31)

And in Gatlinburg, the Ripley’s Aquarium of the Smokies remained untouched and its more than 10,000 animals were safe.(32)
在盖特林堡,奇趣水族馆的大雾山仍然不变,其超过 10000 的动物是安全。

Wind speeds dropped to about 15 miles per hour today, and rain is in the forecast for some of the hardest-hit areas.(33)
风速度降至大约 15 英里每小时的今天,和雨是在一些受灾地区的天气预报。

For the “PBS NewsHour,” I’m William Brangham.(34)
"PBS 晚间新闻",我是威廉 Brangham。

HARI SREENIVASAN: South Korea’s embattled President Park Geun-hye offered a conditional resignation today, in a bid to stave off impeachment.(35)
HARI SREENIVASAN:韩国的四面楚歌总统朴槿惠提供有条件辞职今天,为了避开弹劾。

Park has been embroiled in a corruption scandal in which she has been accused of providing special favors to a childhood friend.(36)

That touched off massive demonstrations demanding her ouster.(37)

In a national address today in Seoul, Park said she’s ready to step down if Parliament arranges the technical details.(38)

PRESIDENT PARK GEUN-HYE, South Korea (through translator): I will leave everything, including the shortening of my presidential term, to the Parliament’s decision.(39)
PRESIDENT PARK GEUN-HYE, South Korea (through translator):我将离开一切,包括我的总统任期,议会的决定缩短。

I will resign, along with a schedule and procedure that is decided by political parties that can minimize any confusion arising from the unexpected transfer of power.(40)

HARI SREENIVASAN: Opposition parties immediately called the offer a stall tactic to avoid impeachment before her term ends in early 2018.(41)
HARI SREENIVASAN:反对党立即称这项提议的拖延战术,以避免弹劾她的任期结束早期 2018 年之前。

South Korea’s National Assembly could vote on a motion to impeach her as early as Friday.(42)

Back in the U.S., thousands of low-wage workers staged protests and sit-ins today in hundreds of cities, demanding a $15 minimum wage.(43)
在美国,成千上万的低工资工人举行抗议和静坐今天在数百个城市,要求 15 美元最低工资。

They included employees of fast food restaurants, Uber drivers, child care providers, and airport workers.(44)
他们包括雇员的快餐店、 超级司机、 儿童保健提供者和机场工作人员。

At Chicago’s O’Hare, hundreds of protesters gathered outside terminals, chanting and waving signs.(45)

At a press conference later, striking employees voiced their frustrations.(46)

KISHA RIVERA, Airport Employee: We are not asking for special treatment.(47)
KISHA RIVERA, Airport Employee:我们不要求特殊待遇。

We are asking for decent treatment. We are asking for decent wages. We’re asking — no, we’re not asking. We’re demanding respect.(48)
我们正在寻求体面的待遇。我们正在寻求体面的工资。我们要求 — — 不,我们不会要求。我们要求尊重。

MAN: That’s right!(49)
MAN:就是这样 !

WOMAN: Yes!(50)

HARI SREENIVASAN: Meanwhile, in Los Angeles, police arrested several protesters picketing a McDonald’s for blocking traffic.(51)
HARI SREENIVASAN:同时,在洛杉矶,警方逮捕了几个抗议者,纠察麦当劳为阻塞交通。

All told, dozens of people were arrested across the country. And stocks rose on Wall Street today, led by a rally in the health care sector.(52)

The Dow Jones industrial average gained more than 23 points to close at 19121. The Nasdaq rose 11 points, and the S&P 500 added nearly three.(53)
道琼斯工业平均指数上涨超过 23 点,收于 19121。纳斯达克综合指数上涨 11 点,和 S & P 500 增加了近 3 个。

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